先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 2

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In the blink of an eye, the dagger was snatched and thrown away by Ye Junchi.

The gap between their strengths was too big, JiYuan’s hand was empty before he manage to react. He could only maintained the cold expression on his face while watching Ye Junchi slowly approaching closer. In despair, JiYuan asked System, “System, what to do? How to tackle this problem?”

System was also in despair, asking, “Why are you so weak…..”

“Is the task considered failed?”

“No, the instruction was to threaten him to leave, he doesn’t necessarily need to leave.”

“Then what should I do now?”

Thinking for a moment, System replied with encouragement, “You just have to bear with it, it will come to pass.”

With a stiff face, JiYuan secretly scolded out a profanity.

Ye Junchi was getting too close, the refreshing fragrance from his body floated over, flooding JiYuan’s sense of smell. That handsome face was within his reach, his(YJC) deep dark eyes locked onto his face. Even their warm breaths were mixing together. After a long while, Ye Junchi quietly softly asked, “Are you JiYuan?”

Just this one sentence has caused JiYuan to feel cold at his back. Like being struck by a bolt of lightning, the numb feeling of horror pierced through the scalp of his head, he nearly shivered. When he opened his mouth, he tried his hardest to maintain the icy tone, “What are you trying to do now?”

Ye Junchi blinked and the dangerous feeling shrouded his(JY) body immediately dispersed. He(YJC) laughed and reached out to smoothen the stray hair by JiYuan’s temple. Retreating back to stand by the bed, Ye Junchi said, “Your hair is messy.”

As long as the ch-est is not messy, it’s fine.

JiYuan looked at Ye Junchi with an indifferent demeanor, “Why are you not leaving?”

Ye Junchi replied with a brilliant answer, “To watch you change your clothes ah.”

In his heart, JiYuan complained, “System, this smelly rogue is attempting to take liberties with me!”

System replied, “Beat him.”

“Can’t beat him.”

“Then don’t get angry. The new task is to leave this room, the time limit is a stick of incense, good luck.”

JiYuan was burning with tears, “What kind of joke is that? How long is a stick of incense?”

Seeming to lament about how scary it was to have no culture, System sighed, “Half an hour.”

Half an hour was not considered much time. Although System didn’t mentioned what would happen if he failed his tasks, JiYuan didn’t want to experience that at all, especially this kind of time-limited tasks. Seeing Ye Junchi bringing over a chair to sit down and watch him(JY) changing his clothes, so calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos, there was a fierce struggle in JiYuan’s heart. His robe was crumpled after sleeping a whole night in his outer clothes. According to the original body’s personality, he would definitely not going to continue wearing it. But someone was sitting beside him watching, so this shouldn’t be considered OOC , right? Once he OOC-ed, his soul would be destroyed; JiYuan was in a difficult situation, no room to advance nor retreat.

Mentally poking System to ask for hint, System only replied, “Confidential question, no authority to inquire.”

Feeling the time slowly crept closer to the time limit, JiYuan couldn’t help but threw an aggrieved glance at the ever patient Ye Junchi. Why is this person so free (to loiter around)? Totally different from the rumor that said he is busy committing murder and arson every day, plus r*p*ng and looting; a demon lord who would raise news from all over the country with the carnage he cause once every three days ah. [T/N : The author censored the R-word in the novel so I followed suit]

Sitting in a stalemate between two of them for some time, JiYuan still couldn’t gather up courage to change in front of Ye Junchi – two lumps of ‘br-east’ falling down plus a big ‘brother’ down there, wouldn’t that shock Ye Junchi silly? According to the original body’s understanding of Ye Junchi, this demon lord is very fickle, temperamental, brutal and vicious. If he found out that the delicate beauty he captured is not what he thought but a lass with a ‘bird’, he might just eliminate him on the spot.
He might even go to the original body’s house to eliminate the whole family. JiYuan already taken over other’s body, how could he give his identity away and implicate other people’s family too?

Feeling extremely bitter in his heart, JiYuan carefully got out of the bed and casually smoothed his hair, intended to leave the room. The anticipated OOC warning didn’t come so he felt relieved. He was about to release a sigh but it was caught in the middle of his throat, when Ye Junchi suddenly opened his mouth to say something, almost choking him(JY) in fright.

Ye Junchi said, “Come here.”

Ignoring this voice, JiYuan went to the door and pushed – it didn’t budge.

Ye Junchi snickered and said, “If you don’t come here, you won’t be able to leave this room today.”

JiYuan glanced at the time left for the task, it was less than 15 minutes.

…..Big brother! What are you trying to do now!

Under the pressure of the task, JiYuan could only calm himself down and went to stand in front of Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi stood up, seizing the opportunity and said, “Sit down.”

JiYuan sat down without any expression. He immediately felt that something was gently combing down his hair. He froze for a while before reacting, couldn’t help but feeling numb at his scalp. This experience of evil demon lord combing down his hair didn’t give him any fresh or warm feeling; he only worried if Ye Junchi would accidentally twisted off his head.

Ye Junchi’s action was slow and leisurely, combing JiYuan’s messy hair until it became neat. He even have the time to take a lock of his hair to sniff, then smiled and said, “Smells good ah.”

Staying in the demon lord’s palace, JiYuan has not wash his hair for 3 days. He couldn’t help but deeply revered in the devil lord’s extraordinary sense of smell. Fortunately Ye Junchi didn’t intend to help him tie his hair, he just helped JiYuan to comb down the messy hair. JiYuan quickly left the room, completing the task in the last minute.

The original body being kidnapped by Ye Junchi into his palace, was basically in a free range state. Ye Junchi only dropped by from time to time to harass him and propose. It seemed like he was playing around with him; his behavior was unorganized and things were done in a whim. As long as JiYuan doesn’t leave the palace, he was not limited in his freedom to wander anywhere within.

The third task for today was to wander around and look for ways to leave the palace. The weather was blistering hot, JiYuan held back his impulse to dig out his fake ch-est to munch on it. Walking around while wiping his sweats, he occasionally encountered patrol teams of demon race soldier and they would respectfully greeted him ‘Furen’. [T/N : Furen = Lady of the house]

JiYuan’s body shook when he heard that.

“2333, you still haven’t tell me what I actually needed to do, coming into this world.”

“To complete the mission.”

JiYuan pondered for a moment, and found a loophole with his acute thinking.

“So you mean as long as the original body doesn’t collapse and the tasks are fulfilled, the rest would be up to me?”

“Can be considered as that.”

Then that’s great.

JiYuan then continued his questions, “I thought this world is very incredible, is cultivation real? How come the original owner of the body doesn’t know how to fly or travel through land?”

System coldly replied, “Because the owner is a loser.”

“…… Huh?”

“The owner of the body does not have any talent for cultivation.”

Thinking that the host(JY) is quite a stupid person, System revealed some additional small details after its previous simple reply.

“Because of the body’s special constitution and strange element in his life, it was all in vain no matter how much the owner tried to practice. Else with the owner’s name known to four corners of the world, why no one came to propose and no one came to save him when he was forced to marry?”

Pausing for a while, it continued, “Due to various reasons, the original owner of the body already lost his will to live. So when that young master from Zhao family forced his hand of marriage, the owner swallowed a slow acting xx. Ye Junchi didn’t notice that and the owner passed away not long after he arrived to the palace. Fortunately your soul matched so you were brought over here.”
[T/N : The xx word should be poison, not sure why the author censored it.]

This world advocates power so a waste won’t be pitied nor get accepted into other families, nor it lacked any charming vases, so good cultivation talent or excellent family background is the main concern. Unfortunately not only the owner lacked talent to cultivate, the family he came from was just a not-small-but-not-big-either family in this vast community of cultivation.

JiYuan sighed, he kind of pitied the original owner of the body. Casting aside all his messy random ideas, he wandered around the palace the whole afternoon. Finally, he found a back door without any demon soldiers guarding it. A mountain can be seen behind the door. It was full of monsters and creatures that the miasma was faintly visible even during the day. According to System, the mountain was the boundary between human realm and devil realm. An ominous premonition suddenly appeared in JiYuan’s heart. This premonition was verified a few days later when the tasks refreshed.

“Escape from the devil palace tonight into the mountain (0/1)”

JiYuan said, “I have one f-word, not sure if I can say it or not.”

Then he started to argue with System, “Into the mountain? I don’t have the strength to truss a chicken and you want me to go into the mountain?”

With a gentle tone, System replied, “The consequences of not completing the task, baby, do you want to try?”

System’s voice was very cold, causing JiYuan to shiver and he surrendered.

The maid who came to deliver dinner at night looked at the pale-faced JiYuan, then shook her head sympathetically. After hesitating for a long while, she softly said, “Miss Ji don’t have to worry, Master is actually not what the rumors said he was. You can be rest assured to marry Master, he would be very nice to you.”

According to the original body’s personality, no matter it’s men or women, old or young, pretty or ugly, he would disregard all people from demon race. In his heart, JiYuan apologized to the lass and started to think how he is going to survive his escape in the mountain later tonight with a cold expression. If you can see miasma during the day, what more when it’s night and all the monsters come out for food? He was not meaty enough to even fill in the gaps between the monster’s teeth. Other than that, he just came to this world not very long ago. Though his nerves were rather thick (a bit more courageous than previous life) but all the demon race he encountered so far was in a normal human form; who knows what kind of strange and grotesque forms the creatures living in the mountains looked like? JiYuan thought and thought but couldn’t sighing here and there.

Cold beauty with a few worries is still a beauty, the little maid felt a bit heartache looking at him so she whispered to him again.

“Miss, don’t worry too much. On the outside, Master unsmilingly kills in decisive and stern manner. But only in front of Miss that he would become gentle and patient so you have to cherish Master’s feeling and definitely don’t provoke his anger….”

JiYuan didn’t pay attention to her words because all his attention was focused to tonight’s escape plan. Escaping the palace was not strenuous. Not sure if Ye Junchi was too confident of himself because he did not send any guards to guard JiYuan; giving him moments of peace.

The little maid saw that he was absent-minded, shook her head and refrained from saying anything further. She waited until he finished dinner and cleared the table, then bent her waist and left the room. After she left, only then JiYuan dared to stretch his back. He grabbed a warm peach from his ch-est and took a bite.

“System, I want to apply for a cheat/hint. Otherwise I would die the moment I stepped into the mountain. And you won’t let me ‘save progress’.”

With an indifferent voice, System said, “Application rejected.”

His teeth felt itchy (for a fight), JiYuan asked, “So if I died, you won’t be affected?”

System went silent for a moment, then lightly coughed, “After you entered the mountain, run towards west, less monsters. Don’t worry, you won’t die…..” probably.

Feeling fortunate that he managed to get a bit of guarantee, JiYuan sadly took out another peach to munch on. After finished munching on the peaches, he found out that the fruit in the fruit bowl today was pomegranate. It was a circle bigger than peaches; if they are to be stuffed to his front, then the effect would certainly be magnificent.

JiYuan’s face blackened for a moment, he scolded himself in his heart for running off at the mouth. Helplessly shoving two pomegranates to his ch-est, he started to feel scared. He looked down to see he suddenly gained a b r a cup size bigger for his fake ch-est, “……”

Ai, really worrying. Not sure when he can finally discard the word ‘beautiful lady’ from himself and be a dignified man with ‘bird’.


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