先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 1

[Translator note : Infodump chapter so hope you guys can be patient with it] [edit-not sure what triggered a-d-sen-se so this chapter will be edited]

The flowers outside the window were blooming brilliantly. As if to express their anger to someone else, they bloomed with the most dazzling colors basking in the cold moonlight. Just like a charming and enchanting female dancer, very pleasing to the eye. Just like the person leaning by the window, but unpleasant.

JiYuan was holding a cup of hot tea, then he used the cover of the cup to poke the floating tea leaves making a ‘tik tik’ sound. His expressionless face shifted away his line of sight. Against the person leaning at the flowerbed while holding out a flower to him, the beauty even more charming than flowers, turned a blind eye on him. That pair of pale-colored eyes was like glazed tile, emotionless without happiness or sadness. The delicate face carved from ice resumed its original expression, so cold that a layer of frost can be scraped out from it.

Seeing JiYuan’s pair of light-colored eyes turning away without a glance, the man who was waving his hands from the flowerbed blinked and couldn’t help but sighed. Walking slowly to the window side, he slide the flower onto JiYuan’s hair and smilingly said, “The moonlight is so nice tonight, how about we get married ba?”

JiYuan’s gaze was wondering around, not sure what he was looking for but finally, the pair of eyes paused for a moment and fell onto the man spoken earlier. Laurel tree was planted outside the window. The tree, dense with leaves blocked most of the moonlight, cutting the moonlight into countless smaller version of itself like a sieve. Bits of the moonlight scattered onto the man’s body. His ink-colored long hair floated in the wind, shone on by the moonlight, it looked gorgeous like silk. In his heart, JiYuan couldn’t help but sounded a praise. But on the outside, his face was getting colder. He took the flower out from his hair and threw it aside. Using an indifferent gaze like ‘a mother-in-law picking out son-in-law’ to pierce the man, he icily opened his mouth.

“Ye Junchi, stop daydreaming. It’s not day time right now.” Upon finishing his words, JiYuan flung out the cup in his hand and immediately shut the window.

Ye Junchi was not surprised, he floated the cup in the air with a swish from his finger. Reaching out, he took the cup and touched it with his slender fingers. His thin lips lightly touched the place where JiYuan has drunk the tea earlier. Then he drained the tea with a chuckle and leisurely turned away.

The boundary between humans and demons intersected, striking fear into the people’s heart. Rumored to be a cruel demon lord reeking of blood, his temperament in front of the little woman he captured to force-marry to him was so good, it makes people wonder if they have grown a pair of fake eyes and seen the situation wrongly. Ye Junchi was really calm and unruffled. Well, for an ice cold beauty ….. he couldn’t go against ‘her’ head-on. Using this method, either one of them will sink, then the end result would be very unsatisfactory. Gradually melting down a person’s icy cover, now that would be fun.

JiYuan who was squatting inside the room didn’t know what was in the demon lord’s mind as he walked away. He nervously rubbed his own ‘fake’ ch-est but feeling not calm enough, he reached in and pulled out a peach in front of his ch-est. After taking a few ‘kacha kacha’ bites from the peach, he calmed down and asked, “System, how was my performance just now? I didn’t OOC right?” [T/N: OOC = Out of Character. Do Google it for more info yo]

Leaving after splashing other people was really exciting!

A cold voice sounded in his head, “No. Good performance. Keep going.”

Shifting into a more comfortable posture, JiYuan continued to munch on the peach.

“The task to splash tea is completed, what is the next one?”

System went silent for a moment, then gave a hum.

“Refreshing for tasks right now.”

Finishing his peach with a few bites, JiYuan looked at his half-deflated ch-est. Might as well take the other peach out to eat.

With a cold voice, System said, “This is the territory of Ye Junchi. Anyone may come in anytime. You better take note of your image. Don’t let anyone find out that you are not a noble, icy cold beauty but a creep pretending fake lady.”

JiYuan furiously roared, “What creep?! You thought I happily volunteered to pretend as a lady?!”

System went silent for a moment, then replied with some sympathy in its tone, “Condolence.”

Spitting out the peach’s pit, JiYuan went to pick two peaches from the fruit bowl and shoved it into his clothing in front of his ch-est. The wide expanse of flatness at his ch-est just now immediately grown into full bul-ges, giving his body a beautiful curve. The only downside of this was it felt quite heavy and it shifted around with his movement. But it was covered by his clothing so it only looked like moving waves from the outside. Still, he has to be careful to prevent ‘them’ from falling out.

JiYuan : “……” *sighed*

All these started from three days ago. After a whole night of drinking with his pack of friends, JiYuan woke up to an expanse of darkness in front of him. There was a persistent ‘zizi’ sound of electric current beside his ears, causing his head to suffer a tight headache. Not sure how long has passed and a clear and indifferent voice finally sounded in his head.

“Welcome to experience the ‘OOC Endurance System’. System Serial number 2333 is here at your service.”

JiYuan : “…… what did you said you are again?”

Indifferent voice : “2333.”

JiYuan was not able to react on this, just thinking it was just a dream and couldn’t help but laughed out loud in strange sounds, “23333…..”

System coldly corrected him, “It’s 2333.”

Rolling his eyes, JiYuan didn’t intend to continue chatting with this strange creature. He closed his eyes, preparing to sleep but 2333 didn’t plan to let go of him.

System : “Hello, host. Please accept the mission’s character profile.”

A panel of information immediately appeared in front of JiYuan’s eyes.

Name : JiYuan

Gender : A girl with big ‘bird’*

Personality : Cold and silent, a person of few words, calm, not afraid of authority….

Current plot : Being forced to marry by the young master from Zhao family which is one of the four families from the cultivation sect, Ye Junchi passed by and abducted JiYuan then requested JiYuan to marry him as a token of appreciation for saving him.

Just by the personalities alone caused JiYuan to feel dizzy, but what make him tightened up was the gender.

“…. what? What the Hell is a girl with big ‘bird’?”

System calmly replied, “Means a fake lady, what so strange about it? For more detailed info, please see Life Experience.”

JiYuan massaged his temple caused by the headache. The moment he finished reading the information, he sneered.

“Superstition. What with the ‘because there are strange signs calculated in life, if don’t act like a female, will die’? As someone who adhere to socialism, can I abolish this setting?”

[T/N : Sentence might sound a bit weird because I was trying to make it as short as possible for the impact. The word calculated means fortune-seller foreseen death in the future and recommended raising as different gender to confuse/escape fate :v]

System : “Number one, as someone who drink and fight the whole day, and a wastrel second generation. You are a bourgeoisie, the society and people don’t need you.”

System : “Second, if you dared to OOC, you will be immediately destroyed by the system.”

The tone of the voice sounded gloomy; it didn’t sound like a joke so JiYuan couldn’t help shivering.

System : “Let me further explain. September 6, 2035 – You died from alcohol poisoning. Now there are two roads in front of you. The first one, follow the personalities of the original character and complete 2,333 tasks given to you. After you completed the mission, you will be able to be resurrected in your original world.”

System : “Second, OOC and then I destroy you.”

JiYuan : “…” What?

The amount of input was too much, he couldn’t react in time….

Squatting down for a long time, JiYuan finally realized that System didn’t crack any joke on him. Indeed he caused his own demise and now gotten contracted by the system, so he must listen to System’s words or get destroyed like a virus. He need to play his role as an icy sister with big bird. This sister, er no, this brother here was born from a difficult birth and his mother died in the process. Due to his fate was not good, he need to be raised and known to the public as a girl from young. He rarely went out from the house out of fear from being found out his real gender. His father on the other hand was so busy with work that you can’t even see his shadow. So he grew up in his small courtyard alone, his character became cold and lonesome.

JiYuan was feeling a bit bitter. His own family was rich, very rich, extremely rich and his father was a big womanizer. All day round he went around chasing woman as if he’s on a mission to save the world, fearing that if he stopped ‘sowing seeds’ one day, mankind would perish. Although he is the son from the main wife, and appeared on the surface as the only inheritance heir, there are half brothers and sisters the amount of two football teams plus reserve members fiercely staring at him, wanting to X him to replace his position. [T/N : X means kill]

Under the tremendous pressure, he decided to withdraw from the battle for inheritance and just make friends with other hedonistic young masters, indulging in pleasures and getting into fights all day.
Wanting him to not OOC as a cold beauty … is a bit difficult.

JiYuan carefully asked, “Big brother, what is the standard of the OOC checking?”

System replied, “It is up to my decision.”

Upon hearing that, JiYuan wanted to bribe System but a moment later realized that he is penniless at the moment so he could only sadly give up the idea. 2,333 tasks sounded really scary at first but it was actually quite simple tasks. For example, strange and trivial daily tasks like these :

“Go out and walk around but don’t let anyone finding out your real gender (0/1)”

“Need to squat down in the toilet to do small business (0/1)”

“Use big mantous to replace the peaches as fake ch-est (0/1)”

“Use hot tea to splash on the demon lord (0/1)”

JiYuan was full of confidence, he believed that he would be able to fulfilled 2,333 tasks and return to his rich home to continue being a wastrel. He returned to his senses after munching on a few peaches to find out that he accidentally ate his ‘che-st’ again. Embarrassed, he went to pick two peaches to stuff his ch-est again. Then he noticed that the new task has appeared after a refresh so he flopped onto the bed without taking off his outer garment and read the information.

After a night of pleasant dream –

Upon waking up, JiYuan’s hand reached out out of habit and murmured, “Thirsty….”

A glass of water was immediately handed to his hand. JiYuan suddenly shuddered and sobered up. With his heart pumping from fear, he asked System whether his action just now was considered OOC. Only after he received ‘Negative’ as an answer that he opened his eyes. Seeing the demon lord smiling happily beside his bed, JiYuan held back his yawn and adjusted his emotion. He coldly asked, “Why are you here?”

Ye Junchi laughed and said, “This is my demon palace, I can be anywhere I wanted to be.”

JiYuan’s heart started to shiver when he saw Ye Junchi took another step towards him but due to his personality setting as ‘not afraid of authority/not bowing down to the pressure of power’, he could only stared directly at Ye Junchi. He asked System while his heart thumped away, “Is the task out yet? I am very sc-scared with him staring at me like that….”

Although JiYuan is g-hey, the person in front of him was not his type. He felt very dangerous when Ye Junchi stared unblinkingly at him; causing him to feel cold at his back.

2333 quickly replied, “There is a dagger at the side of your waist.”

JiYuan felt a bit headache with the reply, “You’re asking me to give Ye Junchi a stab? He can fly eh, plus his skills are very good. Though he is not my type but he looked so handsome, I couldn’t bear to hurt him ah….”

Interrupting his thoughts, 2333 replied, “Better than stabbing your own neck.”

JiYuan : “…… Big brother, are you giving up on me? I really still can be saved….”

A task suddenly appeared in front of his eyes and JiYuan gave it a glance.

“When Ye Junchi gets nearer, take out the dagger and threaten him to leave (0/1)”

JiYuan felt relieved, he raised his head and looked at Ye Junchi who was leaning down with an unknown motive. His(JY) gaze abruptly turned serious and he swung out the dagger saying, “This dagger can slice through gold like mud.”

Ye Junchi gave a smile, “Oh?”

Slowly pushing the dagger against himself, JiYuan asked, “Do you think this dagger can kill you?”

Ye Junchi seriously considered the possibility, then replied with an unfortunate expression, “No, it can’t.”

JiYuan : “But it can kill me.”

Ye Junchi : “….”

JiYuan continued to press the dagger against his own neck. Then he snapped out, “Get out.”

Ye Junchi narrowed his eyes with a dangerous aura.

[* You have no idea what research I did to understand and translate the word ‘bird’ in this story. The original word is 大唧唧 which directly translated to big chirp. I was like wth is that? then googled/read about a short story of an alpha [NS-FW] fu-ta-nari … orz Oh, ‘bird’ huh >////< ]

The author has something to say:
Was late to start spicy novel ( ̄︶ ̄)) hug hug~
Actually, the reason for being late was the first chapter… everything is difficult at the beginning.
What you guys read was the 5th edition of the beginning, the original settings were slightly changed….
_(:з」∠) Not sure if there are any angels waiting so long for this novel, then felt disappointed after it came out. If there are… please don’t say it out. *smoothed hair* I will work harder in the future.


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