13 thoughts on “雨露均沾 Sharing Rain and Dew – Chapter 2 : I think, the Emperor is an incapable ruler”

  1. I’ve read this before, I don’t remember when (probably using google translate lolxD) I can’t believe this was translated way back January. Thank you for this translation! ❤

  2. i followed your suggestion, to read again after i finished… and now some of things are making sense… and i think i am going to bawl my eyes over again… (T_T) … Thank you for translating this…

  3. The second time reading this and I’m feeling tears welling up now knowing what happened in the past life 🙁

  4. Eh, this mc was so cute ah..
    I can see why the emperor would pampered him.
    Tho I’m suspicious since many people commented about his past life and the author himself also hinted about that in this chapter 🙂
    Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

  5. I left a comment before but WP didn’t let me submit it. Pff.

    The emperor’s interest in our protagonist seems sincere, and he’s funny.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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