29 thoughts on “雨露均沾 Sharing Rain and Dew – Chapter 1 : I think, the Emperor’s brain has gone bad”

  1. Awww…finally the brothers that care about each other. I am tired with brother trying to backstabbing his siblings, but this one interaction with his brothers is sweet.

  2. Re reading after completing the entire story….. I finally get this chapter…. So damn funny…. Hehe I’m so glad to have come across this story…. All thanks to you dear translator 😍

  3. Thank you so much for translating this absolutely adorable (though unfortunately a bit too short for my liking) story!!! 😀 Currently rereading and now I understand the story better now. That idiom about the moat tho…T_T

  4. I feel like I had reax this before, but I forgot haha.
    And reading those praise showered with stars on novelupdates….I just can’t help myself! X,,D
    Hope I didn’t suffer from chapter deficiency after reading this…
    Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

    1. Oh yeah it’s confusing. I was confused until chapter 5 , then I realized what happened. You might wanna re-read the first chapter after you finished reading it once :3

  5. Re-reading this again after some times, and it instantly reminds me why this is one of my favorite story.

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