Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 100

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)
莱恩 Ryan (Lion) / 黄远 Huang Yuan (Female) + Ren (Lion)
巴奥 Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear) / 霍斯 Howth (Golden winged lion)
雷切尔 Rey (???) / 艾德琳 Adeline (Female)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf) / 球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father) / 里亚 Ria (Female) + Snowe (Female)

马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)
米莎 Misha (Female)

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Chapter 100 Extra – Lin Mu lay eggs 2

At first, seeing that Lin Mu’s body condition has improved, and the sleepiness has disappeared, Patrik and the others can stop worrying. But they did not expect that more than 2 months later, Lin Mu returned to the previous state – eating and sleeping a lot again. This time, his tastebud has become even more peculiar. Not only does he like eating meat very much, but the taste is also very special. It is either very spicy or unexpectedly sour, which makes Huang Yuan feel that Lin Mu is pregnant. But no matter how he checked it, Lin Mu’s pulse is wrong. It’s not a pregnancy pulse nor a slippery pulse, so it made everyone worried again. However, due to the previous occurrence which Lin Mu got better in the end, everyone is not as worried as before. Of course, this ‘everyone’ does not include Patrik.

Actually, Patrik could tell that Lin Mu is a little different this time because his family Mumu didn’t let him touch him anymore at night. Well, Patrik is worried about Lin Mu, so he did not force it. Although it’s a bit hard for him to endure abstinence, he is still satisfied with Lin Mu’s little hands to help him release. It’s just a little regretful that Lin Mu would fell asleep in the middle of the ‘help’. Then Patrik will have to use his hand to finish the ‘process’ himself.

At night, Ryan’s house.

Huang Yuan lay comfortably in the bathtub. Although it is summer, it is more comfortable to take a hot bath.

“Ryan, come in and help me rub my back.”

Actually, Huang Yuan doesn’t need to call because Ryan will immediately ask for his welfare after washing the dishes anyway. And so, Ryan heard Huang Yuan’s voice and hurried over immediately.

“Why are you so slow?” Although Huang Yuan said that in dissatisfaction, it sounded like he is throwing a tantrum instead.

To which Ryan replied, “I just finished washing the dishes.” while passionately staring at his partner’s pale body. Instead of using a towel, Ryan used his hand to rub Huang Yuan’s back.

“Towels, towels.” Huang Yuan emphasized to wipe him with a towel.

“Ah Yuan, I can also use my hand to rub your back.”

“Tsk, if you used your hand, I won’t be able to finish this bath, alright? Use a towel, or you won’t be allowed to help me.”

Ryan chose to compromise. He took the towel in his hand and slowly wiped it on Huang Yuan’s back. From time to time, he will take some advantage with his hands but Huang Yuan didn’t stop him. Ryan is his man after all so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

“Say, what do you think is wrong with Lin Mu?”

Ryan shook his head, but thinking that Huang Yuan had his back to him and couldn’t see his movements, he opened his mouth and said, “I don’t know, but he really looked like your condition when you were pregnant. Just that it seems that his condition is much more serious than you. Seeing how he can fall asleep anytime, the tribe leader must be very worried now. At first, we thought he is all right, but in the end, it didn’t take long for him to return like this again.”

“En, I can’t find out what happened to Lin Mu. I’m also very worried and scared that something we don’t know is happening quietly. Lin Mu is my best friend but I can’t help him. It’s uncomfortable in my heart.”

Ryan heard Huang Yuan’s low voice and quickly walked around the barrel to face him. He comforted, “Ah Yuan, don’t worry. In fact, we all think that Lin Mu is the darling of the beast god. So the beast god will not put him in danger. Although we are worried about Lin Mu’s physical condition, I still feel that Lin Mu would be fine. When we became partners, the beast god also blessed our union, so Lin Mu would definitely be fine.” This is Ryan’s unlimited respect for the beast god. Of course, his words are also a comfort for his partner.

Huang Yuan heard Ryan’s words and ‘tch-ed’ in his heart. He thought to himself, “That unreliable guy?”

Lin Mu told Huang Yuan about his encounter with the beast god after that. But thinking about it, since Lin Mu’s arrival is the opportunity that the beast god needs, the beast god won’t do things like throwing away things after finished using it, Also, the beast god likes to eat the food cooked by Lin Mu, so how can he let Lin Mu get into trouble? Therefore, Huang Yuan stopped worrying too much. Then, like a boss, he flung the towel to Ryan and instructed, “Continue to wipe me.”

What Huang Yuan didn’t know is that Ryan’s fiery eyes have been sweeping over his body many times while he is deep in his thinking. For Ryan, his partner is completely nekid in front of him. Seeing that pair of blushing points on Huang Yuan’s chest, the more Ryan looked at it, the more he felt his body getting hotter.

And so, Ryan smiled flatteringly and said, “Ah Yuan, let’s wash together.”

Then, before Huang Yuan agreed, Ryan took off his clothes and jumped into the wooden barrel. Any beastman with a partner knew that they had to make the wooden barrel big enough for 2 people in order to get benefits from it. That’s why Ryan’s wooden barrel is very big. Even with both of them inside, there is still some surplus space. Huang Yuan wanted to block Ryan when he came in, but it is too late.

“En~~ En~~ you per.v.ert!”

“Don’t touch there~~”

“En~~ unn~~” The tone has changed.

“You bastard, why are you so slow?!.” This is Huang Yuan’s impatient voice.

It’s midnight right now. Lin Mu has been sleeping better these days and sleep dreamlessly until the next morning. However, there is some surprise today because he has a dream.

“Why are you in my dream? Oh my god, how can I dream of you?!” In front of Lin Mu is the beast god who is faking politeness and seriousness.

The beast god flapped his wide sleeves because of Lin Mu’s words and said, “What? You can’t dream of me? Really now! I missed you so much alright.”

Lin Mu panicked, “Don’t, you must not miss me. If you let those human vinegar jars of your house know, I am worried that I won’t survive.”

Beast god curled his lips in dissatisfaction, but what Lin Mu said is the truth so he didn’t say anything else.

At this moment, Lin Mu supported his chin and is full of doubts, “In other words, why did you appear in my dreams? This is definitely not from my side. I would rather dream of my Patrik and my well-behaved son than dreaming of you.”

“Xiao Mumu, what you said makes me sad.”

“Stop being funny and quick tell me why are you breaking into my dream?” It’s just a foolish old man in front of him and Lin Mu doesn’t have the mood to make trouble with him. He wants to get enough sleep, a’ight?!

Hearing Lin Mu’s question, the beast god immediately became very excited, and said to Lin Mu, “Good news! For you, it is great news so you don’t need to be too grateful to me!”

Lin Mu looked at the man with suspicion. What else could this old man do besides making mistakes? His unreliable image is deeply ingrained in Lin Mu’s heart and couldn’t be redeemed anymore.

Huang Yuan cursed Ryan while holding on to his sore waist in the morning as he gets up. On the other hand, Ryan the 24/7 filial husband, is serving and coaxing him. Then Ryan carried Huang Yuan out to eat breakfast in his arms. At this moment, their little one has sat down obediently at the table. Ren knows very well that if his dad gets up late one day, his dad must be in a bad mood. He must be obedient, or he might get unlucky.

Ryan waited on Huang Yuan diligently. If it isn’t because Huang Yuan didn’t want to, Ryan would definitely feed him by hand. After Huang Yuan finished drinking the porridge, Ryan handed the boiled and peeled eggs to Huang Yuan; eating one egg a day is healthy for the body.

Huang Yuan stared at the egg in his hand and a lightbulb flashed in his mind. He quickly asked Ryan, “Is there any beastman born from an egg?”

Ryan wondered and answered, “Yes, our tribe leader is born from an egg. Of course, Jason is the same.”

Huang Yuan immediately stood up abruptly with excitement, and then ran out.

Huang Yuan’s actions got Ryan dumbfounded but he soon reacted. He immediately followed behind and carried the person in his arms. “What are you doing? You are not feeling well and yet, you run out just like this.”

Huang Yuan didn’t care about Ryan’s bad expression and immediately said happily, “Hurry and bring me to Lin Mu’s house. I know what happened to him.”

When Ryan heard that it is about the tribe leader’s family matter, Ryan stopped feeling upset that Huang Yuan was not careful about himself, and immediately ran to the tribe leader’s house while holding Huang Yuan. As soon as they entered the door, Huang Yuan couldn’t help shouting, “Lin Mu, I know what’s wrong with you!”

Seeing that Lin Mu is enjoying the cool breeze under the pergola, Huang Yuan immediately asked Ryan to let him go. He ran to Lin Mu and said very excitedly, “Lin Mu, I know what’s wrong with you. It turns out that you will lay eggs!”

Finally, Huang Yuan realized that his previous tribe does not have any beastman that is born from eggs. The original owner of the body is also a local who is born normally and Huang Yuan arrived halfway through. He has never seen anyone who laid eggs. Naturally, he doesn’t know what kind of pulse is for laying eggs are. It seems to be quite different.

Huang Yuan happily went on with his finding that he didn’t see Lin Mu’s face that is as black as charcoal. Ryan saw it thought and quickly pulled Huang Yuan away to stop him from being ignorant.

This morning, Lin Mu got up early in a very bad mood and Patrik couldn’t coax him. Right now, he heard Huang Yuan’s words and his expression became even worse.

“Mother fork-er! Laying eggs?! That bastard beast god! I don’t have to give birth to children right from the start. It’s all that guy’s fault! He went and make decisions on his own and now I have to lay eggs?! I should really beat the f out of him!”

Huang Yuan finally realized that Lin Mu is unhappy.

“What happened?”

“Hmph, see if you like to lay eggs yourself?!” Lin Mu said angrily.

“Tch, you are saying like you don’t want it. I won’t believe that you don’t want a child between you and Patrik.”

That caught Lin Mu off guard. He does want one, but it doesn’t mean he wants to give birth to a baby. Mother fork-er, and it’s laying eggs instead. Can he still be considered a normal person (earthling)?

When Patrik came back, he saw Huang Yuan and Ryan while Lin Mu looked like he is about to burst from anger. He walked to Lin Mu’s side and hugged him in his arms. Yeah, beastmen have always been so ignorant of their surroundings.

“What’s the matter?” Patrik carefully asked.

Huang Yuan happily chipped in a reply, “Your Mumu is about to lay eggs.”

Annoyed, Lin Mu shouted, “The hell with laying eggs, your house is full of eggs.” Lin Mu ended up including the innocent Ryan in his scolding.

Huang Yuan thoughtlessly replied, “Sorry, my Ryan is a viviparous1.”

Lin Mu glared at Huang Yuan. Patrik on the side looked pleasantly surprised and immediately asked Ryan beside him.

“That’s what Ah Yuan said but Lin Mu seems to know about it.” Ryan watched carefully from the side just now. When Ah Yuan said that Lin Mu is pregnant with eggs, Lin Mu only looked angry and didn’t doubt it.

This happiness dropped in too violently for Patrik. He carefully put his hand on Lin Mu’s belly and instantly felt a clear connection. Beastman and his children always had a special feeling. He had been busy before caring for Lin Mu, so he didn’t sense anything amiss right away. For this second time, Patrik didn’t think in that direction anymore but he didn’t expect that Lin Mu would be pregnant for real. Thank you, beast god! (Beast god proudly said, “Of course you have to thank me, how could your family Mumu have children without me!” Okay, this is too easy for people to misunderstand +_+)

Now that Lin Mu is pregnant, Patrik wants to keep his mood at ease. So Patrik immediately issued evicted his guests. Then Patrik picked up Lin Mu. He kissed him and wanted to carry him into their bedroom.

“Mumu, you should be happy that we are having a baby.” Patrik sat on the bed and hugged Lin Mu in his arms.

Lin Mu leaned on Patrik’s shoulder, “I’m afraid.”

“What are you afraid of?”

“I’m afraid of pain.” Lin Mu got up from Patrik’s shoulder and stared at him. His eyebrows were frowning. “When Ah Yuan gave birth, the scene was so scary. Will I be like that?” Huang Yuan suffered a lot when he gave birth to Ren.

“Don’t worry, it won’t.” Patrik has never stayed long in his original tribe so he doesn’t know what kind of eggs his partner will lay and whether it will be dangerous. Thinking of that, Patrik’s joy disappeared by half. In his heart, it’s Lin Mu that is most important.

When Wu Fan came back, he saw his father and daddy acting lovey-dovey on the bed. He is no stranger to it and is naturally happy when his father and daddy had a good relationship. Seeing them happily beckoning him, Wu Fan went to the bed.

Wu Fan is 7 years old now. His appearance looked delicate and beautiful. Naturally, many people are pursuing him and Lin Mu feels proud of him.

After being comforted by Patrik’s words, Lin Mu lets go of his worries. So, when he saw his child came back, he happily said to Wu Fan, “Babe, Dad will be having a little baby.”

Wu Fan is very happy when he heard the news, “I will have a younger brother!” Then he tried to touch Lin Mu’s belly but didn’t dare to actually touch him.

Lin Mu smiled, “The baby bump is not obvious so you won’t feel anything yet.” Lin Mu didn’t tell Wu Fan anything about laying eggs. It’s too embarrassing, a’ight?!

After Patrik knew that Lin Mu is pregnant, he immediately sent someone to the Snakefoot Tribe to ask about related matters. Now that their tribe is blessed and affirmed by the beast god, they will no longer be rejected by other tribes. It is okay for Huang Yuan to go to their tribe to learn something with their witch doctor. Huang Yuan rushed back after studying for only one day. Although he didn’t spend much time studying, he spent a lot of time on the road. The journey back and forth took him more than half a month.

Then Lin Mu learned through Huang Yuan’s explanation that the duration of his pregnancy is 6 months. He will lay the eggs and after that, Lin Mu doesn’t have to care about it anymore. The beastman partner is the one who will incubate the eggs.

As for Lin Mu’s most concern about the issue of birth, Huang Yuan sourly explained that laying eggs is nothing painful because the eggs are really small when being laid. They are about the same size as normal eggs, and they will grow slowly during the incubation period with the beastman. Snake beastmen have a lot of offspring. It may be because giving birth is quite easy compared to giving birth life. Hence, the birthrate is not bad, just that the probability of getting a female is still very low. Of course, the fact that Lin Mu will give birth to more than a baby, Huang Yuan decided to keep it a secret. He wanted to surprise Lin Mu when that time comes.

Now that they know about the exact process of giving birth, Patrik felt relieved. In the following days, Lin Mu is carefully taken care of as if he is a porcelain doll. At first, Lin Mu felt very comfortable with the meticulous care, but as time passed, he started to feel annoying. This one cannot do, that one cannot do… it is irritating Lin Mu and he got in a bad mood. He started to rebel. However, the adult’s worried eyes and the small one’s accusing eyes, Lin Mu immediately surrendered. He could disregard the big one (Patrik), but cannot ignore the small one, his baby Wu Fan. And so, Lin Mu continued with his boring little life. But because little Wu Fan is very sensible and accompanied his dad every day to make him happy, Lin Mu is in a much better mood.

After more than 6 months, Lin Mu’s belly doesn’t look too big and he smoothly laid 5 eggs. This really gave Lin Mu a surprise. Okay, he was just pretending. Lin Mu had known about the number of children from Patrik a long time ago. He only pretended to satisfy Huang Yuan’s trick.

The eggs took 6 months to be birthed, and 2 more months to hatch. They can’t tell whether the eggs are males or females but Lin Mu is very hopeful that they will soon come out of the shell. In fact, the so-called incubating egg means taking it with you every day. For this reason, Lin Mu sewed a small bag with furry animal skins and put all his babies in for Patrik to take with him. However, because the eggs keep growing bigger, the bag was changed many times until Patrik decided to simply stay on the bed in the end. This way, his children will be safer.

2 months later, those eggs have grown big, at the size of a baby. When those little guys crawled out and cry together one night, Lin Mu became flustered. Fortunately, he prepared a lot of things for the children in advance. The parents went busy until the middle of the night that they finally comforted all the children. They hugged each other and looked at their children, then fell asleep comfortably.

The people who came to see the baby the next day were very surprised. Huang Yuan jumped to Lin Mu immediately and exclaimed, “Oh my God! 4 little females! No, Lin Mu, no matter what, 1 of them shall be my daughter-in-law. Let’s get an arranged marriage for our baby.”

“In your dreams. Whether your Ren can marry my baby or not, depends on his ability.”

Huang Yuan decided to educate his child well and set the target to winning a female from Lin Mu’s house.

Lin Mu happily dropped a kiss on a little baby. The others are still sleeping but the youngest one looked around with his round eyes open, no one knows if he could see anything.

When Sasha came to visit the babies and to chat with Lin Mu, he saw a black bracelet on Lin Mu’s left wrist. He already knew about Xiao Jin (should be Da Jin) on Lin Mu’s right hand. So he asked, “What is this?”

“My eldest son.” Lin Mu said with a smile. Coincidentally, the first to be born is a beastman. On his small black body, if one doesn’t check carefully, they won’t see the slight bumps. He heard from Patrik that it is the place where wings will sprout.

The people in the tribe expressed their congratulations, envy, jealousy, and hatred2 to Patrik. Females are so rare but their tribe leader has 5 underage females in the house. They really envied the family. Sasha even got so agitated from the luck that he pulled his beastman to go home to make a child.

Patrik looked at the 4 little guys sleeping in a row on the bed, and then looked at the little beastman who circled around Lin Mu’s wrist the moment he is born. Next, Patrik turned to glance at his partner who is looking at the children with fatherly love. Patrik felt that he is so happy that everyone couldn’t help but be jealous of him.

Patrik hugged Lin Mu in his arms. The two did not speak and just looking at their children silently.

3 years later.

Lin Mu watched as the little guy flying above and more little guys running on the ground noisily; it is so lively. Then he looked back at the person holding him behind him.

“Patrik, I am very happy.”

“It’s fine as long as you are happy.”


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