Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 25.2

Here is part 2~

Chapter 25.2 Famous

After eating1, the two arrived at the exercise hall. The first hall has 200 people inside and is already full, so they went to the second hall. The PE teacher Gillett is a tall Level BB+ sentinel with dark skin and wearing a strong black outfit, which looks very oppressive.

“In today’s first class, we will check your physical fitness level first. In-class activities will be arranged according to your different physical fitness.”

Soon, 200 students lined up to form 10 queues, with 20 students per queue according to Gillett’s request. There were 10 physical strength testers at the front, and 10 students will be tested at the same time. The test results will be directly transmitted to the teacher’s terminal, and the teacher will send the corresponding physical fitness arrangements to the classmates.

Xiào Mu and Hawke were standing in the last row. Xiào Mu felt slightly relaxed when he saw this arrangement. It was great to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. He was worried that the content of all the students’ classes was the same, and he couldn’t keep up! Soon, the people in front of him were all tested, Xiào Mu stepped forward and put his feet on the tester, and a beam of white light swept from the top of his head to the sole of his feet.

“Done.” Gillett didn’t look up, and quickly sent the in-class arrangements that had been made long ago to the corresponding classmates according to their physical ability. Suddenly, he stopped moving, raised his head, and shouted, “Xiào Mu.”

Xiào Mu was staring at his terminal, ready to check his training schedule. Hearing Gillett’s voice, he quickly responded, “Here.”

Gillett scanned Xiào Mu up and down with his eyes and walked up to him with his pair of long legs. He looked down at Xiào Mu and asked, “Physical strength Level E?”

There was a sound of surprise behind him, followed by a burst of laughter.

“That’s terrible, still dare to enter the military academy?”

“Ain’t it gonna lower the average level of the school?”

Xiào Mu noticed that countless eyes fell behind him. He regretted not failing to enter this school. How he wished he could quickly grab a place in the medical schools!

“Yes.” With Gillett’s eyes were still on him, Xiào Mu answered softly.

Gillett raised his eyebrows and slapped Xiào Mu’s left shoulder. The force caused Xiào Mu’s left knee to bend and his body tilted to the left. Gillett hurriedly retracted his hand and coughed, “You are brave. However, in-class arrangement for Level E is temporarily unavailable. You can run or do some lifting exercises as you wish. The in-class arrangement will be done before tomorrow, and I will send it to you when it is done.”

Xiào Mu was slightly embarrassed to hear that there was no arrangement for him in class. Obviously, there has never been a Level E physical strength student in Imperial Military Academy.

“Thank you, teacher.”

Gillett waved his hand and Xiào Mu walked towards the running tracks. He noticed that many classmates who were exercising looked at him mockingly.

Hawke ran to Xiào Mu and asked, “Are you okay?”

“It’s okay, the teacher is nice to me.”

Hawke looked around, “I’ll run with you, and we can walk together after class.”

Xiào Mu knew that Hawke was worried about his safety, and smiled, “Okay.”

After class, Xiào Mu did not leave the stadium immediately but waited until the students were almost finished before leaving. Unexpectedly, someone blocked him on his way back to the dormitory.

“Why are you here?” The tall sentinel in a vertical striped T-shirt strode to Xiào Mu and asked angrily.

Xiào Mu was stunned by the question. The sentinel in front of him looked very handsome, but he had no impression of this face, however… He looked at the sentinel’s red and blue bars and saw spiritual power 2880/3000, physical fitness 6800/7800 Level B+. Obviously, this sentinel had taken his medicine before2.

“I am asking you a question!” Seeing Xiào Mu didn’t say a word, the sentinel became even angrier. He glanced at the pedestrians on the road and tried to lower his voice, “If I hadn’t seen your picture on the forum, I didn’t know you were here. ”

This height and voice, Xiào Mu’s heart moved with a thought. Isn’t this the guy who bought his 150 mid-grade healing pills3? But what does he mean by ‘seeing his photo in the forum’?

Hawke reacted faster than Xiào Mu. Opening the forum, he touched Xiào Mu’s elbow and exclaimed, “You are famous in the forum, along with Major General Leo!”

Xiào Mu sighed in his heart. It’s not surprising that Leo’s appearance at school will cause a sensation, but why is he famous as well? He opened his terminal and entered the Imperial Military Academy’s forum. The first hot post was ‘Major General Leo substitutes PE lessons’, and the second post was ‘Level E physical strength students appear in school’. He clicked on the second post. Before Xiào Mu had time to read the content, he saw a photo of him running in the exercise hall. He was about to look at it again when a hand appears and slapped hard on his hands. He instantly felt the stinging pain.

“What are you doing?” Xiào Mu rubbed his hands and glared at the sentinel.

Being neglected, the sentinel becomes furious, and his chest was violently heaved up and down, “Xiào Mu, you have guts. I am asking you questions here! Why are you here?! Does father knows about this?!”

Xiào Mu frowned, “You got the wrong person, I don’t know you.”

“Stop pretending,” hearing that caused the sentinel to become even more annoyed. “Eileen has been blaming herself for a long time. Why didn’t you inform us that you came back safely? Did you deliberately hide away so that father will blame us?”

“Is your father Kain Greene?” Xiào Mu probably understood what was going on.

Xiào Mu remembered very clearly that in the video where Xiào Mu Greene was taken away, there was another young man and a girl with him(XMG) at the time. Since this person called him Xiào Mu and also mentioned a girl’s name, he is most likely from the Greene family.

“Are you crazy?” Roa Greene looked in disbelief at Xiào Mu who spoke without a cowardly expression, “You actually called father by his name directly.”

As expected.

Xiào Mu explained seriously, “You have gotten the wrong person. Xiào Mu Greene and I do look alike, but I am not him. Major General Kain knows about this, and he has admitted that he got the wrong person before this.”

“You said my father knows about this?” Roa didn’t believe what Xiào Mu said, but he said Kain knew. That makes him feel puzzled.

Xiào Mu nodded affirmatively, “Yes, my body and hair color are different from Little Greene.”

Roa looked at Xiào Mu for a while and saw that although he and the pesky guy had different looks and temperaments, their facial features were the same as if it was carved out of the same mold and couldn’t help being disgusted. He snorted coldly, “Not the same? Both of you are just trash. I say, even if you are not him, you are still the same annoying. Are you seeking death? Coming to the military school with such a weak physical strength.”

After that, Roa maliciously speculates with a sharp voice, “Are you the illegitimate son of his mother and other men?”

With a cold face, Xiào Mu unceremoniously throws out a sarcasm, “The upbringing of the Greene family is really contemptible. Spouting unfounded speculation without tact, it is really insightful.”

“What are you talking about?” Roa was furious when he heard Xiào Mu mention Greene’s name, and tried to slap his face.

Hawke immediately raised his hand to block the slap and glared at Roa with widened eyes, “What are you trying to do?”

Roa looked down at Hawke with contempt, “You want to be the hero to save the beauty? Can you beat me?”

Roa is more than 1.9 meters tall, while Hawke is only about 1.8 meters. Hawke is a size smaller than Roa, and it looks like he is not Roa’s opponent. Xiào Mu swiftly took out the anesthetic shots and said coldly, “Do you think the two of us can deal with you?”

Hawke’s eyes were bright and he was not afraid as he continued to glare at Roa, “I am going to become a great student of the Department of Medicine in the future. Do you want to try the taste of anesthetic shots?”

Roa’s jaw tightened and his face looked particularly ugly. He gritted his teeth and flicked away his raised hand, “Just you wait.”

Watching Roa’s back as he angrily left, Hawke exclaimed in an extremely excited tone, “Xiào Mu, you are amazing! You looked so cool and handsome just now!”

Xiào Mu put away the anesthetic shots amusedly, “You are more handsome. I just moved my lips.”

Hawke scratched his hair, his eyes sparkling, “Really? Am I really handsome?”


Xiào Mu couldn’t help laughing and nodded. His bad mood caused by Roa has lessened. Thinking of what Roa said before he left, Xiào Mu was worried and said, “Be careful when you see him in the future.”

Pursing his mouth, Xiào Mu thought in his mind that if he knew earlier that he would get upset by Roa, he would not sell him the healing pills.

Hawke doesn’t care much and said, “I’m not afraid of him. From now on, I will wait for you downstairs in your dormitory to have class together. The classroom and dormitory are absolutely safe. Together, we will not be afraid of troublemakers on the road.”

Xiào Mu responded, “Okay.”

On the other side at the teacher’s office, Gillett looked at the blank in-class arranged titled Level E Physical fitness plan and did not start for a long time. He wiped his face helplessly. As a professional PE teacher, this matter really got him stumped this time. Gillett searched his memories and couldn’t remember if there are any people with Level E physical strength around him. There was no reference available. Gillett was worried that the too much arrangement would be too burdening to the student’s body. After thinking about it, he opened the academy PE teacher exchange group for help – ‘How to make the in-class arrangements for students with Level E physical strength?’

Just after Gilette sent the message, a few replies immediately appeared, ‘Gillett, you have nothing to do in your spare time?’

‘So idle, why are you wasting time thinking about this kind of problem that will not happen?’

‘The 2 teachers upstairs, you must have not opened the forum today. Gillett, you are sure lucky. That Level E student attended your class today, right?’

Gillett rolled his eyes, ‘Yes, and teachers, don’t forget the school’s curriculum schedule. I haven’t created the plan yet. It’s not certain whose class he will go to tomorrow4!’

‘Wow, I just browsed through the forum. What a beautiful child, so courageous.’

‘This question is really hard. After all, there is no student with such poor physical ability around me.’

‘Wait, let me ask my friend who is a teacher in a nursery school. He might have some good suggestions.’

Gillett finally saw a more reliable answer. Thinking about it, he opened his contact list. He also knows a teacher in the early childhood department. Although that teacher does not teach PE, it may be helpful to understand the endurance capacity of a Level E student. While sliding through his contact list, his terminal vibrated slightly. Gillett clicked on the new message, only to find that there was an attachment. He opened the attachment, which was a complete in-class arrangement for Level E students. After reading the plan, he was surprised that the amount of training was so small while looking at the sender, only to realize that it was an unfamiliar number. However, he was stunned when he glanced down. The name stated, ‘Temporary substitute Leo Arnold’, inside the exchange group of PE teachers. Gillett jumped up and opened the dialog box with his hands trembling slightly. Oh my God, he couldn’t imagine that his idol would take the initiative to contact him and solve problems for him! Gillett tried to write his replies several times, but keeps deleting them and changing the wording. In the end, he sent out, ‘Thank you, Major General Leo. Your vast knowledge is admirable.’

After sending out his reply, Gillett took a long breath. He sat back in his seat and sighed in his heart. His idol really deserves to be a major general of the First Army; to know exactly how to train Level E people.

In a personal office, Leo looked at the monitors. The virtual screen is divided into two. On the left is the school forum, and on the right is his conversation window with Gillett. Seeing Gillett’s reply, he snorted slightly. If he hadn’t known Xiào Mu, he wouldn’t possess any specific knowledge of Level E physical strength except for the word ‘weak’. Looking at the photos on the forum, he frowned. It was really troublesome. That guy managed to attract attention on the first day of school.

‘I want to be as physically fit as you; I’m helpless too’

What Xiào Mu had said suddenly appeared in Leo’s mind. He pursed his lips. Xiào Mu has been exercising every day before school started, and he saw them all. Hence, Leo found out that he has been making progress, though very slow. Perhaps, that guy just has a bad foundation. Re-reading the in-class arrangement he sent to Gillett again, Leo closed the interface, and check the official business sent by his adjutant.

After Xiào Mu returned to the bedroom, he bought 5 catties5 of hazelnuts, walnuts, and macadamia nuts on the Internet. Then he bought another 5 catties of flour and various materials for making biscuits. After placing the orders, he erected a spiritual barrier around him. His barrier becomes thicker every time his spiritual power increase levels. After reaching Level S, the thickness has reached 5 cm. After the barrier is built, Xiào Mu carefully stretched out a strand of spiritual filaments. After a while, he confirmed that he didn’t feel anything out of the norm and gradually released all the spiritual filaments. With countless filaments unfolded and floating in the air like seaweed in the sea, Xiào Mu felt particularly comfortable.

A fat squirrel appeared in front of him, jumped into his arms, and rubbed its head against Xiào Mu’s chest.

A smile flashed in Xiào Mu’s eyes, and he hugged the big squirrel, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I missed you too, and I bought nuts yo.”

Hearing that, Fatty immediately stood up with a whoosh and its big tail swept back and forth. Obviously, it is very excited when it heard about the nuts.

After lunch, all the things Xiào Mu bought have arrived, and he released Fatty again. He couldn’t help being joyful as he watched the squirrel gleefully sat in a pile of nuts. Next, he went into the kitchen to start making biscuits. Xiào Mu used to be a pediatrician in his previous life, and he often coaxed children with all kinds of biscuits he made; it tastes good too. When the biscuits are almost ready, all of his spiritual filaments suddenly floated in the same direction to the dormitory area. Xiào Mu immediately reacted and instantly recovered all his spiritual filaments, and confirmed if the spiritual barrier is still maintained. After his spiritual power reaches Level S, his control of spiritual filaments is more precise and faster.

Less than 5 meters away from the Building 29 dormitory, Leo strode into the building without realizing anything and reached the sixth floor. As soon as he entered his room, he suddenly smelled a sweet smell. Walking to the window, Leo saw that Xiào Mu has left the window open, and is currently placing small biscuits on a round tray.

Taking a whiff of the sweet smell, Xiào Mu couldn’t help but grab a biscuit and ate it. The familiar milky sweetness spread in his taste buds, making his eyes curve with pleasure. Suddenly, he seemed to hear someone calling him. He walked to the window and saw a tall boy on the 5th floor opposite the window. The young man asked, “What are you making? It smells good!”

Xiào Mu watched as the young man tried to stretch his body out further the window, and quickly replied, “Biscuit. And it’s dangerous for you to hang out the window like this.”

The young man didn’t care, trying to stretch his neck to see clearly what Xiào Mu was holding, “Sell it to me, it smells delicious.”

Though the 2 dormitories are built close together, each floor is high. Except for the dormitory on the same floor, the other dormitories cannot see the interior. A thought flashed in Xiào Mu’s mind and he said with a smile, “Wait, I am making it for the first time today. I will give you some first. If you find it delicious, you can buy it later.”

Xiào Mu returned to the countertop and filled a small tin with biscuits. Tying it with a rope, he lowered the tin to the 5th floor. When the young man got it in his hand, Xiào Mu then released the rope and said, “The ones on top are sweet and the bottom ones are salty6. Try which one you like.”

The young man moved his body back to his room, leaving only his hand outside the window, and waved, “Thank you.”

Xiào Mu said it’s fine and retracted his head. His gaze swept by the sound-proof button next to the window, and he thought for a while. Except for the time he is sleeping, he won’t activate the button; it was pretty nice to hear the noise outside.


A slight noise came from the opposite side, Xiào Mu looked over. The originally white window slid open from left to right, revealing an icy face behind the window.

Urgh. Xiào Mu waved his hand and greeted Leo. Knowing that sentinels had excellent hearing, he only raised his voice slightly, “Good afternoon.”

Leo nodded, and his gaze fell on the round tray with the remaining biscuits on the counter next to Xiào Mu. When Xiào Mu saw this, he thought to himself, this man must know that he has just given away biscuits to other people. Taking the considerations that he has been living in Leo’s house for so long and now has made food, he should also give some biscuits to Leo. Xiào Mu smiled and said, “Wait a moment.”

After Xiào Mu finished speaking, he got 2 small jars and filled one with sweet biscuits while the other with salty biscuits. Then he returned to the window, “I just made these. Not sure if you like it or not.”

As Xiào Mu says that, he moves to stretch out half of his body. Then he heard Leo say, “Don’t move.”

The next moment, Leo jumped on the window sill. Then he hooked his feet on the bottom window edge. Next, he held on the upper window edge with one hand, and swiftly lowered himself to Xiào Mu’s side. He reached out and took the 2 jars lightly, and jumped back to his room.

Xiào Mu was shocked by Leo’s thrilling movements. When he is about to say something, the opposite window slid closed with a ‘click’. There weren’t any curtains blocking his sight, but all he can see at the opposite dorm is just white. Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, that is too rude!

Leo looked at the jar blankly and put the salty flavor aside. Silently, he twisted the jar with sweet biscuits. Since that guy took the initiative to give this to him, he won’t refuse to give it a taste. Honestly, he doesn’t like sweets very much!

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