Extra 1 Part B

[Banana : If you wondered why I took so long to translate it, I blame the author for indulging in LXYxJMM.]

JiYuan looked at Luo Xiuyi who carried the meaning of ‘slag man’, then turned around to take the sword and threw it at him. His tone was cold, “She went back.”

Luo Xiuyi subconsciously took back his own sword, startled, “Went back?”

“Not to your place.”

JiYuan sat down, then poured a cup of hot tea to warm his hand. He threw a glance of disdain, “Since Demon lord daren (LXY) already has someone in your heart, please don’t mess with my Biaojie.”

When Luo Xiuyi heard that, his expression turned ugly. He paced back and forth with his sword in hand for a long while, before saying out with difficulties, “I have always looked down on human cultivators.”


“The humans always said that demons are evil and deceitful, but the ugliness in their heart were a thousand time worse than the demons. They are greedy and timid, do things for benefit and shirk from responsibilities, frame other people, the strong bullying the weak, throwing flattering everywhere…”

JiYuan’s face turned black. Lazy to give a response, he used his finger and pointed at himself, reminding Luo Xiuyi that the one sitting opposite of him(LXY) is a human.

Luo Xiuyi seemed to be blind(metaphorically), quietly ignored JiYuan’s movement and continued to tell his story in a deep tone, “So I hated and looked down on humans… but Miss Jiang is different.”

JiYuan somehow understood something in his heart, and suddenly felt funny. He then looked at the distressed Luo Xiuyi with great interest, “So the one you like is actually my Biaojie, but you couldn’t say it due to psychological barrier?”

Luo Xiuyi nodded in tears.

Such trivial matter….

JiYuan sipped on his tea, and leisurely said, “I can only tell you that my Biaojie has been emotionally hurt before. That person was a two-faced male cultivator, so she really despised men who ‘has a leg on two boats'(cheater) like you. She let me return the sword to you, most probably because she wanted to completely cut it off with you; rather die than meet again.”

According to Jiang Miao Miao’s personality, this outcome was really possible. Jiang Miao Miao was someone who won’t go back on her words, a vigorous and resolute person. She often make judgments in an instant, and after the decision was made, it would be impossible to pull back. That awkward part in Luo Xiuyi was really troublesome to death….

Luo Xiuyi most probably also understood her temper after getting along with Jiang Miao Miao for some time, his expression became uglier, “… She is back in the human realm now?”

“You want to go and look for her?”

JiYuan raised his eyebrow, “She probably don’t want to see you.”

Luo Xiuyi’s tone was firm, “So what? Ye Junchi spent all effort and shamelessly caught you in his hand at last. It was not easy for me to find someone I liked, how can I let it go?”

Secretly curling his lips, JiYuan said in his heart ‘My man is very gentle, unlike you’. But he still gave some reminders, “I can only caution you that my Biaojie doesn’t ‘eat hard nor soft’1. If you really liked her, you need to be very patient. It seems that she also took a liking to you… do your best ba.”

Encouraged by the encouragement in JiYuan’s words, Luo Xiuyi gave his thanks to him. He(LYX) then secretly handed a small bottle to JiYuan, saying that it is a good thing and immediately left in a hurry.

After sending off Luo Xiuyi, JiYuan continued to plant trees diligently, striving to improve the living conditions in the demon realm. In addition to this major project, the taskbar would give some trivial tasks from time to time. Probably because JiYuan now possessed a good level of cultivation, most of the tasks were slaying demonic beasts.

What the demon realm doesn’t lack was beasts.

It was fine if JiYuan only need to deal with demonic beasts. What he afraid to get was tasks requiring him to exorcise ghosts. Fortunately, System ‘patted its chest with pride’ and said it would do its best to feedback to the higher-up to intercept those kind of tasks.

In the blink of an eye, almost half a year passed by during the time spent doing the tasks. Several hills nearby were all planted with trees, JiYuan was quite busy doing the tasks so he wasn’t so bored. It was late when JiYuan finally returned to the palace from a beast extermination task. Cold winds blew, and JiYuan has a bloody scent left on his body, he could only drag his tired body into the pool for a bath. It was quiet in the palace, as most of the demons were sleeping at the moment. The room was filled with mist; dipping the warm water makes JiYuan feel sleepy. He leaned at the side of the pool with his eyes closed, and slowly counted the days when Ye Junchi will come out from his meditation. Not sure when, JiYuan fell asleep when his body suddenly rose up in the air. JiYuan opened his blurry eyes and looked at the person carrying him in surprise. He rubbed himself against that person’s arms and mumbled in a small voice, “Dreaming of you again… then please let me continue this dream.”

Hearing that slightly nasal voice, a hint of smile flashed in Ye Junchi’s eyes and his gaze became even gentler. He gently carried him(JY) to the room beside, and placed his youth on the bed. The mattress of the bed was black in color and the room was lit with lamps containing spiritual power. The light reflected on JiYuan’s body and make his skin looked fairer. Contrasting with the black bedding, his(JY) beauty was pure and dazzling. Beads of water rolled down his delicate skin onto the bed, causing the stain to look deeper in color. Him(JY) running around during these 6 months let JiYuan became taller, and his body more flexible; though still slender and lovely.

Ye Junchi’s gaze was half appreciating and half scorching hot. Staring at JiYuan, he looked like he wanted to swallow him(JY) whole into his stomach. Ye Junchi bent over and used his finger to knead JiYuan’s moist and red lips, one finger slipped into his mouth lightly stirring. Upon touching his soft tongue, Ye Junchi couldn’t help narrowing his eyes. He went to the side of JiYuan’s ear and chuckled,

“Still pretending to sleep? Then I won’t be polite and eat you up.”

JiYuan immediately opened his eyes and bit on the finger that was causing trouble in his mouth. He indistinctly asked, “Why you… came out early?”

Ye Junchi took back his finger and glanced at the bite mark on it. Then he unceremoniously bent down and pressed JiYuan underneath his body; kissing on his lips. He stared at this face that constantly appeared in his mind, his voice was hoarse, “Because I missed you so much.”

“Missed me how?” JiYuan firmly maintained a not-seduced stance, his gaze was clear.

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Seeing that ‘Ye someone’ almost couldn’t resist it anymore and going to reveal his beastly side, JiYuan quickly escape from that person’s arms. He casually took a long robe hanging by the side of the bed to cover his own body, his tone was calm, “Not sure if Demon lord daren still remember that night on Wan Nan Mountain?”

Ye Junchi’s expression suddenly turned stiff.

“Say, what to do about it?” JiYuan sneered in his heart, already thought of a good idea to punish Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi’s face was full of apologies. Although he couldn’t be sure due to the chaos in his consciousness, he still retained a bit of the memory. He somehow remembered that he nearly killed JiYuan, caused JiYuan to collapse and cried. He even caused him to bleed…

Ye Junchi sighed and carefully walked closer to JiYuan. He only dared to hug JiYuan into his embrace after checking that he(JY) didn’t looked disgusted with him. Ye Junchi sat both of them at the side of the bed, his tone was sad, “I am sorry. I want to protect you, but didn’t expect it will hurt you instead.”

JiYuan saw the sadness on his face, his heart turned soft and nearly blurted out ‘It’s okay’. Fortunately, he managed to suppress this word in his mouth and didn’t say it out.

Seeing that he(JY) didn’t say anything, Ye Junchi felt a bit nervous, “Ah Yuan, are you still angry?”

JiYuan wordlessly nodded.

Ye Junchi rested his head on JiYuan’s neck, whispering in low voice, “Sorry, I’m sorry. How can I compensate you…”

“Listen to my words.”

JiYuan reached his purpose, the corner of his lips curved up from an angle that Ye Junchi couldn’t see. He broke away from his(YJC) arms, then turned towards the rack where they stored their treasures, to take the ‘good thing’ Luo Xiuyi gave him before leaving and gave it to Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi didn’t ask what it was, he took it and directly drank everything.

Seeing his smooth movement, JiYuan couldn’t help but asked, “Are you not afraid that it might be poison?”

Ye Junchi’s gaze was gentle, “Even if it is poison, as long as it’s from you, I will gladly take it.”

His cheeks suddenly turned hot, JiYuan pursed his lips, no longer talking. He went to Ye Junchi and took out an Immortal Binding rope from his(YJC) ring. When he raised his eyes, he saw ‘Ye someone’ was staring at his(JY) accidentally exposed chest with burning hot gaze. So he got a ribbon and covered Ye Junchi’s eyes first.

Ye Junchi paused, he felt a change in his body. His expression turned strange, “Ah Yuan… what do you want to do?”

“Shut up and don’t move.”

JiYuan coldly ordered, he reached out to untie Ye Junchi’s belt.


“The aphrodisiac refined by Luo Xiuyi, how is the taste?”

Ye Junchi was silent for a moment before smiling, “Not as delicious as Ah Yuan.”


Ye Junchi was silent for a moment, “… be good, let me go first.”

“It won’t be called a punishment if I let you go.”

JiYuan continued to torment Ye Junchi using his finger. Seeing that his(JC) chest was heaving more and more, the evil desire in his(JY) followed suit and heightened. Thinking for a short moment, he turned to his(YJC) chest and bit down.

【Two people played drums for their love the whole night, PA PA PA PA PA PA!】

Teasing failed and got pressed down instead, JiYuan’s face was all black when he woke up the next morning. He disregard the soreness in his body and kicked Ye Junchi off the bed.

Ye Junchi admitted his wrong with good attitude, “Baby, I was wrong.”

JiYuan was expressionless, “Wear your clothes, and go kneel outside. I have prepared a good clothing washing board for you, it’s made of iron.”

Ye Junchi blinked. Seeing that his(JY) expression was not good, he(YJC) tactfully swallowed down the remaining of his words and obediently went out of the room to kneel.

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After lying down on the bed for some time, JiYuan was ready to get up from bed. He was afraid of getting soft-hearted if he saw Ye Junchi kneeling at the front yard, so he flew out from the back window. He was about to limp over to see the trees he has grown, but he unexpectedly encountered a demon general in the middle of his journey. That general has a sorrowful expression on his face, so JiYuan understandingly asked, “Something happened?”

The general looked at the sky and said, “This general is a bit worried about My Lord…”

Ye Junchi coming out from closed-door meditation was something not known to the others. JiYuan quietly looked at the general, “Oh?”

“My Lord was harmed by the demon ruler since young…” The general sighed, “His knee retained old wounds and cannot kneel for a long period of time. Now My Lord has been meditating for 6 months, this general is really worried of his old sickness reoccurring…”

JiYuan was not someone easily fooled, he stared at the general with a suspicious look, “Really?”

The general’s expression was very sincere, “If there are any untruthful words in my words, I will write my name upside down.2

Instantly, JiYuan’s expression slightly changed. After a moment of hesitation, he bade farewell to the general and went back in a hurry.

System silently stared at that general who looked at JiYuan’s retreating figure with a simple and honest smile. It still decided not to tell JiYuan that this general’s surname was Wang (王), named Yi (一).

The author has something to say:
Wang Yi : You guys might not believe it, but I’m really not afraid of writing my name upside down.
– – –

Originally I want to write a separate chapter for Biaojie and Luo Xiuyi, but it’s better if I don’t mix too much BG in BL _(:з」∠)_

Tomorrow compensate with meat _(:з」∠)_ at the same old place~
Originally, Melon seed wanted to punish and tease Hamster but accidentally stepped in, heart is feeling very bitter.

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  1. Meaning she doesn’t accept soft approach(flattering) nor hard approach(forceful pursue)…. how on Earth can you approach someone like this? ↩
  2. Names are important for Chinese people so they won’t carelessly bet on their name. Except this general here -> ( 王一 ) try writing his name upside down :v ↩

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