Extra 3

Human is always a forgetful being.

For example, JiYuan went out for a stroll when he woke up, and completely forgotten all about the things he blurted out when he was crying for mercy under Ye someone; things like ‘We’ll get married tomorrow, bridal chamber whatever is up to you’. But the Ye Junchi who was being punished to kneel early in the morning remembered it very clearly. So, he silently transmitted a request for help to his men while ordering his servants to prepare for the big wedding.

When JiYuan came rushing back, he(YJC) has finished giving out the orders. Kneeling ramrod straight on the iron washing board specially ordered for him, Ye Junchi silently adjusted the blood flow in his body so that he looked a bit gaunt; quietly kneeling like an abandoned kid.

JiYuan only took a glance but he frustrated-ly felt distressed (for YJC).

When Ye Junchi raised his head to look at JiYuan, his pale handsome face revealed a gentle smile.

JiYuan’s heart jumped, and instantly forgotten about how ruthless Ye someone was in the bed last night. Walking quickly towards him(YJC), his(JY) gaze carried a slight guilt, “You… quickly get up.”

Ye Junchi reached out to brush away the stray hair from JiYuan’s forehead, and lightly kneaded his(JY) ear, “Ah Yuan, you are not angry anymore?”

“Not angry anymore, get up.”

“I won’t make you angry in the future.” Ye Junchi leaned his head at JiYuan’s body, “If you feel unhappy, you must tell me.”

JiYuan felt like his heart is almost melting, he lightly uttered an ‘En’ and helped Ye Junchi to get up. They didn’t see each other for 6 months, JiYuan actually missed Ye Junchi a lot. Since he already forgave Ye Junchi, then it doesn’t matter however presumptuous he(YJC) was. He half-leaned into Ye Junchi’s arms and let him(YJC) wrap his hands around him(JY) to go back to their room. JiYuan comfortably squinted his eyes and forced some dog food onto System, “2333, Big bro’s embrace is very warm!”

System : “…” His mother, why it felt like this little scoundrel was not really calling his serial number.

[T/N : Raise your hand if you remember what 2333 means~! The answer is highlight this part -> 2333 is the way chinese netizen laughed in forums. The more ‘3’ in the number, the harder they laughed :v ]

JiYuan continued to feed dog food, “His arms also very strong, really feel a sense of security from them.”

System couldn’t stand it anymore, “Shut up, won’t your conscience hurts?”

JiYuan still has a trace of conscience so he went to hug Ye Junchi back, no longer speaking. But System still can see them, so looking at this couple hugging here and there in broad daylight, the angry System decided not to tell JiYuan that Ye Junchi lied to him and also was planning a big surprise for him.

JiYuan squinted his eyes, acting like he was boneless (no bones to walk properly). In fact, he was feeling sore all over his body, particularly at that place that ‘cannot be mentioned’ which was throbbing with pain, he really couldn’t walk properly.

“Baby, did you thought of me in these 6 months?”

JiYuan opened his eyes and gave an affirmative sound. Then he turned to the side with a nod, exposing a section of his white slender neck. Looking up from there, one would be able to see his(JY) ears have turned slightly red.

Sometimes, he was really frankly cute.

Ye Junchi couldn’t help pinching his earlobe and smiled, “Good, actually I heard you when you said that you missed me outside the door a few times, that’s why I came out as soon as possible.”

JiYuan was stunned, “Then you…”

“Don’t worry, I have settled everything.” The corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up, “To be together with you forever, how could I let hidden dangers persist? Before I went for the closed-door meditation, I vowed to myself that I will never let you encounter that kind of situation again.”

Stunned, JiYuan’s eyelashes drooped down, seemed to be moist with a touch of wetness. It make his eyelashes looked even blacker, framing his white cheek to look even more attractive.

Ye Junchi couldn’t help it and held his(JY) face to drop a kiss, with a low voice, “Why did you suddenly became so sticky at me?”

JiYuan leaned at him, not saying anything.

He was afraid.

He had JiSi loving and protecting him in his past life but he didn’t cherish it and lost JiSi. After that experience in the Wan Nan Mountain, his psychological shadow was completely aggravated, and he quietly hid Ye Junchi deeper in his heart. Perhaps he would tell Ye Junchi about himself after System unlock the restriction, but right now it was impossible to say further.

Seeing that he(JY) didn’t say anything, Ye Junchi didn’t ask anymore. He already knew what kind of temper JiYuan has. He(JY) will naturally tell him(YJC), when he wanted to say it.

Both of them returned to their room, and Ye Junchi fed JiYuan breakfast with happy smiles. When he was pondering how to shift JiYuan’s attention and not let him notice that the palace was preparing for the wedding, JiYuan unexpectedly took the initiative to propose the itinerary for the day.

First, they would go and check the progress of the trees growing in the nearby hills. Then, they will head eastwards to kill a big demon in the mountain. Lastly, they would go to a desert in the south to feed a group of young demons.

Ye Junchi silently looked at the youth whose eyes were sparkling brightly, “…”

What did JiYuan do in this past 6 months during his closed-door meditation…..

JiYuan tilted his head and looked at him, “Will you accompany me?”

JiYuan’s tilted head and his ruddy red lips curving up, reminded Ye Junchi of last night when he(JY) sat on his(YJC) body and masturbated. That beautiful scene was really unforgettable. The back of Ye Junchi’s throat tightened, he quickly pulled the youth into his arms and nodded, his gaze was gentle like water, “Of course will accompany you, I will stay with you wherever you go.”

Having received a reply, JiYuan nodded with satisfaction. Then he took the advantage and rubbed himself against Ye Junchi. His butt shifted and felt like he sat on something hard. Both of them did it so many times when they get together, so JiYuan instantly understood what it was. Thus, the JiYuan who suddenly became as quiet as a chicken held onto Ye Junchi’s neck and didn’t dare to move.

Ye Junchi’s gaze deepened, “Ah Yuan, we….”

“Cannot.” JiYuan warily interrupted him, “My… that place is still hurting.”

Ye Junchi turned worried, “Let me see it?”

Will there still be anything left of me if I let you see it?

JiYuan jumped off from him(YJC) with a swoosh. Just as he was thinking whether he should push Ye Junchi out to soak in the pool outside to calm down, he heard Ye Junchi said, “Don’t worry, I won’t touch you now. However, Ah Yuan, the thing that you promised me, it should be alright now?”

JiYuan : “…” Big bro, that way will make you lose me.
[T/N : Lost me as well, what are you saying actually, JiYuan? 大佬你这样是会失去我的]

But he(JY) gave his promise and he can’t break it. JiYuan dawdled for a while, in a small voice, “But, our home doesn’t have…”

“Have already been prepared.” Ye Junchi’s voice was still gentle.

JiYuan can only give up. Sitting in front of the rarely used dressing table, he opened the makeup box with a complicated look. This should be considered as Ye Junchi’s evil prank. He wanted JiYuan to draw a makeup look that is popular in the cultivation world nowadays.

Although JiYuan was a gay dude, he doesn’t have much interest in this matter, so he really doesn’t know what Ye Junchi was thinking…

Of course, JiYuan will never know that the one who gave Ye Junchi this idea was Jiang Miao Miao. Back then when Jiang Miao Miao still thought he was a girl dressing as a man and looked very much like one, she secretly reproached Ye Junchi during their secret talk, “My Biaomei is really unlucky to follow you, she don’t even have a chance to put on some lip paint.”

Ye Junchi’s expression, “….”

Jiang Miao Miao continued blaming without a fear for her own life, “Look at my Biaomei! She don’t even know what is the current popular makeup among the female cultivators. She is already so miserable, how could you deprived her one of the greatest happiness of being a woman?!”

Ye Junchi : “…. I understand.”

JiYuan who was said ‘deprived one of the greatest happiness in her life’ will never know that it was Great Aunt Jiang who ‘pushed’ him down the hole. Lowering down his head, JiYuan stared at the spread of rouge and hair ornaments on the table. The variety was sizeable, causing JiYuan’s eyes to be dazed by the brilliance. He turned around and firmly said, “At most, I am going to just draw my eyebrows and put on some lip paint. Anymore and I…. I will go to sleep at Luo Xiuyi’s place tonight.”

Ye Junchi was silent for a while, “Want to eat ‘sugar cane’ tonight?”

JiYuan : “…”

“A big and sweet sugar cane.”

JiYuan : “………..I Eat!”

Everything was because of a man’s dignity.

JiYuan turned around and looked at the mirror which was made out of spiritual rock. With a slightly trembling hand, he started to draw his eyebrows. After that, he glanced at the various shades of lip paint and casually picked one. Just as he wanted to put on the lip paint, he heard Ye Junchi said, “Ah Yuan’s lips are already bright red, so using the lightest red should be very delicious… en, pretty.”

JiYuan threw him a glance, then obediently picked a lip paint with the lightest shade. He swiped some onto his lips, then turned around to reveal a small smile, “Enough?”

JiYuan was originally handsome, so putting on some makeup on his eyebrow make his appearance more like a green lotus; beautiful and delicate. His smile was so small almost to none, but when he raised his head, there was an inexplicable clean aura.

Seeing that, Ye Junchi’s heart jumped and his gaze deepened. He went to stand in front of JiYuan, then his finger slowly reached out to press on his(JY) lips. His finger was stained with a bit of the lip paint, and the corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up. Following that, Ye Junchi swiped the paint onto his own lips then bent down to kiss JiYuan.

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As the result, they were late by 1 shichen (2 hours) to get out of the palace.

JiYuan felt like he was paralyzed, but Ye Junchi was still comforting him, “It will be alright if you circulate spiritual powers in your body for a few days, baby, be good.”

Although he(JY) was indeed not hurt by it, but ….

JiYuan rebutted with a black face, “Oh, do you want to try try that feeling?”

Ye Junchi tactfully shut up, not talking anymore and took his baby to check out the trees in the nearby hills. The growth of the trees was not bad. Those few generals were idle all day long with nothing to do, so after JiYuan pulled them into his task to plant trees, they actually started to care about it. They would gather once or twice every 3 days to research how to make these flowers and trees grow smoothly without the protection from the palace’s barrier. As they researched more, the result started to show.

Ye Junchi was a bit curious, “What do Ah Yuan wanted to do by planting so many trees?”

JiYuan pondered for a while and solemnly said, “Improving civilization in demon realm.”

Ye Junchi : “…” Never knew his wifey has such great ambition and magnificent aspiration.

After an inspection, JiYuan confirmed that there were no problem with this major project. Finally completing this task, JiYuan felt relieved and urged Ye Junchi to proceed to the next stop.

Ye Junchi saw JiYuan lazily leaning inside his embrace and felt his own heart melting. He then changed his own posture to let JiYuan settle more comfortably in his arms and flew up on sword flight.

The big monster in the mountain at the east was famous for its notoriety. Even for the ruthless demon race, there would still be some who lived in quiet and tranquil small villages. And this monster often went to massacre those small villages, then ate up all the spiritual beings within. If this kind of ‘thing’ was placed in the human realm, the human cultivators would have eradicated it long time ago. However in the demon realm, those demon with higher ability looked at it with disdain and doesn’t care, while those weaker demons naturally would stay away as far as possible. And so, this evil creature became more and more arrogant. Living stably for almost a hundred years, even some powerful demons doesn’t dare to provoke it.

JiYuan doesn’t know how strong exactly his strength was. He compared with the generals before, if they didn’t deliberately give him a handicap, then he should be very strong and could challenge this big monster. However, his body condition was not too good today. When they reached there, JiYuan raised his eyes and pulled out Gui Chi; directly slashed towards the cave where the monster rested. JiYuan could use the skill that Ye Junchi taught him very well now. The sword qi of this slash crisscrossed, it even looked quite powerful. With a loud ‘BOOM’, the cave mouth was split into two.

Ye Junchi was responsible to praise him, “Baby really powerful, if it was me….”

JiYuan coolly glanced at him, “Say the truth. What will happen if you were the one who slashed out?”

Ye Junchi was silent for a moment, then gently said, “It will die.”

JiYuan uttered an ‘Oh’ then handed Gui Chi to Ye Junchi, “You do it then.”

At first, Ye Junchi thought JiYuan wanted to be the one to attack, and felt a bit worried in his mind. Lowering his head, he saw JiYuan looking a bit tired. Ye Junchi went to kiss his forehead, feeling slightly guilty and obediently slashed the monster with a strike. That poor monster has yet to show its face from the pile of rubble and was split into half by that terrifying spiritual sword qi. Ye Junchi carried JiYuan towards the south and gently explained, “Ah Yuan’s cultivation started not very long ago, you will definitely be better than me in the future.”

“No need.” JiYuan lightly replied, then peacefully leaned into Ye Junchi arms, his(JY) heart was full of the warmth that could make people cry, “This is very good already.”

In the desert at the south, there were some demons with rare gentle temperament. Saying that they were coming to feed them, it was actually giving some water to those little demons who were dehydrated. Ye Junchi watched JiYuan busying around with great interest, and didn’t ask JiYuan why would he do these things. It’s fine as long as he(JY) is happy. The sky has already turned dark by the time they finished everything and returned to the palace.

Upon reaching the palace, JiYuan felt a bit dumbfounded. The palace that has always been solemn and cold, has undergone a big change within one day. Colorful lights were strung everywhere, even the servants and soldiers were wearing a festive attire. The melodious sound of bamboo pipe strings can be lightly heard, laughter constantly broke out in the air. On the other hand, a few familiar people were sitting in the main hall. JiXuan (father), JiChen and JiShen (cousins), Yun Cheng and also ZhaoHe (the one with dead brother) whose face was sporting various colors…

JiYuan was stunned.

Ye Junchi nodded to the attendees with smiles, and pulled the JiYuan who has yet to return to his sense back to their bedroom. The interior of their bedroom was in shades of red, the 2 sets of wedding attire in the middle of the room were very eye-catching.

JiYuan stared at Ye Junchi in a daze, “This is?”

Ye Junchi kissed his cheek, and happily laughed, “It’s time to get married, Furen.”

His chaotic mind finally become clear, JiYuan pursed his lips and exchanged gaze with Ye Junchi. A flood of warmth burst out in his heart, causing the corner of his eyes to turn red. He revealed a faint smile and nodded, “En.”

The author has something to say:
YJC : You are mine.
JY: … I have long been yours.

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