Extra 4 : Gui Chi

Gui Chi actually has a sword spirit.

Just that due to it lacking the nourishment from its master’s spiritual power, its sword spirit only has a mental age similar to a human child; sometimes confused sometimes understood.

Gui Chi was actually a high quality spiritual sword. It was originally buried deep underground, but was casually pulled out by the demon ruler when he passed by one day. Feeling that his own ‘son’ would be too shabby if he doesn’t have a sword for himself, he(DR) quietly let Ye Junchi picked it up.

That time, Ye Junchi was just a youth. He(YJC) only knew Gui Chi was abundant with spiritual powers but he doesn’t know how to use it.

The spirit within Gui Chi was a bit anxious, it often turned from passive to active and controlled Ye Junchi who was still not strong enough during sword practice. This caused Ye Junchi to hate Gui Chi a little, particularly when he found out that it was the demon ruler who deliberately let him pick it up, he doesn’t want to see Gui Chi even more. However, they have signed a contract in blood so even if Ye Junchi doesn’t want to use Gui Chi, he still have to use it.

And so, after Ye Junchi killed the demon ruler, he only wielded it once which was the massacre in Mingxu Temple 10 years ago. After that, he threw it to the side again; unlike other swordsmen who would wipe and care for their own sword.

There were many spirits in the middle of Heaven and earth. The sword spirit can be considered a spirit born out of Gui Chi, so it could converse with other kinds of spirit. The not favored Gui Chi sat at the corner, and there was only a small magpie spirit which would occasionally spoke to it.

Magpie spirit : “The demon lord next door, Luo Xiuyi daren wiped his sword again. Demon lord daren wiped with gentleness and seriousness, his sword shone brightly after he finished wiping.”

Gui Chi : “…”

Magpie spirit : “You are going to be covered with dust soon.”

Gui Chi : “…”

Magpie spirit : “Ye Junchi daren has not touch you for a very long time. Gui Chi, you are just like the unfavored little concubine in the human realm ah.”

Gui Chi : “…”

Gui Chi became furious and make the magpie spirit go away, then cried with grievance ‘like a ball’.

Although Ye Junchi knew about the sword spirit inside Gui Chi, he doesn’t care about its feeling and quietly ignored it. Until 13 years after he killed the demon ruler, Ye Junchi seemed to hear some kind of news, and reluctantly took Gui Chi with him.

Gui Chi suffered such a grievance that it shook with dust. However, even on that day it still was unsheathed. A flower spirit growing by the side of a window sympathetically said, “Gui Chi, you have not been unsheathed for 3 years now.”

Gui Chi almost fainted from crying.

It want to seek ownership from another master!

Very soon, another master came. After collapsing its ‘no sense + blind’ owner, he took it out of the palace. However, this was a ‘timid to the extreme’ master. These few days from the palace to the human realm, the master has been trembling uncontrollably while holding onto it. Gui Chi felt a big sympathy for him, that was why it sneaked out while he was sleeping at night to finish off those big beasts that were coveting his blood and flesh. After all, these big beasts doesn’t fear Gui Chi that much.

Helping JiYuan solved many problems, Gui Chi remained a waste Gui Chi after they reached the human realm.
Gui Chi continued to ponder if it should seek another master. Very quickly, another master came along.
However, this new master was swiftly killed by its owner. Gui Chi once again has fallen into the situation where its owner ‘doesn’t care doesn’t like’ it. Brimming with tears, it carried its owner and Little Tremble and flew away.
[T/N : That nickname because JY couldn’t stop trembling.]

Gui Chi thought to itself, “Maybe the life as a spiritual sword is actually torturous.”

The only fortunate thing was Ye Junchi no longer threw it into a corner to gather dust anymore, and even occasionally unsheathed it. Gui Chi proudly puffed up its little chest and mustered all its effort to glow whenever possible so that its blind owner would pay attention to it.

Unfortunately, its owner was still the blind owner.

Later on, Gui Chi watched as Ye Junchi became more and more concerned towards Little Tremble, drearily thinking if having one father was not enough; its father, goddamit, now found a mother for it. As expected, not long after that, its father knocked on it and lightly ordered Gui Chi to protect its mother well. Because Gui Chi signed an unequal treaty between human and sword, it could only accept the order without conditions and put all its effort to protect JiYuan.

After a long time of contact with JiYuan, Gui Chi realized that its mother was actually not as what he seems inside. But that doesn’t really matter. Gui Chi’s mother treated it very well, and would wipe its blade from time to time. Gui Chi enjoyed it very much, it really wanted to catch back that darned magpie spirit and proudly say, “See, I also have someone to wipe me.”

After all the annoying troubles were solved, and JiYuan guarded an empty bedroom for 6 months, Ye Junchi and JiYuan finally gotten married. That night of their wedding, Gui Chi was carelessly thrown on to the table by Ye Junchi. So the silly Gui Chi was forced to hear this the whole night :


Pure-hearted Gui Chi who was polluted, “…”
That night, Gui Chi quietly counted :
Stop – 7 times
Don’t want – 10 times
Aah ah – 30 times
Cried – 5 times


The author has something to say:
Gui Chi has anything to say?
GC : I want to give both of them an applause.

Author : The last extra~
It has officially ended w
Thank you to all the angels here, you are the cutest, hihihi ヽ(?з`)?
Let’s meet again in the next book~


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