2nd part of The End


The demon ruler really felt weird. He doesn’t feel much grievance from being killed by the little bastard that he raised up, just felt amusing instead. He was called back by Yuqiu from within the realm of hazy chaos, but he doesn’t have much goals. Since Yuqiu painstakingly resurrected him, if Yuqiu want to kill someone then he(DR) will help him kill ba. If he(YQ) wanted to conquer the human realm, then let’s get it. Therefore, other than suppressing Ye Junchi, the demon ruler who has been living casually didn’t think much of the current happenings, and didn’t care much of what JiYuan was doing either. So the demon ruler was stunned for a moment when he was grabbed by JiYuan and plunged down the peak together with him. Dropping down in a quick speed, those horrifying Yin qi continuously tried to get nearer. Because his soul was flawed, the demon ruler couldn’t even use sword flight to get away.

Immediately his expression turned very scary, “Brat, you dare to trick me?”

JiYuan threw out a punch at his(DR) face without any hesitation, and coldly said, “Don’t use that face to make such an expression.”

The demon ruler’s expression escalated to terrifying. He pushed JiYuan away and quickly pulled out Gui Chi, stabbing it into the wall of the cliff and forcefully stopped his descend.

JiYuan was hanging onto the rock nearby. Being invaded by the Yin qi, JiYuan felt his body starting to turn stiff from the cold. He circulated his spiritual power in his body to dispel the cold, while aiming a kick at the demon ruler.

A seasoned fighter like the demon ruler naturally won’t get kicked so easily. Instead, he(DR) grabbed his(JY) ankle and fiercely pulled, then flung him(JY) down the peak.

However, the moment he threw JiYuan down, Ye Junchi’s body unexpectedly didn’t listen to his control and let go of Gui Chi, diving out to hug JiYuan. Even though he was a demon ruler, he also couldn’t help cursing out.

JiYuan took the opportunity to wrap around Ye Junchi’s body using both his hands and legs. Both people fell down to the bottom of the peak in a quick speed. Their surrounding rapidly darkened and the lighting was hazy, only enabling them to see thick gray mist.

JiYuan went to whisper at his(DR/YJC) ear, “I will accompany you.”

JiYuan’s body was at the bottom, so just as his voice reached their ears, Ye Junchi instantly hugged JiYuan tightly and flipped both of them in mid-air. The next moment, both people crashed onto the ground. A horrifying sound of a flesh body smashed to the ground was heard.

JiYuan only has some time to form the hand gesture for a wind skill that he was not skillful of to slow their descend. Being covered by Ye Junchi, he(JY) was not hurt but hearing that sound, his heart became cold. Not caring about anything else, JiYuan immediately crawled away from above Ye Junchi and anxiously supported his(YJC) body.

JiYuan still remember that Ye Junchi was a real human through and through, that time when he(JY) ruthlessly hit his(YJC) stomach, Ye Junchi has turned pale white for some time. He called out with a trembling voice, “Ye Junchi?”

Ye Junchi’s complexion was pale white. After a long while, his black long lashes moved. When he opened his eyes, the black pupil inside was gentle.

JiYuan lowered his head, and called out with uncertainties, “Ye Junchi?”

Ye Junchi lightly smiled and reached out his hand, then abruptly grasped at JiYuan’s throat. His smile turned bloodthirsty, “Wrong, little thing. It’s the demon ruler.”

JiYuan took a deep breath and saw the demon ruler gave a relaxed smile, “So, very surprised? You really think these mere Yin qi could suppress this Great me? In your dreams!”

When the demon ruler said the last 3 words, a thick killing intent was mixed in his tone. Being shrouded in the midst of the Yin qi, JiYuan has already felt uncomfortable. His circulation of spiritual power was sluggish, just like an old man past his prime. JiYuan was not anxious although his throat was being gripped and taken off-guard. His light-colored eyes unblinkingly locked gaze with him(YJC). Too late to speak anymore, JiYuan could only use his hand to stroke his(YJC) cheek.

The demon ruler’s fingers couldn’t help but loosened.

JiYuan took the opportunity to break away then leaned down to hug Ye Junchi tightly. The corner of his eyes was a bit red, “Ye Junchi, quickly wake up ah. If you don’t wake up… I will kill you.”

Being hugged tightly by JiYuan, the demon ruler squinted his eyes. His hand soundlessly crept nearer to the top of JiYuan’s head. Just as he wanted to smash down with force and ends his(JY) life, his(DR) eyes turned and he coldly laughed. He(DR) endured a nausea and gently caressed JiYuan’s hair. With a quiet voice, he said, “Don’t be afraid, I woke up.”

JiYuan breathed out in relief in a split second. He smiled in tears at Ye Junchi, “Are you alright?”

The demon ruler’s eyes were hiding his malicious intent, but his voice was very gentle, “I’m fine.”

If Ye Junchi saw his loved one die with his own hands, in front him…

If JiYuan was killed by his loved one in his happiest state…

Then the pain from these two people, plus Ye Junchi’s pain to continue living on alone will be enough to pay back his suffering from drifting all these years. When the demon ruler thought of what will happen, he couldn’t help but felt excited. He was about to continue coaxing JiYuan, when he(JY) suddenly stretched out his own hand and removed a bracelet with a white bead.

“What’s wrong?” The demon ruler was a bit doubtful.

Tears were still flowing, JiYuan seemed to be crying tears of joy, “This is a gift you gave me for protection. But now I think you need it more than me.”

As he said that, JiYuan sneered in his heart and tied the bracelet on ‘Ye Junchi’s’ wrist. He(JY) haven’t be able to take off the bracelet all these while and yet, he could pull it off just now. That combined the fact that Ye Junchi said the bracelet could prevent spirit possession, JiYuan almost instantly understood the true meaning of the bracelet.

The demon ruler was stunned. He haven’t start to decipher what JiYuan meant by that when bright white lights suddenly flashed from the bracelet at his wrist. His soul which he painstakingly exerted effort to stay in Ye Junchi’s body was forcefully expelled. The translucent soul drifted in mid-air, and his(DR) expression was looking a bit dazed.

JiYuan felt his nerves tingling from seeing that, “System, this this this is ghost, right?”

System comforted him, “Don’t be afraid, Big bro is here.”

That was when JiYuan realized that the person in his arms has opened his eyes, and lightly smiled at him.

Ye Junchi tilted his head and looked at the soul of the demon ruler being continuously eroded by the Yin qi, “Long time no see.”

The soul which was exposed to the Yin qi was suffering. If this was the soul of an average person, at this moment their soul should have scattered by now but the demon ruler’s soul still have the time to frown and speak, “Haven’t seen you for many years, your methods have become a lot more cleverer.”

“Your evil energies are lesser compared to the past.”

Ye Junchi lowered down his eyes, and lightly said, “You tortured me like that but didn’t kill me, wasn’t it just so that I could kill you? Now that you can finally have your soul completely scattered, you should thank me.”

The demon ruler laughed out loud, his originally handsome face could be seen a bit distorted. He didn’t answer Ye Junchi’s words, his translucent body became more and more transparent under the erosion of the Yin qi until he disappeared out of trace.

This is the end?

JiYuan shivered.

“Very cold?”

Ye Junchi turned his hand and pulled JiYuan into his arms, comfortably rubbed the top of his soft hair. Then he held his(JY) cheek and pecked on that bright red lips, “Baby, what is it?”

“… why did the demon ruler want you to kill him?”

Ye Junchi lightly smiled, “Lived long enough.”

“Then you… ” JiYuan hesitated for a moment, and lightly asked, “Who are you right now?”

Ye Junchi looked deeply at him(JY), then raised his hand to rub his own cold cheeks, “I am Ye Junchi, Ah Yuan.”

Pausing, he looked at the Yin qi which has transformed into mist form around them, his gaze was a bit strange.

“Ah Yuan, you say, if we release all these Yin qi out, how many people up there will be still alive?”

JiYuan involuntarily recalled back at their encounter last night, that xx which almost cause him to suffocate …

It was as if he fell into a deep freezing pool all of a sudden, JiYuan’s body trembled uncontrollably, “Ye Junchi…”

Ye Junchi became silent for a moment, then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He then tilted his head and kissed at JiYuan’s broken lips, his voice was gentle, “Sorry, I scared you again. Don’t be afraid, this is me. Those evil energy has been suppressed by me.”

JiYuan buried his head at his(YJC) neck, his voice was choking a bit, “Don’t be like that anymore, I’m scared.”

“I won’t.” Ye Junchi said in a deep voice, “I won’t let you get scared anymore.”

Ye Junchi carried JiYuan and silently summoned Gui Chi. Then he flew up from the bottom of the peak in sword flight while softly comforting JiYuan. In the middle of their sword flight, JiYuan suddenly raised his head and grasped at Ye Junchi’s collar, recklessly kissed on his(YJC) lips. Ye Junchi was afraid that he(JY) would get injured so he only responded gently. His(YJC) hand tightly hugged JiYuan, and with a burst of spiritual power, they have returned back on to the Qian Liao peak.

The battle has yet to end, and Yun Cheng was confronting Yuqiu, obviously on the losing side. Ye Junchi glanced over and then loudly said, “Yuqiu, sorry. The one who survived is me.”

Yuqiu abruptly opened his eyes widely, and looked at them in disbelief. Yun Cheng took that opportunity to stab his sword into his(YQ) chest. That moment when he stabbed Yuqiu, Yun Cheng’s body could be clearly seen trembling.

Yuqiu opened his mouth, and blood flowed down. It was obviously painful and yet, he showed a smile of approval.

Yun Cheng blankly kneeled onto the ground, trembling and shouted, “Father!”

This battle lasted the whole night, and ended when the sun rose the next day. The golden sunshine shone onto the highest point of the Qian Liao peak, shining onto the bloody corpses on the ground. The silent Qian Liao peak has once again bathed in the blood of the demons and human cultivators after so many years. More souls have joined the current countless souls, they most probably won’t be lonely.

Yun Cheng silently kneeled in front of Yun Wuxiu’s dead body. When the sun rises, he then stood up holding a blood-stained sword, and glanced at the remaining one third men who survived the battle. Thin rays of sunshine shone on everyone’s body, making them looked like statues. Yun Cheng who was silent for a long time looking at them, suddenly broke down in tears.


“… the human cultivators have once again defeated the evil demons, and the rumored holy land will always be the demon’s nightmare!”

JiYuan listened to the story with relish, quietly cracked open a melon seed. The storyteller continued talking with his spits flying, “Eldest Young master Yun… ah no, right now should be called the new Alliance Leader, the Yun family’s Head daren. Leader Yun placed righteousness before family, personally cut down the old leader who was possessed by the demon. After a hard-fought battle, Leader daren also couldn’t help but shed tears of joy…”

The listeners cheered, and the storyteller continued, “The most surprising thing is, the demon lord Ye Junchi and Miss Ji who was being hunted everywhere turned out to be really framed. This old one doesn’t know the details, only know both people has gotten married in the demon realm… ”

JiYuan cracked another melon seed, and felt depressed when he heard that he was still being addressed as a female. He poked at the man sitting beside him, “When did Yun Cheng cried tears of joy?”

Ye Junchi flicked away the melon seed’s shell which was sticking on his(JY) lips and moved forward to kiss him, helplessly said, “All I see is you, where do I have the time to check if he was crying or not? Furthermore, this happened years ago, how come they still haven’t sick of telling the same thing again and again?”

Upon hearing that, JiYuan smiled, “Naturally because there are too much pleasant surprises.”

Seeing JiYuan smiling so brightly, Ye Junchi couldn’t help reaching out and poked at his cheek. He felt that the feeling was nice and pinched his(JY) cheek. Ye Junchi couldn’t hold himself back and laughed together, “You have been laughing more and more lately.”

JiYuan thought in his heart ‘I worked so hard on my 800 tasks, and just finished them recently. I laughed when I feel happy, so what?’, and his face revealed a displeased expression, “What, you want me to turn back like I was before to be likeable?”

“No.” Ye Junchi raised a barrier so that other people couldn’t see them, and also make it convenient for them to hug. He reached out and pulled JiYuan into his arms, there seemed to be flashes of soft and gentle light in his eyes when he smiled, “I have always felt that your personality was not like that. Right now, you has completely let it go, so I felt really happy, how could I dislike you?”

JiYuan rewarded him with a kiss on his(YJC) cheek.

“Smile a bit more.”

Received a reward, Ye Junchi’s gaze became deeper. His voice was low and magnetic, the gentle sound of it could almost make people feel drunk, “It felt as sweet as sugar when Ah Yuan smiled. I never eat any sweets before when I was young so please smile a bit more, then I will be able to make up for my childhood regret.”

JiYuan suspiciously blushed : “…”

Already an old couple for many years but he could still tease, the coaxing skill of someone surnamed Ye was getting more and more powerful.

~ The (real) End ~

The author has something to say:
YJC : Wifey is Justice!
JY : ==

Author : Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha, I said it is a short one but it is more than 20 chapters, so not very short now….
_(:з」∠)_ in order to write a bit more, I delayed for a long time. Many thanks for reading until here, many thanks for accompanying me qwq
I probably couldn’t last very long wihtout you guys [bow]
Actually, at first I was trying to write a ‘overbearing president demon lord gong(seme) x weak little flower boy shou(uke)…. why did it fell off track off track off track….
In short, the main story has ended. The next one would be sweet sweet extras =3=


Banana : LMTY finally ended. (T^T) The ending felt a bit short but damm, the raw is sure long enough to make me cry … orz

I will be working on the extras soon and release them all at once so wait for it yo~
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