Extra 2 : JiSi

[Banana : This is a flashback to JiYuan’s interactions with JiSi before that incident.]

The house was very huge, the rays from the setting sun shone into the room couldn’t even touch the side of the bed. Although it was only some fickle temperature, it was unattainable1.

JiYuan sat ramrod straight by the bedside, his face was indifferent as he stared at the fading sunlight. From the outside, he was the modest and sunny future heir of the Ji family. In this room which was large enough that people would doubt the usage of it, there was only JiYuan.

Today was his 21st birthday and yet, there was only him alone inside this old Ji residence. His licentious father would most probably be lying down on the chest of some woman. As for his half brothers and sisters which could formed a group of soccer team….

JiYuan sneered, and lowered down his head. He pulled open his sleeve and looked at the injury on his arm. He thought with indifference, if wasn’t for him still possessed an amount of vigilance and brought his own men with him, his arm would be gone today.

What brothers and sisters? In this huge and complex family, there was only cold-blooded interest. All they could think of was how to get a bigger share from this huge inheritance. As for other people? Those who deserved to die would be eliminated. For those who need to be flattered, one would stick to them even if it meant incest.

Thinking to this point, JiYuan glanced the cassette and CD on the table. He really wanted to see, if he played these out in the next family reunion, how the people who harmed him, his ‘good sister’ and ‘dearest uncle’ would looked.

JiYuan zoned out for some time, until the sun finally set, he suddenly felt extremely fatigued. He fell onto the bed; really wanted to sleep well for once. But the alertness buried deep inside him doesn’t allow him to close his eye in peace. He nearly get mad from being forced by this alertness, then his cell phone on the table rang.

JiYuan took it and lightly asked, “What is it?”

“JiSi is outside the old residence, Young Master. Do you want to let him inside?”


JiYuan frowned. In his mind, the image of his half-brother flashed by, the one who always stared at him(JY) with a sunny and bright gaze. At first he wanted to say ‘No’, but his body involuntarily went to the window and looked out at JiSi who was standing outside the iron gate. He heard his own voice said,
“Let him in ba.”


Let him in — for what?

JiYuan shook his head in amusement at his own random acts. His birthday was not a good day. The day he was born, his mother’s delivery process didn’t go smoothly. And his father was diligently ‘planting seeds’ on top of some unknown women, not sure how many kids would pop out from that whole night of hard work. Taking a cigarette out, he lighted it but didn’t suck it. He went downstairs and waited at the entrance hall. Until the front door opened with a ‘kacha’ sound, JiYuan then hung the cigarette in his mouth. Leaning against the wall, he watched JiSi came in carrying some things.

JiSi saw JiYuan when he raised his eyes. Recently JiYuan was busy, both of them have not seen each other for some time. His(JY) body was slender; wearing white shirt and suits pant. Leaning against the wall, his body slightly bent, making his slim waist even thinner. His handsome face doesn’t have much expression to start with, when he saw him(JS), JiYuan revealed a fake smile. The smoke from the cigarette hanging from his mouth floated up, for a moment it blurred his gaze. JiSi thought in his mind, it would be nice if he could stop seeing JiYuan’s eyes because then he could pretend that JiYuan was really smiling at him. However, after the smoke dispersed, the pair of clear eyes was exposed; pretty but with a touch of indifference and disgust.

“Brother.” JiSi showed a brilliant smile, “Today is your birthday.”

JiYuan nodded with indifference and glanced at the cake in his(JS) hands. He turned towards the living room while thinking if JiSi has put in some kind of poison. But what JiYuan doesn’t know was if JiSi really wanted to put in something, it would be aphrodisiac instead.

JiSi put the cake down and was surprised to hear JiYuan asked, “What is that?”

Looking down at the remaining items in his hands, JiSi replied with some embarrassments, “I have learned how to cook some dishes. Today is brother’s birthday, I want to try making it for you to eat.”

JiYuan uttered an ‘Oh’ and said, “As you wished.”

Such an effort to flatter him, what kind of benefits does he(JS) wanted to get from him? Or was it like his ‘lovely’ sister, ruthlessly stabbing him from behind after obtaining some trust from him(JY)?

JiYuan leaned on the sofa, lazily watched JiSi finding an apron to wear, then carried something into the kitchen. In his heart, he added one more thought. If this kid was the latter, then he is too stupid. To try to gain his(JY) trust with a way that has such a clear loophole, it was not very clever.

After sitting for a while, JiYuan felt bored. But he was afraid of JiSi being careless and burn his kitchen, so his legs brought him to the kitchen, and he leaned against the door to watch JiSi busying around.

Seemed to hear footsteps, JiSi wiped away his sweat and turned around with a smile, “Are you hungry yet, brother? I’ll be finishing it soon.”

That smile was very clean and sunny, and it seemed to be mixed with some kind of feeling, but it was not something JiYuan could understand. JiYuan was slightly startled. He remembered that JiSi’s mother got pregnant from being rxped by his(JY) beast father. Before that happened, she was still a delicate college graduate. Who knew the first step she took into the society led her to Hell. JiSi was born accompanied by his mother’s tears, into dark cliff (metaphorically); cold wind blowing all day long. Jisi should have an overcast gloomy attitude, but on the contrary, he was opposite from expectation.

He was a sunny child.

JiYuan zoned out for a while, staring at the back of his(JS) figure. Then he returned to the dining table, his heart actually has a hint of looking forward (for the meal).

Not very long after that, JiSi came out from the kitchen carrying a few dishes. There was a bit of shyness on his face, “I have tried them… the taste is okay. Brother, can you try?”

JiYuan glanced at him, then picked up a bit of every dish. The taste was unexpectedly good. He unconsciously revealed a real smile and nodded, “Not bad.”

JiSi’s face became red from the excitement.

Both men soon finished all the dishes on the table. When JiYuan put down his chopsticks, he was a bit surprised because it has been a long time since the last time his appetite was so good.

JiSi don’t know what he(JY) was thinking, he brought the cake out and pursed his lips. Still looking nervous, “I make this… brother, can you try?”

“You can do quite a lot of things huh.”

JiYuan smiled as he watched JiSi lit the candle and lightly sang a birthday song. JiYuan closed his eyes to make a wish. What was there to wish for anyway? Pausing, JiYuan quietly thought. If only he could get someone who would treat him sincerely and truly liked him, then he doesn’t mind letting go of his status as the future heir of the Ji family. Finishing his wish, JiYuan shook his head with a smile feeling funny. When he opened his eyes again, he found JiSi staring at him with a startled expression. JiYuan asked with a frown, “What is it?”

JiSi’s face was a bit red, “Noth, nothing…. Brother looked very nice to see.”

JiYuan raised his eyebrow, he felt if this brother in front of him knew that he(JY) was gay, he(JS) most probably won’t be so close to him and say such things. He slowly blew the candle, doesn’t have much mood left. He ate a few mouthful of the cake, and looked at the time only to find that it was already late. The old mansion was located on the top of a mountain, and was very remote. In order to get to the nearest street, one would have to walk for an hour. Usually no one would come, the Ji people were very busy after all.

“Stay for a night ba.”

JiYuan then paused, he just recalled that it has been a very long time since someone else came to live in the old mansion so only his room has blankets. Hence, he added one more sentence, “Sleep with me ba.”

JiSi’s whole face turned red, stammered, “Sleep, sleep together with brother?”

“You are not willing?”

JiSi fiercely shook his head.

…how come this brother is a bit strange?

JiYuan who was a gay dude but possessed a straight man’s thinking didn’t think much, he went to his study room to deal with some documents for a while. When he returned to his room, JiSi has already laid on the bed.

Due to the injury on his arm, JiYuan only casually washed himself a bit before going to bed. He glanced at the bulge beside him on the bed, then closed his eyes. Although both people were sleeping on the same bed, the distance between them was quite far. The bed was very huge after all, so it could add two more people on it and still felt spacious.

After a long tiring day, JiYuan drowsily fell asleep. Sometime around midnight, he suddenly heard a sound of movement. He jolted awake, but didn’t move. JiSi was moving closer to him. What does he want to do? Did he brought a gun? Doesn’t seems to be, could it be a knife instead? It was chaotic in JiYuan’s thought, but he only heard JiSi sighed and called out ‘Brother’, then no more movement could be heard. After a while, JiSi climbed down from the bed and went to the bathroom.

JiYuan was stunned, he doesn’t know what JiSi meant by that. He laid on the bed for a long time, then vaguely heard small groaning sounds but then he thought he heard it wrongly. After some time, JiSi finally returned and carefully climbed back to bed.

JiYuan expressionlessly turned his body and actually fell asleep.

After that birthday, the relationship between JiYuan and JiSi was still the normal ‘not thick yet not thin’. JiYuan never thought to take the initiative to talk to JiSi but JiSi often came to look for him. That sunny smile make people couldn’t bear to refuse. Every time JiYuan wanted to ridicule him(JS) and turn him away, but he(JY) would thought of JiSi being sad and won’t come again, those words couldn’t come out from his mouth.

All and all, JiSi never bring any trouble to him and treated him(JY) very good instead. If both of them didn’t have this dirty blood ties between them, JiYuan would have thought JiSi was pursuing him. The accident occurred at the end of the next year after this birthday. JiYuan received several big proposals and the other party make an appointment at a suburb to discuss it. JiYuan accepted with a smile, but he felt a bit suspicious in his heart. He secretly ordered his men to wait at the place first, but he was still not assured so he informed his men to immediately call the police if he didn’t give them a phone call before a designated time. After all preparations, JiYuan was ready to go out but JiSi who originally should be very far away has arrived. His face looked a bit panicked, and breathlessly said, “Brother, don’t go! Someone wanted to kill you.”

JiYuan’s face instantly turned cold.

These few large projects he received have been kept secretly, how did JiSi knew about it? Recently those half brothers and sisters of his have started to act again, JiYuan was tired of guarding from them. Upon hearing JiSi’s words, his emotion became completely out of control. He coldly stared at JiSi, icily interrogated, “How do you know someone wanted to kill me? How can I know that someone is not you?”

After saying that, he ignored JiSi’s instantly pale face and pushed him away to attend the meeting. JiYuan felt that he has made an adequate preparations, but he didn’t expect that the other party was so ruthless. He has just arrived at the place and those people couldn’t wait to act immediately. Although he made contact with the Ji family’s business, he still has a bottom line in his heart and would not touch the black/underworld matter. The other party really gave him a big ‘present’, they brought some people from the underworld and also inserted some of them in his(JY) people. It was until JiSi rushed out to block a few deadly shots in front of him, that JiYuan returned to his senses.

If someone was alone from birth until he became an adult, and suddenly another person broke into his life, treating him with goodness to the extreme, and finally… died for him, then for that person, it would no longer be possible for him to live for himself.

For JiYuan, that day’s experience was as if God pulled him into Hell repeatedly from Earth; letting him leave a few times and then ruthlessly dragged him back down. However, his soul was stuck in Hell, accompanying the JiSi who doesn’t deserved to die, couldn’t return anymore.

The author has something to say:
Hee hee hee, the show about Melon seed Ji and his brother, no Hamster Ye.

#FinallyFinishedThePast ‘_(;3/

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  1. 虽然只是缥缈浅淡的温度, 却也遥不可及。 – Holy Mother of penguins, I have no idea what the author was writing this sentence. It just doesn’t make sense ‘_(;3/ ↩

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