Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 47.1

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Chapter 47 Part 1 Detoxification

Receiving the address from Xing Cheng, Xiào Mu passed it to the driving guard, and then they went out quickly. The aircraft landed in a private hospital. Xiào Mu got off the aircraft wearing a hat and went directly to VIP Ward 208.

At the door of a ward, stood a young sentinel of about 1.9 meters and he is looking anxiously in the direction of the elevator. When he saw Xiào Mu and the guards, he immediately wanted to run to them. After taking 2 steps, the person hesitated and stopped. He opened his terminal and sent a message to Xiào Mu.

“Are you here yet?”

Xiào Mu walked to the sentinel, looking somewhat surprised, “Yan Chen1? Xing Chen?”

“It’s me,” Yan Chen’s bloodshot eyes brightened and he asked, “Do you know me? Are, are you really Xiào Mu?” His voice lowered to a whisper at the last part.

Xiào Mu: “Let’s go in and talk.”

Hearing that, Yan Chen felt annoyed by himself for not thinking about it and apologized, “I’m sorry, please come in.” He opened the door and stood aside, letting Xiào Mu enter first. His face is full of excitement. Originally, Yan Chen just didn’t want to give up any chance to try, but he didn’t expect it to be such a coincidence.

The ward is divided into two sections, and Xiào Mu went directly to the inner room. 2 sentinels are sitting on the sofa at the right side of the bed, while another one is leaning against the wall at the end of the bed. All 3 of them looked tired and their eyes are red and bloodshot. The moment Xiào Mu stepped forward, their gaze landed on him. The sentinel who was leaning against the wall looked extraordinarily strong and his voice is hoarse, “Are you a friend of Boss?”

Yan Chen quickly explained, “He is the person who requested the medicinal plants. I asked him to come.” Yan Chen was worried that his group members would be disappointed with the false hope, so he did not tell them that he contacted Xiào Mu privately.

Someone looked at Xiào Mu and asked seriously with hope, “Since you are here, do you have any way to help?”

Since Xiào Mu is not sure about the effectiveness of the dispel pill, he said cautiously, “I will try my best.”

He walked to the hospital bed and was taken aback when he saw the person on the bed, “Kai Men?”

“Do you know him?” Yan Chen is surprised too, and then he thought about it. “Did you meet him at school?”

Xiào Mu nodded. He is surprised that Kai Men is the boss of the Suixin mercenary group! However, Kai Men is strong so it seems normal that he could do that. Xiào Mu thought to himself that Kai Men had been protecting him at school because of Leo’s instruction. After he(XM) left school, only then Kai Men began to pick up his mercenary business. Xiào Mu felt that he seemed to have bothered Kai Men and gave him troubles. Xiào Mu used the Pin Hold skill on Kai Men. Kai Men’s spiritual power is over 50%, but his physical strength is very poor, which is only 7% remaining, and it is still declining. What concerned Xiào Mu even more is other than Pin Hold buff appearing under Kai Men’s red and blue bars, there is another black icon. Staying at the same row with Pin Hold, this debuff means a negative effect in the game. Based on his understanding of the system, this icon means that Kai Men is poisoned.

Xiào Mu took out a dispel pill and said to Yan Chen, “Feed this to him.”

Yan Chen stepped forward to take it, but his arm was held by another sentinel and the person asked, “You believe him just like this? What if something bad happens?”

“Old Third, I believe him.” Yan Chen said seriously.

The sentinel leaning at the wall said, “Old Third, let go. There is nothing worse than now.”

Old Third gritted his teeth hard and released his hand. He wiped his face and said, “I’ll step out for a breather.”

Old Third went to the outer room, and the atmosphere in the ward instantly turned intense. Yan Chen’s little baby face tightened, and his eyes are slightly red. If the medicine doesn’t work, the next second he feeds it down, Boss may not even have a breath left.

Xiào Mu comforted, “This medicine has no side effects, so you don’t need to be too nervous.” Even if the pill is ineffective, it will not take away a life.

Yan Chen calmed down and fed Kai Men the pill. When he is feeding the water, most of the water ran down from the sides of Kai Men’s mouth, wetting his clothes and bed. Then, Yan Chen frantically tried to wipe it away.

Seeing this caused the corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth to twitch. Yan Chen obviously rarely did such a thing. Think about it, indeed, his brother is a major general of the 5th Army, and he seems to be very good to his brother. As the young master of the Yan family, there is no need for Yan Chen to do such a thing like caring for sick people.

The affected area of the bed is messy, even a lot of Kai Men’s grayish-white hair got wet. Yan Chen finally managed to feed the medicine, and then he looked at Kai Men nervously. The rest of the teammates also stared at Kai Men and even subconsciously lightened the sound of their breathing. Xiào Mu’s eyes fell on the black icon under the red and blue bars. After about half a minute, the color of the black icon began to gradually lighten, as if a drop of ink fell into the water and gradually melted away. After 5 minutes, the black icon disappeared, and at the same time, his physical strength stopped dropping. Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn’t help but slightly curved the corners of his mouth. The dispel pill can detoxify poison state indeed, it did not disappoint him.

“Boss’s complexion seems to have changed for the better, doesn’t it?” Yan Chen’s tone sounded excited, and his voice was trembling slightly as if worried that this is just his hallucination.

“Yes,” Old Fourth at the sofa said with a low voice, “his complexion originally looked green, but now he is just pale.”

Old Second at the end of the bed finally moved from his position. He strode to the side of the bed and looked down at Kai Men’s face, “The poison is detoxified.” At first, when Boss got poisoned, his face gradually turned green. As the color changed, his condition got worse. Now that the green tint faded, the poison is definitely resolved!

“Why is Boss still not waking up?” Yan Chen looked happy and then worried again.

Xiào Mu took out a mid-grade boost pill, “Give him this.”

Yan Chen trusts Xiào Mu very much now and does not hesitate to feed Kai Men the boost pill. In less than half a minute, Kai Men’s eyelids move, then he opened his eyes. Then he keeps coughing. His gray hair shook with the movement of his violent cough, and his pale face is soon flushed with blood.

“Boss!” Yan Chen pounced over, “You finally woke up.”

Kai Men who usually looked expressionless wrinkled his brows and pulled at his collar, “It’s wet,” his gaze fell on Yan Chen, “What’s happened?”

Yan Chen jumped up and said, “I’ll get you a clean one.” As he said, Yan Chen took out a black T-shirt from his space storage and threw it to the bed.

Kai Men lifted the quilt away and pinched the hem of his clothes, preparing to undress. But Yan Chen hurriedly held his hand and said, “Wait, you can’t take it off.”

Although Xiào Mu did not directly acknowledge his identity, Yan Chen is almost certain that he is Xiào Mu. There’s a guide in the room, so how can a sentinel undress just like this?! That’s too rude. Yan Chen then said to Xiào Mu, “I’m sorry for our rudeness.”

Xiào Mu’s expression turned into 囧. They are all men, so he really didn’t mind at all.

Hearing that, Kai Men turned his gaze to Xiào Mu. Even if he couldn’t see his face properly, Kai Men could still recognize Xiào Mu. He looked a little surprised as he asked, “Xiào Mu, why are you here?”

“What?!” Old Second and Old Fourth beside the bed were shocked. Old Third who heard the earlier commotion came in and heard the same thing. He asked in surprise, “He is Xiào Mu? That god-level guide?”

Old Fourth immediately said, “Impossible. Delish announced that Xiào Mu was shocked by the crowd and even the store will be closed tomorrow. What’s more, after the announcement, he got chased by a fanatic suitor on the way home. His situation is definitely not good so how could he come here?”

Yan Chen turned to look at Xiào Mu with a touch of emotion, “Thank you so much. I didn’t see the news. I don’t know if you are in a bad situation…”

Xiào Mu raised his hand to stop Yan Chen’s words, “I’m fine. I’m in good condition and healthy.”

“This, Xiào Mu is admitting2 it?” Old Third is surprised.

Xiào Mu: “Please keep it secret, I don’t like being watched.”

“Sure sure.”

Kai Men: “You saved me from the poison?”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “Yes, but you are the one who brought the materials back. Fortunately, you have collected more. Otherwise, it won’t be enough to make the medicine. You can consider that you saved yourself.”

“I just pulled it casually and didn’t think much about it.” Kai Men said.

Yan Chen patted his chest, “Fortunately, fortunately.”

Xiào Mu opened his terminal and returned the money previously given in place of the medicine to Yan Chen, “Well, you gave me the items and I returned the money. Right now, Kai Men only needs to rest for a while.”

Yan Chen heard the notification from his terminal and saw the transfer. He quickly asked, “Eh, why are you refunding the money? We haven’t pay you the money for your detoxification medicine!”

Xiào Mu: “Consider that as my payment for extra stalks. Well then, I’ll leave first.”

“Wait,” Kai Men said suddenly, and Xiào Mu looked at him suspiciously, “What’s the matter?”

“What is the 2nd pill that was given to me just now?” Kai Men asked.

After his poison is detoxified, Kai Men has already regained his consciousness but he was weak. He could hear voices next to him and knew what the person next to him is doing, but he couldn’t move. After Yan Chen gave him another pill, a surge of heat rushed through his limbs, and he suddenly gained strength. Kai Men was very surprised by the effect as he had never heard of a medicine that could recover physical strength like this. With this medicine, it can save lives in battles.

Xiào Mu: “Sorry, I am not planning to sell it for the time being, so I am not going to announce it to the public. You must already know the effect, and I hope you can keep it secret.”

Kai Men wondered, “Why? This medicine is as important as the medicine sold in your shop.”

Xiào Mu replied, “I have to concentrate on the most important medicine first.” He had to shift the public focus from the guide to the medicine. Only when they have enough medicine for spiritual power available in the market that they can achieve the goal. Hence, him suddenly selling pills for physical strength will affect his plan.

Kai Men didn’t ask anymore, but said, “Thank you.”

Xiào Mu smiled, “You are welcome, you also helped me before.”

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