Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 46.2

[Warning, minor cliff ahead~]

Chapter 46 Part 2 Reservation

The speed of his healing skill is very fast. In fact, if it is not for Xiào Mu worrying about his abnormality being noticed, he could even treat everyone, and the overall speed will be even faster. After all, when treating the sentinels one by one, the buff will be on cooldown for 15 seconds. If he treated all people at the same time, these 15 seconds of buffering can let him attend to at least 8 more sentinels.

By 10.00 am, there were only 8 people left waiting outside.

“Please wait for a moment, I need to process the courier bills for today’s order.” Xiào Mu walked out of the inner hall and said.

“It’s okay, you have been busy for so long, do you want to rest for a while?”

“Yes, I used to go to the guide hospital. Some of the guides there have to rest for several days after a spiritual treatment. We will be fine to wait until the afternoon.”

The speed of Xiào Mu’s treatment is too fast, and the sentinels had gone from shock to calm. Their appointment is already much earlier than they expected.

“It’s okay,” Xiào Mu could feel the sincere worry from the sentinels and smiled, “I won’t force myself.”

Xiào Mu opened the dashboard of the shop. As expected, all the medicines are sold out within 5 minutes. He contacted the courier company to process his delivery orders. By 11:30 am, Xiào Mu has treated all the sentinels for today. He breathed a sigh of relief and drank a cup of warm water. Then he went to Zhao Meng’s office. Zhao Meng was seriously reading a book about medicine-making. He didn’t look up from the book until Xiào Mu called him.

Zhao Meng: “Today, there are only people contacting our office to inquire about medicine-making. No call from guides yet for the consignment of medicine.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “It’s okay. Maybe there are not many people with high talents like Gu Miao. Also, guides who could make the pills may not sell them on consignment.”

“Then, what should we do?” Zhao Meng opened his eyes widely.

“I will study to improve the methods of medicine-making. If the benefits are attractive enough, there’s always someone who will be willing to sell it. The guides might be treated well, but their family members may not. To be able to make money is a good thing for them. Many people are definitely watching on the sidelines. It will be easier later when someone takes the first step.

Zhao Meng nodded, and said sternly, “En, what you said makes sense.”

Xiào Mu: “Uncle, you can come to work in the morning. Then, continue at home in the afternoon. If there is something that needs to be discussed, we will talk about it the next morning in the office. Right now, our work is finished. We can leave for today.”


When they came out of the business building, they saw the crowds of people in front of the building. When the people saw them, someone shouted, “They came out!”

A toy drone carrying a large bouquet hovered in front of Xiào Mu. On the drone, it said, For my beloved guide -Jin You1.

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, this person again?

The manager of the property’s security team heard the commotion and rushed over, “Master Xiào Mu, please leave from the special passage.”

Xiào Mu followed the manager and boarded the aircraft from the side door under the escort of the guards. Zhao Meng, on the other hand, is picked up by the Huo2 family’s bodyguard. Sitting in the aircraft, Xiào Mu massaged his forehead. This is not good. People are monitoring him everywhere and it felt really awful. Xiào Mu thought for a while and sent a message using the official account, “Sorry, Xiào Mu was disturbed after getting off work. The shop will be temporarily closed tomorrow. The spiritual treatment will be postponed by a day and a new appointment form will be sent to your terminal, for those who have already secured an appointment.”

“Be careful!”

After Xiào Mu sent the message, a force caused him to fell to the side. Ah Da caught him in time so he didn’t fall. Xiào Mu looked out the window of the aircraft and saw a dark blue aircraft flying side by side with theirs. A sentinel with his yellow hair combed high poked his head out of the sun roof and seemed to be holding a communicator in his hand.

“Master Xiào Mu, someone has requested for a call.” The driver guard said.

Xiào Mu: “Connect it.”

“Xiào Mu! Are you Xiào Mu?! Please release your guide pheromones and let me enter the heat fever with you3! Oh, I’m catching up with you now. Where are you? Can you reach out a hand and show me?”

Xiào Mu frowned as he looked at the sentinel, which half of his body is stretched out towards his aircraft, and said, “Are you seeking de…”

Before Xiào Mu could finish his words, his body shook and he slammed into Ah Da. The guard in the driver’s seat cursed inwardly. His voice is tense as he said, “Boss, he has gone insane. The sentinel has crossed the divider’s line. If we keep giving him space, we will be forced to occupy another track.”

It is very dangerous to change lanes suddenly. An aircraft’s speed is generally fast. Hence, at the moment of changing lanes, one is very likely to be hit by the aircraft behind.

“Xiào Mu! Xiào Mu! Why are you not talking? Are you in danger?! You are surrounded by sentinels, right? They definitely can’t help but attack you. Let me ‘combine’ with you and I will protect you!”

The face of the guards on the aircraft turned livid, and Xiào Mu’s expression is ugly too. Half of it is because of the chilly penetrating way the man called his name, which is almost like a soul-calling voice. The other half is because their aircraft is getting more and more unstable.

“Damn, he is ramming into us!” The driving guard cursed and turned on the warning light and the real-time traffic map, then flew the aircraft to the upper channel4 abruptly.

“Stop! Where are you taking the god-level guide?!” The yellow-haired sentinel shrieked and followed closely behind.

“BANG…” Xiào Mu’s eyes widened as a violent impact sounded behind. Then an alarm sounded in his ears.

“Traffic radio broadcast – Please note that a flight accident has occurred in Section 103 of Green Line 5. Drivers flying in Line 5, please pay attention.”

Xiào Mu rubbed his forehead, and the driving guard suddenly exclaimed, “Major General!” As he said that, he turned on the virtual screen.

A black aircraft is parked next to the dark blue aircraft which the tail part had been hit. Leo in a full military uniform strode to the aircraft, kicked open the cockpit door, and dragged the yellow-haired sentinel by the collar out of the aircraft. The yellow-haired sentinel had blood on his forehead, but the rest of him is fine. His body swayed around as he is dragged away by Leo, and all the struggles were easily apprehended by Leo.

At lunch, Leo entered the house with a cold expression. He looked at Xiào Mu from top to bottom and said, “From now on, tell me when you go to and get off work. I will go to pick you up.”

Xiào Mu subconsciously wanted to refuse, but Leo added, “If you refuse, I will immediately apply to be the captain of your guards.”

The corners of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. Doesn’t Leo think this is overkill?

Leo regarded Xiào Mu’s silence as tacit agreement. He sat down, and his voice sounded much softer, “The man from today has a mental problem, don’t be afraid.”

Xiào Mu: “En, I’m just a little surprised, not afraid.”

“Are you going to the company again this afternoon?” Leo asked.

“No, I won’t go out in the afternoon.” Xiào Mu planned to make more medicine in the afternoon, and then do some self-learning. He also wanted to buy a batch of pharmaceutical equipment as he wanted to try not to use the system to make the medicine and study the difference between the two, hoping to find a way to help the guides to make medicine.

Leo finished his meal and said, “I have 2 minor classes in the afternoon, and I will be back when I finished it. Contact me if something happens.”

Seeing Xiào Mu nodded, Leo left.

Xiào Mu went back to his room to make medicine and cultivated the land. After that, he took a nap. When he woke up, Xiào Mu found that there are several unread messages in his terminal.

Xing Chen: “Are you there? Are you there?”

Xing Chen: “We got the plants you asked for. Last time, I saw your sender address stating the Marshal’s Mansion. Are you Xiào Mu?”

Xing Chen: “We really have no choice. If you are Xiào Mu, can you come out to meet us? Our boss was poisoned while collecting the plants. I know you may not have any solution, but I can’t think of another way.”

Xing Chen: “The doctor said he can’t treat it and our boss has fallen into a coma. Do you have any solutions?”

Xing Chen: “I’m sorry for my words, my mind is too messy. I have mailed the plants to you.”

Finished reading the messages, Xiào Mu swiftly got up. He asked the housekeeper and heard that his courier has arrived. Quickly, Xiào Mu picked up the box and checked the content. To his surprise, there is more than a stalk of each plant, of course, not too many either. Xiào Mu hurriedly picked the Pinellia plants out. Leaving only a stalk for his homeland, he used the rest to make the dispel pill. The result is he made a total of 2 pills.

Xiào Mu contacted Xing Chen, “Where are you? I’m going to your place now.”

Xiào Mu originally wanted to just mail it, but he wanted to see the effect of the medicine, so he decided to take the trip in person.

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