Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 86

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)
莱恩 Ryan (Lion) / 黄远 Huang Yuan (Female)
巴奥 Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear) / 霍斯 Howth (Golden winged lion)
雷切尔 Rey (???) / 艾德琳 Adeline (Female)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf) / 球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)
里亚 Ria (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)
米莎 Misha (Female)

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Chapter 86 Child

The summer sun is always overly enthusiastic, and the sunlight makes the temperature exceptionally high.

Lin Mu has always been afraid of heat, so except for morning and evening when the weather is cool which they will fly in the sky, the rest of the time they will walk in the forest. Because this is a leisure trip, Lin Mu and Patrik are not in a hurry. Hence, walking slowly in the forest enable them to enjoy more scenery.

There are unknown fruit trees, flowers, wild vegetables… As they spend longer time in the forest, their harvest increases. They ate many fruits that they have not eaten before. Fortunately, Lin Mu and Patrik managed to pick a lot of mushrooms and wild vegetables. They also climbed trees, picked fruits, enjoy waterfall scenery, caught fish in pools, and caught little rabbits in the bushes… These activities are very interesting for Lin Mu. Although their journey is a lot slower than their expectation, they come out for fun, so it’s good to be enjoy everything and be happy. What made Lin Mu most happy was that they found cumin. In Lin Mu’s heart, barbecue with cumin is the best. Unfortunately, he never found this condiment when he was in the tribe. This trip is lucky that they can find it.

That day, they walked hand in hand in the forest in order to avoid the harsh sunlight as usual. Suddenly a gentle breeze blew past, which not only brought cool air but also mixed with a scent that Lin Mu was very familiar with, which caused his eyes to brighten. Immediately, Lin Mu got Patrik to find the source of the smell together with him. Not surprisingly, they found their target more than 20 meters ahead – a small stalk of cumin.

Patrik looked at the Lin Mu with shiny eyes. He didn’t understand why Lin Mu is so excited about such a small piece of weird-smelling plants, but he didn’t rush to ask. He knew Lin Mu would tell him soon. Sure enough, Lin Mu happily explained to Patrik after touching the slender stalk excitedly, “Hehe, Patrik, we found something good. This is cumin! Lucky! Haha, this tastes the best with barbecue!” As he said that, Lin Mu pulled Patrik’s hand and said, “Help me pick it.”

Patrik followed the order immediately. He took over the small animal skin bag from Lin Mu. These small bags are specially made by Lin Mu to collect small things. Of course, Lin Mu usually collects food-related stuff. When Lin Mu sees something and his eyes brightened, most of it is related to food.

“It will make grilled meat more delicious?” Hearing that, Patrik happily obliged. He also likes good food.

Patrik collected 3 small bags of cumin. Lin Mu looked at the bag and happily announced, “Let’s find a place to camp in front. We will make good food at noon.”

Lin Mu didn’t plan to carry on the journey at the moment, they can continue in the evening. Thinking about drying the freshly picked cumin, he felt even better because it is easy to dry the cumin in this kind of hot weather. With such a good mood, they have to celebrate it so Lin Mu decided to prepare a good meal for lunch. Usually, their meals are simple and easy to make.

Patrik doesn’t have any objection to Lin Mu’s suggestion. They found a spacious place to camp, and because Lin Mu said to make a big meal, Patrik needs to go hunting. As always, Patrik put Lin Mu in a hidden place, then told him to stay here obediently and not to run around. After that, he let Lin Mu carry the bone knife with him. After Lin Mu promised to stay in place and wait for him to return, Patrik finally can leave to hunt with peace of mind.

Can’t blame Patrik for nagging, because Lin Mu is an offender. There’s one time when Patrik went hunting, Lin Mu got bored and left the secret spot to pick some vegetables and fruits. Then, he got knocked over by an unknown animal that looked like a mouse but at the size of a smaller pig. Good thing Patrik came back in time, but the image where the ‘mouse’ knocked Lin Mu down and is about to bite him terrified Patrik. Fortunately, he rescued Lin Mu in time, but this really scared him terrified. What if he didn’t come back in time? The bloody imaginary scene in his head made Patrik’s face turn blue.

Lin Mu, who was also frightened by what happened, regretted his action and felt very guilty when he saw Patrik’s nervousness. He had never been harmed under Patrik’s protection, so he had forgotten about the dangers in the forest. Seeing Patrik looking so worried, Lin Mu guiltily promised him that he would never do it again. From now on, he will wait obediently for Patrik to come back and never run around again. After calming their frightened hearts, he prepared a sumptuous lunch. In order to keep Patrik from getting angry, Lin Mu worked even harder. So lunch is exceptionally rich.

Anyway, after eating the roasted meat with cumin, Patrik immediately fell in love with the peculiar taste.

At the moment, Patrik has left to hunt and Lin Mu is staying on the tree is surrounded by dense leaves. From the outside, if one doesn’t look closely, they won’t find anyone there. Lin Mu saw that Patrik is gone, so he took off his backpack. His backpack mainly contains condiments and some small things, of course, it is mainly some of Lin Mu’s favorite snacks. Uncovering his little packet of jerky, Lin Mu chewed slowly while waiting for Patrik to come back. But in a moment of inattention, he didn’t notice that the bag of dried meat slipped down from his hand.

“Aiya! It fell down.” Lin Mu looked down but couldn’t see anything because the place he is staying is too high. But he didn’t mind, thinking that he could get Patrik to pick it up when he returned. Hence, Lin Mu took out a fruit to eat instead.

What Lin Mu didn’t know is that the little bag containing the meat jerky was snatched away by a little hand that stretched out from the bushes just after it fell to the ground.

When Patrik came back, he brought a lot of meat with him. He also brought some fruits and vegetables that Lin Mu loved. Earlier before Patrik went out to hunt, he placed their luggage on a tall tree which is 20 or 30 trees away from Lin Mu’s location. When he rushed back, Patrik first went to make sure that Lin Mu is still obediently waiting on the tree. He put the meat on the ground and opened his hands as before to let Lin Mu jump down. Although Patrik can also go up to the tree to pick Lin Mu, Lin Mu refused as he likes this kind of downward jumping motion.

After Patrik put Lin Mu down, Lin Mu laughed in a good mood and said, “Go and get our things quickly.”

Then, Lin Mu thought of his jerky bag so he looked around the tree and couldn’t find it. Staring at the bushes in confusion, he thought to himself, “Did it fall into the bushes?” Looking at the grass that is more than 1 meter high, Lin Mu decided to let Patrik come and find it for him. It would be terrible if there were bugs or something in it.

When Patrik came over with their luggage, he saw Lin Mu looking at a bush. Not knowing what he is thinking, Patrik asked, “What’s the matter?”

“My bag of dried meat fell from the tree earlier, but I couldn’t find it. It might have fallen into that bush. Help me find it later.” Lin Mu pointed to the bush in front of him.

Lin Mu didn’t notice that the grass moved slightly when he told Patrik to go in and look for his food. There was a slight shuffling sound but Lin Mu didn’t care because a gust of wind blew past at the same time.

Though Lin Mu didn’t notice it, it doesn’t mean that Patrik didn’t see that. Patrik squinted at the bush but said nothing in the end.

“Mu Mu, let’s go cook first. I’ll help you find the meat jerky later.”


Patrik looked thoughtfully at the bush while he is roasting meat. That unknown creature must be still hiding there, it hadn’t left. But Patrik is sure that the thing is harmless to them. Simply put, Patrik could handle the creature easily (should it attack or something else).

Lin Mu didn’t notice Patrik’s strangeness, he gave some honey to Patrik and said, “Add some honey to the barbecue.” Lin Mu likes barbecue with glazed honey. This honey was found by Patrik, the quality is very good. And so, Lin Mu likes to drink a glass of honey water in the morning and evening, which is good for the body.

After they ate their fill, there is a little left of the soup and barbecue made by Lin Mu, but Patrik did not tidy everything up as usual. He pulled Lin Mu to the big tree a few meters away from where they built the stove and get ready to take a nap.

“Let’s clean up things first.”

“We’ll clean up after the nap.” As he said, Patrik pulled Lin Mu into his arms. They sat on the ground that is covered with animal skins and they leaning against the tree to sleep.

Lin Mu felt hot so he wanted to lie down on the animal skin to sleep instead. The animal skin is the largest they have anyway, so he pulled Patrik to sleep together. Finding a comfortable place in Patrik’s arms, Lin Mu soon became sleepy. But then he heard someone calling him up softly.

“En?” Lin Mu opened his blurry eyes and wondered why Patrik woke him up. He usually let him wake up naturally in the past.

Seeing that he is awake, Patrik mysteriously told him not to speak loudly, and then asked him to look in the direction of the cooking area. Lin Mu turned over curiously, slowly raised his head. Then he saw a child. En, a small child stealing food from their stove. The child looked dirty and had no clothes on. What surprised Lin Mu the most was that the child had a long tail.


“Hush—” Patrik motioned to Lin Mu in a low voice, “Don’t surprise him.”

Lin Mu continued to stare. The child ate their leftover quickly, apparently has been going hungry for a long time. “What shall we do?” Lin Mu asked. He felt that the child is so pitiful. He looked so young, like just 1 year old.

One year old should look like this

“What do you want?”

“I want to raise him. He must be an abandoned child, otherwise, he won’t look like this.”

Lin Mu knows how important a cub is to a tribe, so how could anyone leave him alone in the forest? That would be too dangerous. The most important thing is that this child’s appearance is too strange. If he is a beastman, he shouldn’t be able to turn in his human form yet. If he is a female, he has something extra from a normal female – a tail. Lin Mu felt that if this little child is really abandoned, it must be because of this tail.

Patrik knew Lin Mu had a good heart, so he smiled and nodded in agreement. Delighted that Patrik agreed, Lin Mu immediately stood up to walk to the little child. Patrik shook his head helplessly. He told Lin Mu just now that he shouldn’t surprise the child, but he forgets all about it now.

When the child noticed Lin Mu, Lin Mu had already reached his side. The child could be seen stunned when he saw Lin Mu. Then Patrik approaches, and the child immediately shuddered in fear. Holding his head, he curled up and sobbed.

Lin Mu immediately felt distressed when he saw it. He squatted down and carefully reached out to pick up the child. The moment he touched the child, Lin Mu felt his hand tremble even stronger. Distressed, Lin Mu hugged the child in his arms. Now that he has gotten closer to see the child, his heart hurts even more. The child has a lot of injuries on his body, and he is so light that Lin Mu could feel his bones through his skin. The child’s face is so small, and he kept trembling with his eyes closed in Lin Mu’s arms. Lin Mu couldn’t help but shed tears in sadness.

“Patrik, this baby is so pitiful.” Thinking of Ria’s chubby son in the tribe, and looking at this slightly older child, Lin Mu’s heart hurts even more.

Seeing Lin Mu’s tears, Patrik became distressed as well. He held Lin Mu in his arms and comforted, “Don’t be sad Mu Mu. We will raise him well, and he will definitely be chubby and fair in the future.”

“En, I must raise him to be fatter, baby is too thin.”

Because of Lin Mu’s gentle aura, the baby gradually calmed down and fell asleep.

“Mu Mu, don’t cry, let’s clean up this kid,” Patrik advised Lin Mu to dry his tears.

Looking down at the baby’s dirty body, Lin Mu agreed and said, “En. Go and boil some water.”

Patrik boiled the water and made a simple tub. The baby is very small so he could fit in the tub. The water in the tub is warm, and it is just the right temperature to wash in the summer weather. The child is probably too tired so he did not wake up during the whole bathing process. It’s just when his body is soaked in the water, he gave a painful

After Lin Mu carefully washed the baby, he treated his wounds with medicinal herbs. Fortunately, all of his wounds are minor injuries and did not become suppurated. At the moment, they don’t have any suitable clothing for children. Lin Mu can only take out his cotton t-shirt and put them on the baby. His t-shirt is quite big for a child, so it can wrap the baby’s entire body.

After all these hassles, the child slept more comfortably at night.

Patrik saw that Lin Mu is feeling a little sleepy so he said, “Mu Mu, let’s go to sleep too.”

Thus they laid down on the animal skin blanket and Lin Mu let the baby sleep in his arms. Although this setup is a bit hot for him, Lin Mu couldn’t let the child sleep by himself. It is obvious the child is feeling insecure.

Patrik helplessly watched Lin Mu carefully guarding the child. This can be considered finding trouble for himself. Seeing how Lin Mu cares about this child, he realized that he will take away a lot of Lin Mu’s attention. That makes Patrik worried about his position.

“Patrik, how old do you think this kid is?”

“Around 1 year old ba.”

“He got abandoned at such a young age. He must felt sad. We must treat him well in the future. We shouldn’t let him know that he was abandoned, otherwise, he will be miserable. We want him to grow up happily.”

Patrik nodded, he knew what it is like to be abandoned.

When Lin Mu woke up, he saw the little baby staring at him. Lin Mu cooed, “Hey, baby is awake.” As he said that, he kissed the baby gently.

The baby did not struggle or respond, just looking at Lin Mu. Lin Mu hugged the baby and coaxed with a low voice to play together, while Patrik, who was not far away, is arranging things and setting up the tent. Since they found this child, they won’t be continuing their journey today.

Lin Mu walked over while talking to the baby. He said, “Patrik, please bring some eggs back when you went out hunting. The baby is still very young and looks like he has been going hungry for a long time. It’s inappropriate to let him eat meat at the moment. I don’t know if the baby is a beastman or female, but let’s not give him meat for now.”

Patrik nodded, “I think this child should be a female.” He couldn’t be sure though.

Lin Mu nodded. In his heart, he felt that the baby is a female too, but he wouldn’t care too much. In his opinion, the baby could find a mate in the future just fine, whether he is a female or a beastman.

After placing an adult and a child in a safe place, Patrik went out hunting again.

Steamed egg

In the evening Lin Mu made steamed egg for the baby and he liked it very much. Right now, the baby is very dependent on Lin Mu. If Lin Mu wants to put the baby down, he will hold on to Lin Mu’s clothes. Lin Mu would have to coax in a low voice for a long time before he would let go. But still, he would stare at Lin Mu as if he is afraid Lin Mu would disappear from his sight. At night, he would stay in Lin Mu’s arms because he could only fall asleep while smelling Lin Mu’s scent.

For Patrik, who has been holding Lin Mu to sleep every night, he resented this new arrangement. Lin Mu felt he(P) should hold him while he is holding the baby in his arms because this will crush the baby. Patrik asked Lin Mu to put the child beside him before, but the moment he left Lin Mu’s arms, the child would cry. Then Lin Mu will hug the child in his arms with distress. Patrik can only look helplessly at the adult and child hugging tightly, while he sleeps alone at the side and watch. Patrik felt a little regretful right now. But it’s a pity because it’s too late…

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