Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 56

Banana: This chapter is an extra for Lin Yu, Lin Mu’s brother (the dude who pushed him down the cliff, yep, that one)

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Chapter 56 Lin Yu’s extra

When he was a child, Lin Yu1 felt very happy with his life. He has an elegant and dignified mother and a very capable father, who built his business from scratch. Lin Yu has always admired his dad since he was a child. Among his friends, some kids came from wealthy families, but Lin Yu can proudly say to them, “Your dad is not as good as mine. Your mothers told me that the reason why your father is so rich is because your grandfather’s family is very rich, but my father earned his own money. He started from scratch.” At that time, little Lin Yu might not understand what it means by ‘starting from scratch,’ but he knew that it meant that his father is very powerful, even better than other kids’ fathers.

However, everything changed when he was ten years old.

The family he is so proud of was destroyed by a young boy who suddenly appeared in his house. Lin Yu discovered that the father he had always admired has other women outside, like his friends’ fathers, and he even had a child from that relationship. His mother, who has always been noble and elegant, his lady-like mother has become so hysterical and crazy.

Lin Yu stood outside the door, and he could clearly hear his parents quarreling loudly in the room. His mother’s voice was sharp and harsh as she screamed angrily, and his father insisted on the decision to keep the child at home from beginning to end. Mother screamed out uselessly, while father didn’t have a shred of guilt in his flat voice. All this made Lin Yu very sad because he could feel that his happy home was destroyed on this day. The happy life of the past will not come back, even if his father still loves him as before, he feels that everything has changed. At least, he himself has changed.

Looking down from upstairs, Lin Yu stood there while staring at the child sitting quietly on the sofa downstairs. The child has a stiff expression, but there is no fear of being in an unfamiliar environment. Lin Yu bitterly glared at the child’s small and beautiful face, thinking, ‘So beautiful, I can see how beautiful that woman is, otherwise, how can she seduce my father?’

To be honest, Lin Yu has always known that his parents’ relationship is not good. He can see that his father doesn’t love his mother. He also knows that his father married her because of his mother’s background. But Lin Yu believes that even if his parents do not have love between them, they can still stay together for a lifetime. They can have family affection, and that can make their family live happily. In his opinion, family affection is much stronger than the uncertain thing called love.

But everything is gone now; he knows that his father’s cheating will make his mother hate him. Mother is a very proud person. She won’t allow the illegitimate child to enter the house because doing so will make her be the laughing stock of others. This is definitely not what she wants to see. Mother can bear Father not loving her, but she can’t handle being a joke. She would rather Father being laughed at than herself. How can these two continue to live together for a long time?

‘My home was ruined by you! I will never let you go!’ Lin Yu thought to himself as he looked at the child downstairs viciously. Even if the child can stay in their family, he would never let him feel good.

What happened in the following days was exactly what Lin Yu thought, his parents could no longer be together. Mother didn’t divorce Father because divorce was an act of cowardice. She won’t leave the Lin family just because of an illegitimate child. If that’s the case, wouldn’t she lose badly?

Although Mother did not leave the Lin family, she found a lover for herself. A man who is better than Father in both appearance and ability and this man is Mother’s first love as well. His mother is such a proud person. Naturally, she wants everyone in the world to know that it is she who does not want that man(Father)! Lin Yu has seen that man before; he is someone with a decent smile and would show extraordinary temperament in every gesture. But Lin Yu could also see that when the man looked at Mother, there wasn’t any love in his eyes, although Mother is still in her beautiful state. Lin Yu figured that this should be an agreement between them, which allowed his mother to get back her face(dignity).

And so, the child started to live with them, and Father tried his best to please the child, but the other party still treated him with lukewarm responses. Although Lin Yu hated that child very much, he did not act immediately. He had to think of the best way to punish him with the most painful punishment. Other the other hand, Mother did not make Lin Mu suffer and never abused Lin Mu, but she chose a more cruel method – cold treatment violence. Except for Father, no one in the Lin family talk to Lin Mu and ignored his existence. Sometimes Lin Mu didn’t even say a word for a day at home. Lin Yu watched the whole matter with an icy attitude.

Lin Yu has to admit, he felt very surprised by Lin Mu. The five or six years old child was not scared of being neglected, nor did he ask for help from his only backer – his father, as Lin Yu initially thought, but simply stayed quietly in the house. It seems that he doesn’t care about how other people treated him. However, Lin Mu’s attitude angered Lin Yu.

‘What rights do you have?! What rights do you have to act calm? You are just an illegitimate child!’

Lin Yu knew that his mother’s method is useless because the child’s psychological endurance was much stronger than they thought. A person like this can only be defeated mentally, and the only one who can hurt him is the one he cares about.

Watching the kid reading in the garden from a distance, Lin Yu thought in this mind, ‘I want you to die in pain! You shouldn’t have existed! You shouldn’t…’

From then on, everyone in the Lin family watched in surprise as the young master, that Lin Yu,
who had been ignoring Lin Mu’s existence, took the initiative to show his favor to the illegitimate son, which made everyone very puzzled. Could it be that Lin Yu has finally accepted Lin Mu? No matter how puzzled everyone is, this phenomenon makes his father very happy. The elder son finally accepted the younger son, it is naturally a good sign. They would be able to live well in the future, even if that woman leaves.

Although Lin Yu’s kindness made Lin Mu very resistant, he finally accepted it. After all, he was only a five or six year old child, and he wanted friends very much. Moreover, Lin Mu’s mother’s education made him unable to refuse the kindness from other people. Lin Mu still lived a difficult life in the family later on, but he felt a lot happier having someone to accompany him and talk to him. From thereon, Lin Yu became the person he cared about most in the Lin family.

This is what Lin Yu wants.

Lin Yu was secretly gleeful as Lin Mu trusted him more and more. Lin Yu didn’t tell anyone about his plan, not even his mother. But his mother is a smart person and someone who knows Lin Yu very well. Therefore, Lin Yu was not surprised that his mother didn’t ask about his actions.

Although Lin Yu wanted to show that he liked his younger brother very much, he never stops making him(LM) feel bad. He watched in amusement when his younger brother wondered why his classmates were so hostile to him. He watched his father become more and more disappointed with Lin Mu. He watched as Lin Mu failed to get into his intended major because of a mistake in the college entrance examination and felt sad, which was due to him(LY) deliberately causing Lin Mu to get sick before this… Lin Yu feels that Lin Mu’s pain is his greatest happiness.

He won’t let Lin Mu find a suitable job, but he won’t really push him to a dead end because his father would definitely not bear it and make Lin Mu return to the Lin House, which is definitely not what he wanted. The Lin company is his, so how could he be willing to let other people get involved in his own property?

Lin Yu looked at the dying woman2 in front of him. This is his mother, but she no longer had the noble charm of her youth. The ending she gets today is because she lost, lost to herself. In a relationship where everyone takes what they need, she ended up taking it seriously3, how ridiculous. Doomed to yearn for the things she cannot get, doomed to exhaust her life and energy on it. Looking at the old woman in front of him, he said, “Mom, you lost, but I’m not.”

The content of the will made Lin Yu very surprised and angry. He did not expect that his father would give most of his fortune to Lin Mu, the son who disappointed him so much. Lin Yu has his own company now, and he has never minded Lin company’s assets. The Lin company is just a stepping stone to his own accomplishment. Still, even if he doesn’t care about the Lin company, he is unwilling to give up what originally belongs to him to other people, especially this person he hated for so long.

The fury actually made Lin Yu even calmer, and he did not show the slightest dissatisfaction in front of Lin Yuhui(father). After all, in other people’s eyes, his own assets were not less than the Lin company. However, the extreme angry made him lost his sanity, so the thought of killing Lin Mu flashed in his mind. And this idea has constantly been growing. He knew that a devil is living in his heart, and it kept yelling, “Kill Lin Mu, he shouldn’t have existed! Kill him!”

After Lin Yu pushed Lin Mu off the cliff, he felt that his whole body was relaxed. The grievances and hatred that had been pressing on him for many years had all disappeared. He returned to his residence and fell asleep comfortably, sleeping until noon the next day, without a dream. Lin Mu has always been a thorn in his heart; now that the thorn is pulled out, he just felt relaxed.

On the office building’s top floor, Lin Yu stood by the glass window, looking at the night view outside. At this moment, he truly felt that he is living alone in this world. In the past few days, he has discovered that something is wrong with him. He would habitually call Lin Mu’s number every day. Because he wants to act as a good brother previously, Lin Yu has gotten used to give Lin Mu a call to remind him to eat, wear more clothes, or remember to go bask in the sun…

These have become a habit, a terrible habit that cannot be quit.

At first, when Lin Yu realized what he was doing, he smashed down his phone angrily, but that didn’t stop him from unconsciously buying things he felt suitable for Lin Mu or calling Lin Mu’s number whenever he saw something delicious… Just to realize that he has already killed him.

Now, Lin Yu couldn’t not admits that the person he has hated for so many years is the only one he ever treats sincerely, even though… Even though he thought he was just acting.

The phone rang.


“Ah Yu, you will come home tomorrow, right? I have something to talk to you.” Lin Yuhui’s voice sounds tired.


The other party hung up.

Lin Yu put down the phone and came to stand by the window again. He knew that his father was looking for someone to investigate Lin Mu’s disappearance these days, and he didn’t care about it anymore.

Lin Yu walked into the study and saw Lin Yuhui sitting with his back to the door. It makes Lin Yu realize that this man has become so old.

Lin Yu stopped beside him.

“You’re here.”


Lin Yuhui paused for a long time before asking, “Mu Mu… he can’t come back anymore, right?”

Lin Yu thought for a long time, and in the end, he answered his father’s question, which was asked in a trembling voice, “En.”

Lin Yuhui sighed for a long time, which seemed to take away the strength of his whole body.

“It’s all my fault.”

Lin Yu didn’t say anything, listening quietly to his father’s self-blame.

Lin Yuhui laughed at himself, “I am an unscrupulous person, and I will definitely try my best to fight for what I want. In my heart, self-interests are always above all else. Therefore, for the sake of my benefits, I married your mother. I don’t think I need love. What I enjoy is the great glory that success brings and the achievement that makes others look up to you. But then I regretted my choice.” Lin Yuhui paused and then continued.

He said, “Mu Mu’s mother is a woman in a small city. When I first saw her, I thought she was as holy as a white lily. Maybe people like me with a dark heart are more likely to be attracted to purity; I immediately fell in love with her. Although Mu Mu’s mother is not from a rich family, she is very easily satisfied. She surprised me that there are such kind and beautiful person in the world. I tried my best to pursue her, and we dated like the most ordinary couples. We ate in the most ordinary roadside stalls. There was no luxury, no elegance, no flattery, but full of happiness.” Lin Yuhui seemed to imagine the happy time, with a smile on his face. Perhaps he thought of something else, the smile on his face disappeared the next moment.

“I didn’t tell her that I was married, had a wife, and a son, but in the end, she knew about it. She left behind a letter the day before we were going to register. Then I learned that your mother had been looking for someone to check on me and went to see Mu Mu’s mother when I was going to marry her. I know your mother is a proud person. She allowed me to spend time with other women outside but couldn’t tolerate me marrying them. She thought it was an insult to her. I have been asking people to help me find Mu Mu’s mother and finally found her. Then I also found out that she was pregnant. However, she did not want to come back with me. How could a kind person like her allow herself to be a person who destroys other people’s family?”

“She forbids me to appear in front of her; otherwise, she will disappear again. So, I can only leave her alone. I was very happy when the baby was born, and I secretly went to see the wrinkled and small baby. He was not as good looking as his mother, but I like him very much.”

“At that time, you can’t imagine how hard it was for a single mother to raise a child, but I could only watch helplessly. She was too stubborn; she didn’t even want Lin Mu to know that there is a father like me. If it wasn’t because she is seriously ill and dying soon, she definitely didn’t want Lin Mu to have anything to do with the Lin family.”

“Everything is my fault. I lied to that beautiful and kind woman, and in the end, I couldn’t even save her dearest child. This is God’s retribution. I should not lie to her; I should not make someone kind like her to be with me.”

“I didn’t expect you to kill him. After all, you have been so good to him, and you are the only person he cares about, but… haha,” Lin Yuhui smiled sadly, “How could I forget that you are my son? Ah, I am such an unscrupulous person, how could you not be the same? But Mu Mu is not like me because he has a kind mother.”

“It’s all because of the will. I stupidly thought that you were an ambitious person like me, so you wouldn’t like the Lin company. I know what you like best is success earned by your own ability. You are capable and courageous. Your own company is no worse than the Lin company. I don’t have to worry about you at all, but Mumu is different. He seems to be living a life of isolation. I don’t want him to work too hard before I die, so I want to leave him enough money for a lifetime. I got it wrong again… I underestimated my son!”

Lin Yu kept silent all the time.

“Just leave. I won’t call the police to arrest you. After all, I have already lost a son. But don’t come back again. I’m guilty towards Mu Mu and his mother; I will repay them in the next life. You go…” Lin Yuhui finished speaking the last sentence and closed his eyes. He was unwilling to face everything now, but he had to face it.

Lin Yu walked out of the room and closed the door, saying nothing from beginning to end. Stepping outside the villa and looking at the sky, he knew he was wrong, but he could do nothing about it anymore.

Lin Yu was lying on the hospital bed; he knew that his life had come to an end. In this life, he has not married anyone, has no lover, nor has he married a woman who is beneficial to his company like his father did. He knew that he had done the wrong thing that he regretted all his life. Everyone had to pay for what they did. He lived for more than seventy years now, it was too long, and this might be his punishment. How can it be a blessing to live alone for a long time in the world?

He still remembered what he said when his mother was about to die, but in fact, he also lost.

“Mu Mu, brother will compensate you in the next life.”

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