Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 53

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Chapter 53 Ceremony

There is a large open space in front of the big house where the drifter beastman originally lived together. After being cleaned up, it became a gathering square. At this moment, there are more than a dozen beastman busying around in the square, and sometimes one will see Casso and Qiuqiu fighting in the square.

Lal stood in the square and kept giving directions.

“These tables are going to be there.”

“Hey, you have to put the stove here so that it won’t get in the way.”

“Aiya, you have to make sure to wash the dishes clean.”

Cohen walked towards the busy bee Lal. Seeing Cohen coming over, Lal hurried up to greet him, pretending to complain, “Why did the boss give me such a big task of handling the ceremony? The pressure is so great!” If these words weren’t accompanied by a triumphant expression, it would be more convincing.

Cohen said with contempt, “I think you are enjoying it.”

“Hehe, yeah. The boss gave me such an important task to show that he believed in my ability. Aiya, I can’t disappoint the boss’s expectations of me.”

Cohen couldn’t help rolling his eyes in his heart, thinking ‘I don’t think it’s because you are capable, but just because you are very free.’ But Cohen didn’t want to agitate him. No matter what, this is his partner, although they haven’t held the ceremony yet. The most important thing is that today is a great day for their boss Patrik, the tribe leader of the drifter beastman tribe, to hold his ceremony. Hence, it’s alright to humour Lal.

Yes, today is the day where Patrik and Lin Mu become partners. Naturally, it is also the day where the other couples become partners. That day, Patrik and the others went hunting for animal skins to make new clothes for their partners and it took them more than ten days. Lais and the others were alright, but Lin Mu became spiritless all day. Because Patrik has never left his side for that long.

Lin Mu has always known that he likes Patrik, but these days has made him understand that Patrik is already indispensable in his life. Patrik is not only his lover, partner but also his only relative. He couldn’t imagine what he would do if Patrik had an accident, after all, there were too many powerful beasts in this world. That’s why when Patrik came back from some minor injuries, Lin Mu couldn’t help crying. He knew that it is inevitable for beastman to get hurt during hunting, but he still felt sad nevertheless. And so Patrik lived an exceptionally comfortable life in those few days, and all his requirements were met. Of course, extreme happiness leads to sorrow. After a rough sme-xy time, Lin Mu ordered a restriction on that ‘exercise’.

Seeing that the altar is under construction, Lal asked Cohen, “When will the altar be built? Remember not to miss the auspicious hour.”

Cohen replied with confidence, “Don’t worry, it will be completed before noon. The ceremony will not be delayed.”

Lal: “Lin Mu asked to build the altar on the easternmost part of the square this time, so it won’t get in the way, and there is no need to dismantle it after this. It is really troublesome to dismantle and rebuild every time.”

Cohen: “En, that way, we don’t need to rebuild it when we hold our ceremony.”

It will be a lie if Cohen says he is not jealous after knowing that the four couples are going to hold their ceremony. He is also anxious ah! If he has no partner to start with, then it’s fine. But now there is one who stayed with him, why can’t he hold the ceremony together? It’s all Lal’s fault for being so awkward.

“Who wants to hold the ritual with you?!” Lal glanced at the incoming flying beasts and said, “Ryan is back with the flowers, I’m going to work.”

Looking at Lal’s back as he fled, Cohen couldn’t help but shook his head, “Still being so awkward. He already stayed in the same room with me and still don’t recognize our relationship. But then again, we also lived together before. No, there has to be a way to get Lal to agree to be partners with me. Otherwise, with his temperament, I don’t know how long I will have to wait.” After muttering those words, Cohen went to busy with his work.

On the other side, what greeted him when Lal ran to the two giant beasts was a very loud ‘Atchoo’. Lal narrowly escaped, and then laughed unkindly at the sneezing behemoth, “Hahaha… Howth, do you how funny you look right now?”

The two giant beasts were Ryan and Howth. Howth quickly dropped those flowers to the ground with his tail, and then swiftly distanced away from the flowers. Howth’s movement made Lal laugh again. Beastman’s overly keen sense of smell when in the beast form made them feel uncomfortable when facing mixed floral scents, so they will feel much better in their human form. Of course, other beastman’s reactions were not as severe as Howth’s sneezing. That means Howth is a beastman with hay fever. Of course, before getting this task, Howth didn’t even know he had this problem. Ryan also quickly moved the flowers he was carrying to the ground, before transforming to his human form and ran after his brother Howth.

These flowers were picked from the sea of flowers that Sasha and Locke found last time (remember?)1, and they were bright and beautiful. Lal sneezed into a bunch of flowers, and then called a few beastmen to arrange the flowers in the four beastman’s home. Hehe, Lal was not being mischievous, not at all. Lin Mu said it, decorating the bridal house is very important (Lin Mu: *innocent* I didn’t mean that, you misunderstand). Of course, the side effects of these flowers have nothing to do with him.

Lal collected several baskets of pink petals and asked a beastman nearby, “Where is Misha?” He needed Misha to take the petals. From what he heard from Lin Mu, the ceremony from his place has children throwing petals during the ceremony. Misha is the only child in the tribe who can do this. The boss trusts him so much, he has to leave a good memory for them no matter what. When he found Misha, Misha said it’s very tiring for him since four couples are going to hold the ceremony. But after he managed to exhort 2 cat beasts from Lal, he happily picked the flower basket and went away.

On the other hand, where is Lin Mu now? The four of them are in the big house, and they have put on their newly made clothes.

“Our clothes are too bright and eye-catching.” Lin Mu said, pulling at the top of firefox skin that he was wearing.

Lais is wearing a snow-white animal skin jacket and skirt. “Mine is not that bright.”

Sasha looked at his red and brown clothes and said, “No, I think it looks good.”

Phil’s clothing is bright yellow, making his fair complexion even whiter, petite and cute, “I feel it looked excellent too.”

“Alright, alright, it’s just my colour is coquettish.”

Sasha fluffed his long blonde hair, “Lin Mu, how to make my hair looks good?”

Lais: “Yes, please help us to tie our hair?”

Lin Mu’s hair is at shoulder-length now. Initially, he wanted to cut it, but unfortunately, there are no scissors in this world. He didn’t dare to try it with a stone knife, it would be miserable if he couldn’t go out due to bad hairstyle. Since his hairstyle is simple, he doesn’t need to spend any time on his head, but the other three has long hairs and different texture.

“Well then, I’ll be your stylist for free this time.”

Lais is the tallest among them. Because of his gentle aura, Lin Mu tied his hair in half and let the rest of his long hair behind him, making his temperament more gentle. Sasha’s blonde hair was tied up high into a ponytail, making him look more energetic, which was in line with his lively nature. As for Phil, he left bangs on his forehead, which made him look delicate and lovely. After they are done, they sat at the table, chatting and waiting for their beastman to return. Patrik and the others went out hunting because the ceremony would require a lot of food. The other beastmen were busy; hence the four of them are in charge of hunting and catching enough food for the banquet.

Lin Mu threw a small red fruit like a small tomato into his mouth. While chewing, he said, “We are going to be busy today.”

Puzzled, Sasha said, “En?”

“Today’s dinner will be a banquet, and we will have to cook for a lot of people.”

Sasha said happily, “Well, I missed the food you cooked so much. One of the bad points of living separately is we can’t eat the food you cooked, Lin Mu.”

Lais and Phil also nodded and agreed, “We all missed Lin Mu’s skill.”

Lin Mu said disapprovingly, “Tsk, it’s not like your cooking is not good. Stop making me look like a glutton.”

Sasha: “But it’s not as delicious as your cooking.”

Seeing everyone looked eager, Lin Mu said, “Since all of you like my cooking so much, I will make more delicious food tonight.”

“What a good decision.”

When Patrik and the others returned, they handed the meat that they have cleaned to the beastman who is in charge of the barbecue. Seeing that everything is almost all set up, the beastmen went into the house to find their partners.

The females stood up when they saw their partners.

Lin Mu came to Patrik and asked, “When will the ceremony begin? We have eaten a lot of fruits while waiting.”

Patrik pinched Lin Mu’s face and replied, “Almost time.”

“Locke, what did you guys caught today?”

“There are so many types. But of course, there are also the Gulu beasts2 you like to eat.”

“That’s great!”

Lin Mu looked at Sasha speechlessly, he is really a foodie. Take a look at Lais and Phil. They were looking at their beastman with affection while this guy only knows to eat. Eat so much every day but doesn’t seem to be growing—what a waste.

“Boss, the time is up, you should come out.”

Hearing Lal’s voice, Sasha bit into the fruit with a loud ‘kacha’.

“Sasha, what’s wrong?”

Sasha replied with bulging cheeks. “I’m nervous.”

Hearing that, Locke immediately took the person into his arms and comforted, “Don’t be nervous, there is nothing to be nervous about. Look, I’m not nervous.” He is not nervous but excited. How long has he been waiting? He is looking forward to today! Divine beast god, he can finally be partners with Sasha!

Sasha immediately retorted, “Of course you are not nervous!” It is not you who will suffer later! The result after Lin Mu and Lais was ‘eaten’ is really worrying.

However, it doesn’t matter if one is nervous or not, they need to go out now. Holding each other’s hand tightly while looking at the person who will be spending their lifetime together, the couples stepped out of the house. The light was colourful, and all the tribesmen stood on both sides of the path, watching them heading towards the altar step by step. Today, their tribe will have four couples getting together, which has a special meaning for them. And today would be one of the most memorable events for them.

Patrik and Lin Mu first ascended the altar. Then they bowed to the east.

“Praying for the beast god’s testimony!” Everyone’s voices were so loud and powerful.

Patrik cut his finger with a knife and dripped a drop of blood into a bowl of water. Lin Mu tried to do the same but was stopped by Patrik. Patrik put Lin Mu’s finger in his mouth and bit down. Then he squeezed a drop of blood from Lin Mu’s finger into the bowl.

Patrik picked up the bowl and said solemnly, “Our blood has mixed together, never separating, and we will spend the rest of our lives together.”

In Lin Mu’s opinion, he feels that they are already a pair of old couple, and this ceremony is just a formality. He thought he would not be excited, but at this moment he was moved in a mess, “En, we will stay together for a lifetime!”

Patrik and Lin Mu drank the blood water together, and the ceremony is complete. Yes, it is that simple. There is no beautiful marriage vow, no ‘Yes, I do.’ Just mixing of blood, I am in you, you are in me, never separate. A beastman’s loyalty is in his heart, he does not require the bondage of an oath, and yet, his heart is as firm as a rock.

The moment the ceremony is completed, a ray of red light surrounded the two people.

Lin Mu glanced around at the mysterious red light and heard Patrik’s excited voice, “Mu Mu, our ceremony has been blessed by the beast god!”

“Blessing from the beast god?”

Lin Mu heard the cheers from the audience; beast god, what a magical existence.

The couples performed the rituals one after another. What excites everyone the most is that all couples have been blessed by the beast god. At this moment, they believe that being surrounded by the mysterious halo is the happiest time in their life.


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