Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 50

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Chapter 50 Lais’s Extra


Lais’s tribe is not big or small, just ordinary. Females are inherently scarce, so with Lais’s personality that is not as willful and arrogant as other spoiled females, plus his slender figure, Lais is very popular with his tribe beastmen. Many people tried to pursue Lais.

Lais has lived in his tribe since he was a child, being pampered by his parents and his suitors with no limits. Originally he thought he would find a beastman warrior who is brave as his father, and care for him like his father to his dad1, to spend this ordinary life together until old. But it didn’t happen.

Lais has never understood how someone like drifter beastman exists in this world. Both his parents told him about the bad things that drifter beastman did, and that makes him feel terrified. He couldn’t understand why drifter beastman do bad things to females that all beastman regarded as their most precious treasures. How could drifter beastman force themselves on a female?

On the other hand, even though drifter beastmen are scary, they are far away from him, in Lais’s opinion. Their tribe has never been invaded by any drifter beastman before. There are many mighty beastman warriors in their tribe, so even if they did come, the tribe warriors would protect them and their tribe. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Watching the beastman in his tribe being killed and wounded, watching the injured beastman being enslaved by the drifter beastman to protect his own family, and seeing his friends being humiliated, Lais has never been so scared as he is now.

That moment when he was dragged away by a few drifter beastman, Lais knew what his fate would be, which made him tremble with fear and anger at the same time. How can they do this, how can they humiliate females?! They are not worthy of being the subjects of their beast god, they are simply beasts! They don’t deserve to be called beastman! Lais finally understood why people said drifter beastmen are abandoned by the beast god, and why they would be expelled by their tribe. But, who can save him from these demons now? Who can save him?! He did not want to be insulted by these drifter beastmen, even if he died!

When Lais was desperately thinking of ending himself, Jason’s appearance made him see the hope of life. He will never forget the scene where Jason appeared. A huge snake with blood-red eyes caused people to get a chill down their back. But at this moment, Lais felt like a saviour has descended to the world. He watched the huge snake body swung away several drifter beastman, and even though they quickly transformed to their beast form, they were not the opponent of the big snake.

Lais watched as trees went flying in front of him, and how several drifter beastman being injured by the snake before fleeing. He watched the snake become a handsome man in front of him, who looked at him with indifference. All of a sudden, Lais felt that his heart is beating abnormally. This person is so scary, but why he didn’t feel afraid of him?

Lais stared as the man stood in front of him, and with an indifferent expression in his cold voice, the man said, “Follow me.” Next, the man carried Lais in his arms without asking if he agreed, and left the place.

The forest at night always gave people a feeling that something creepy is calling out. It was the first time for Lais to spend the night in the forest. With a self-protective stance, Lais positioned himself closer to the fire, which made him less afraid. He looked up at the expressionless man sitting opposite him. This person hasn’t spoken to him since he said to follow him. Lais had never encountered a beastman who treated him with such an attitude before, so he didn’t know how to talk with this icy person.

Upon seeing the man getting up, Lais instantly panicked. What if he left himself here?! Lais stood up immediately, and asked with pleading in his eyes, “Where are you going?”

Jason paused and glanced at the female, “Wait.” After speaking, he turned into his beast form and entered the dense forest.

Lais looked at the beastman’s leaving figure and looked at the dark surroundings as if it is about to swallow him. Thinking of his tribe and his home, Lais clasped his arms around himself; he felt so cold at the moment. Sad tears couldn’t help streaming down, “Father, Dad…” He knew that his dead parents could not hear his call. He knows…

Immersed in grief, Lais suddenly heard a familiar indifferent voice asking, “What’s wrong?”

The female was so deep in grief that Jason couldn’t bear it and voiced out.

Looking up, Lais saw that the man came back. He(J) didn’t abandon him. He raised his head happily and said with a smile, “I’m fine.” He wiped away the tears from his face hurriedly, “What did you do outside?”

Jason stopped trying to ask the female when he saw that he is not sad anymore. He gestured at the meat he had already cleaned up and said, “Food.”

Due to him feeling shocked earlier plus they were hurrying away from the village, Lais didn’t have the time to feel hungry. Only when he saw the meat taken out by the beastman that he suddenly felt starving. Lais happily mumbled to himself, “So he went looking for food.”

Jason gave the female a fruit to pad his stomach while he prepares to cook the meat. When he was out earlier, he made a small stone pot on the spot according to Lin Mu’s specifications, which he thought was really tiny. Placing the pot on the fire, he poured in some water from a bamboo tube.

At the side, Lais curiously looked at the stone pot, and saw the beastman pouring water into the pot on the fire, he should be boiling water. In his opinion, this beastman is really smart to have thought of using this method to boil water. In the past, the people in Lais’s tribe only boiled hot water in winter, and they all use bamboo tubes to do so. The bamboo tubes were easy to burn, so they could only boil the water to warm temperature; it can barely be used.

Lais was eating the grilled meat the beastman cooked for him while watching him engraving something with a piece of wood and a knife. This cold beastman is really strange. Then the man served him something to drink in a peculiar shape (actually it’s just a common and rough-looking bowl)2 tool, Lais asked, “What is this?”

“Wooden bowl and spoon.” Jason still cherishes his words like gold3, as always.

Following the method the beastman showed him, Lais managed to drink the fruit soup with a spoon. “It’s really convenient, and the soup is delicious. Thank you! You are so smart!”

“Taught by Lin Mu.” After Jason finished speaking, he began to eat silently.

Although Lais doesn’t know who Lin Mu is, but he is really an amazing person to be able to make these things. Lais ate 5 or 6 more skewers of grilled meat, drank 2 bowls of fruit soup, and rubbed his stomach comfortably. Although the meat has no taste, this meal was comfortable for him. After they finished eating, perhaps because they had a meal together, Lais felt that they have gotten slightly closer(one-sidedly).

“My name is Lais, can you tell me what your name is?” Lais asked with a smile looking at the expressionless person opposite him. Lais’s gentle personality has always been one of the main reasons why many beastman like him.


Knowing Jason’s name, Lais considered that they are now acquaintance and said, “Jason, thank you for saving me today.”

Although he didn’t get any reaction from Jason, this didn’t prevent Lais from deciding to communicate with him.

“Jason, which tribe are you from?”

“……” Silence.

“How many people are there in your tribe?”

Still silence.

“Can I go to your tribe?”

No response yet.

Though the other party didn’t say anything, Lais was not discouraged. Then, seeing him(J) handing him an animal skin blanket, Lais took it as it’s not good to reject people’s goodwill. He spread the blanket on the ground and prepare to sleep; it was really a tiring today.

Jason looked in the direction where Lais was sleeping, considering whether to send him to another tribe or let him follow him first. He still has a mission to find a place suitable for everyone to live as soon as possible. The nearby tribes are quite far away from here, and they are in the opposite direction from where he is going.

“I’d better find a suitable place first, then send him away.” After thinking about it in his heart, Jason closed his eyes and fell asleep. He needs to rest as well.

In the morning, Lais was woken by the smell of grilled meat. Seeing that Jason has already started to prepare food and he barely woken up, Lais smiled embarrassedly at Jason. Taking the bamboo tube filled with water, he rinsed briefly and started eating. In his mind, he thought with some regret, “Jason’s barbecue skills are excellent, it will be nice if he could add more salt. Why doesn’t he have any salt? Could it be he has finished eating his salt already?”

Jason also boiled some fruit soup for Lais and packed the remainder in a bamboo tube as he remembered Lin Mu saying that drinking boiled water is better for females.

They started to move the next day, and Lais saw that the other party didn’t look like he will abandon him. On the other hand, although Jason looked cold, he still took good care of him, so naturally, Lais followed Jason with confidence. One thing he couldn’t understand was why Jason keep heading to some obscure places. Could it be because their tribe is located in a more hidden place? However, though Jason has been walking towards a direction, Lais has a feeling that Jason is somewhat uncertain with their destination. He also couldn’t understand why they are not returning to his(J) tribe despite the fact that rainy season is coming


Lais stared at the beastman in front of him. He couldn’t believe that the man who had been taking care of him for a long time is a drifter beastman! He admitted that he was frightened as his gaze met with the person who is looking at him with no expression. But thinking of the care he gave him these days, Lais forgot to be afraid, suddenly felt very angry and wronged.

“Why are you telling me this? Are you going to leave me behind?!”

Lais’s questioning tone didn’t change Jason’s expression.

Lais didn’t know what Jason was thinking or whether he really wanted to leave him behind, but that thought made him feel scared.

Jason shook his head. He has not found a suitable place yet, but he needs to rush back to meet Patrik and the others. Hence, he can no longer bring Lais with him. “I will send you to other tribes.”

“I’m not going!”

Lais didn’t understand why he felt so angry. He knew that Jason was doing it for his own good. After all, the other party is a drifter beastman, but he still felt abandoned.

Jason didn’t speak because he knew that Lais is feeling irrational now, and beastman wouldn’t argue with females. Moreover, Jason doesn’t experience such intense emotions generally, so he waited for Lais to calm down.

Looking at the silent beastman, Lais sat on the ground feebly, trying to calm himself down.

“You are different from those bad drifter beastmen.”


“Are you going back to find your companions or… are you just alone?”

“Go back to my companions.”

“Your companions are the same as you… they don’t hurt females?” Feeling that his words might hurt the beastman, Lais added, “En, I mean you are different from those bad drifter beastmen. You didn’t hurt me. I heard my father say that drifter beastmen will hurt females, so I want to ask…”

Before Lais could finish his words, he heard Jason said, “My companions have never done it.”

“Won’t snatch other people’s tribes and bully females like those beastman?”


Lais stopped asking, he feels that he needs to consider some things. Then he looked at the beastman sitting opposite him. This person feels so cold. He doesn’t like to talk and always expressionless, except when he talks about a person.

“Who is Lin Mu? What kind of person is he?” In Lais’s opinion, Lin Mu should be a drifter beastman, just like Jason.

“He is a female, we met by chance.”

“Female?! He is a female? You mean there are females in your group?!”

Jason nodded, “He took the initiative to stay in our tribe. He is a very smart person.”

Seeing Jason’s ice cube’s face slightly relaxed, Lais praised, “Such an amazing female! Do you like him?” Jason probably liked him, after all, that female sounded pretty good. Not sure why, Lais feel kind of lost.

“He will become Patrik’s female.”

Although the other party did not answer his question directly, Lais still felt happy.

“I’ll go back with you.”

Since those people will not hurt him, they should be very good to females too, judging on Jason’s attitude. Going to a new tribe is no different from following Jason to new places, plus he already has someone he knows if he followed Jason. Lais deliberately ignored the fact that a tribe would give him a better living environment, and that the rainy season is about to come.

Jason frowned when he heard what Lais said. Even if he doesn’t want to send Lais away, he can’t help but admit that it is better for females to live in a tribe.

Seeing Jason frowned, Lais got worried that he will be rejected, so he quickly stated, “I have already decided.” How can one refuse a female’s request!

Thus, Lais followed Jason and met his companions. He was surprised that there were cubs in their group. Of course, he also saw Lin Mu, whom he had always heard about, and Lin Mu is indeed a very attractive female.

The life he experienced next was so beautiful that Lais couldn’t believe it; delicious food and bright house. These were things he had never seen before. In the past, the tribe would stay in a cave during the rainy season and winter. It has always been like this, dark and damp. However, being accustomed to the condition and accepting doesn’t mean he likes it.

He had no objection to sharing a room with Jason, he knew that they have been regarded as a pair, even though they were only sleeping separately; each to one side of the bed. But Lais was pleased about this. He thinks that it’s good for their relationship to develop at a steady rate, although they were not as clingy as the other pairs. After all, Lais could see that he is different in Jason’s eyes, and it is very difficult for ice block like him(J) to do those cheesy things. All these were fine in Lais’s opinion. Because generally, beastman and their female only get together after a long time and Lais didn’t know Jason for long. But when the other pairs start talking about holding their ceremony the same time with Lin Mu, Lais suddenly felt a little worried. Why didn’t Jason propose to him? Doesn’t Jason like himself? Lais became less sure of that all of a sudden. He knew that Jason realized something is wrong, but he(J) didn’t say anything (because Jason didn’t know how to say, he is not good at expressing himself). And that made Lais’s heart felt troubled even more. Lais knows that he is a little out of it these days and was always in a daze, but he didn’t expect Lin Mu to guess his thoughts.

That day when he went up the mountain with Lin Mu, they found new food. Lin Mu said that it is called sweet potatoes – a very delicious food. Lais knew that whenever they found new food, Lin Mu would cook it for them immediately. Lin Mu was said it is called testers. Therefore, it was no surprise to find a variety of sweet potatoes for dinner at night.

Lais ate his food silently and missed the worried gaze Jason cast at him. After the meal, Lais was quietly pulled away by Lin Mu. When he heard Lin Mu explained why Jason didn’t express his feelings to him, he was delighted at that moment because Jason liked him too! But he was furious at the same time. As a female, isn’t it obvious enough for everything he did for Jason?! Hence, Lin Mu gave him an idea and taught him to seduce Jason. Moreover, he said not to ‘do it to the end’ with Jason. Hearing Lin Mu whispering how to seduce someone, Lais felt his face burn. But it makes him happy when Lin Mu said that he could actually punish Jason in this way; like Jason can only see but cannot eat; making Jason feel unsettled.

Of course, Lais couldn’t hear what Lin Mu really thought in his own mind – beastman is also a beast, who can control the beast when the ‘urge’ comes up? And mister, you are the one seducing the beast, how can the beastman let you go? So please forgive my treacherousness, hahaha…

So, Lais ended up in ‘misery’. However, there is still a difference with what Lin Mu thinks. Jason actually held onto his urge until his eyes became red, and it was Lais who can’t bear to make him feel uncomfortable. The result was he can’t get up the next day, and Jason looked refreshed.

Lying on the bed and being fed by Jason in his arms, Lais felt relieved although he was not feeling well. Living in a very good tribe and having a beastman partner that he likes, Lais thinks that his current mood can be described as what Lin Mu often said – My life is complete.

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