Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 47

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Table of Content

List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Chapter 47 Lais’s thoughts

There’s a human size bump on the wide bed, under a huge animal skin, and the twist and turn of the figure show that the person is awake. Wriggling like a caterpillar under the sheets for a while, this person seemed to be savoring his beauty sleep and refused to get up… After a while, a slender, pale arm stretched out from under the animal skin, and then a fluffy head was exposed. Rubbing his eyes, he yawned to show he is finally sober, and his eyes are as bright as before.

Lin Mu looked at the empty space beside him. Just as usual, Patrik had already gone out busying around when he(LM) woke up. When he sat up, the pendant he was wearing on his neck was exposed, and Lin Mu held up the swaying animal teeth. This was given to him by Patrik when he proposed to him yesterday. Although the teeth of the beast are a little yellow, Lin Mu likes it very much. Thinking of yesterday, Lin Mu smiled and put the animal tooth necklace back under his clothes. Such a meaningful item should be carried with him all the time.

After they returned to their room yesterday, they didn’t do any passionate exercise. They just lie on the bed and chat about the day they first met and their future life. Both of them have the same hopeful vision for the future, and they also believe that they will make the tribe’s tomorrow more beautiful. No longer have to worry about food and accommodation; they even have their own tribe now!

It was Patrik’s wish to build his own tribe, but he didn’t expect it to be realized so early. Moreover, their tribe is better than other tribes. No other tribe lives in a house like them, and they don’t have delicious food like theirs. Patrik is very satisfied with his current life; it felt like a dream which he couldn’t even dream of. Of course, this would be more complete if he can hold the ceremony with Lin Mu. Patrik really wants to marry Lin Mu as soon as possible, because then Lin Mu would truly belong to him forever. Of course, this will not happen immediately. According to Lin Mu, they can only proceed with the ceremony after their own house is built. Although living together with everyone is very lively, it is really inconvenient in other aspects.

In Lin Mu’s opinion, he and Patrik had done everything that partners can do together, so the marriage ceremony was just a ceremony. He is very willing to hold the ceremony with Patrik,
but he is not in a hurry.

Patrik is in a hurry to marry, but Lin Mu is not so he can only wait. What to do otherwise? As a beastman, he would obey his female’s wishes 10,000%. It’s not like he can force it, he still wants the ceremony alright?! And so, every beastman is a wife(?)1 slave!

After getting dressed and ready to go out to wash, Phil suddenly pulled Lin Mu over, saying, “I have something to tell you.” Phil spoke quietly and then pulled Lin Mu into his room.

Being dragged into the room, Lin Mu was quite puzzled and curious about Phil’s behavior. He sat on the edge of the bed with Phil and motioned to him to speak with his eyes.

Phil saw that Lin Mu is very interested in what he wanted to say. He organized his thoughts and said solemnly, “It’s about Lais.”

Seeing Phil opened his eyes widely and acting serious, Lin Mu thought Phil is adorable, but when he heard him say it was about Lais, Lin Mu couldn’t help but frown.

“Yesterday I saw Lais alone in the woods, looking very sad. I asked him what’s wrong, but he didn’t say anything. I thought he missed his family because he would be sad whenever he missed his family. That was usually when he felt wronged. Then I thought about when I was with Lloyd. Since we got together, I haven’t thought of my father and dad2 for a long time, and even if I think about them now, I won’t be sad. That’s why I think if Lais has been wronged?”

When Lin Mu heard Phil’s words, he recalled a detail that he had overlooked. That day when they discussed the ceremony, Phil and Sasha were happily talking about holding it together, but Lais did not say that he and Jason were going to do it. Now that he thought of it, Lais accidentally revealed a lost expression at that time. Though he saw it, he didn’t give it another thought because he was focused on the ceremony at that time.

“Could it be because of Jason?”

“Although Jason is very cold, he treats Lais very well, we can all tell. Besides, Lais is a good female, how could Jason make Lais sad?” In Phil’s opinion, although Jason looked cold all day and cannot be compared with Lloyd, he can tell that Jason cares about Lais.

“But, Lais didn’t talk about holding the ceremony together.” Lin Mu said, “Is there something wrong with them? Or Lais doesn’t want to be partners with Jason? But that doesn’t seem to be the case, Lais like Jason a lot, right?”

“Could it be Jason doesn’t like Lais?” Phil was surprised by his own thought. “Lais is so good, why wouldn’t Jason like him?!”

Seeing Phil looked incredulous, Lin Mu said, “Jason doesn’t like Lais? Probably not, after all, don’t they live together now? There must be something we don’t know.” He nodded to affirm his own guess.

Phil was a little worried and said, “Then what will happen to them? Lin Mu, we must help Lais and Jason.”

“That is for sure, but first, we must figure out why Lais is sad. After all, we are only throwing guesses now.”

“Then how do we know? Just ask Lais?”

Lin Mu shook his head, “We should attack the subject by the side, and then see Lais’s reaction to judge whether we are right or not. Then only we take measures.”

Phil: “I will follow your instructions.”

Lin Mu: “Remember to cooperate with me well.”

After Lin Mu discussed with Phil, both of them went out.

“I haven’t wash yet!”

Lin Mu went out to help with cooking and suddenly realized that he hadn’t washed his face and brush his teeth, so he ran to the stream. While he is running, it comes to him that going to the stream every day to wash is really troublesome! Hence, he decided to prepare a bucket of water tonight for tomorrow morning.

During breakfast

Lin Mu placed a piece of meat into Patrik’s bowl and watched as he ate it with a smile (Although the angle of the mouth is really low, Lin Mu can see that he is delighted). Inadvertently, he saw that Lais and Jason didn’t seem to interact much with each other, and thought to himself, “So this is how you two usually interact.”

Then, he saw Phil sneaking glances at Lais while eating, and couldn’t help palming his forehead. Phil, can’t you see Lloyd looking at you suspiciously? Although Lais didn’t give much response, you can’t be so obvious. After that, Lin Mu glanced at Lais lowered his head to eat his breakfast, and muttered, “The problem is obvious.”

“What?” Though Lin Mu said to himself in a low voice, but Patrik heard it.

Lin Mu smiled at him, “It’s nothing.” Then he transferred the meat in his bowl to Patrik. It’s still uncomfortable to eat so much meat for breakfast.

Patrik didn’t object to Lin Mu’s actions, but added more meat on Lin Mu’s bowl in response and said, “Eat more meat, you are too thin.”

Though speechless by the meat that was returned back to him, Lin Mu could only compromise upon seeing the caring in Patrik’s eyes.

After the meal, Lin Mu gave Phil a look and nodded, and then walked up to Lais while Sasha gave both a suspicious glance. Lin Mu said, “Lais, today we shall rest since we have been busy for the past few days.”

Lais was about to carry the basket on his back when he heard that. He looked at Lin Mu suspiciously, “Didn’t we say yesterday that we will continue to collect food separately today?”

“That…” Lin Mu chuckled, “I just think that we are quite tired these days. Although work is important, maintaining a balance is also very important.” Seeing Lais’s puzzled gaze, Lin Mu’s eyes became even more sincere. He looked at Lais and said, “Really.”

“Alright.” Lais put down the basket in his hand, “Then how are we going to spend the time today?”

“That’s easy.” Lin Mu turned back, “Phil.”

Phil walked over immediately, “We can eat snacks and chat.”

Lin Mu thought of the board he made before, handmade by Patrik of course, and added, “We can also play games.”

As soon as Sasha heard that, he supported the decision, “I like that.”

Misha, Qiuqiu, and Casso also expressed that they want to join. But thinking of their goals, Lin Mu immediately refused, “Not this time.”

“Why?” One person, one wolf, and one Qiuqiu simultaneously looked dissatisfiedly. Why can’t they join?

Lin Mu looked at the three children (?), “Hey, you three are still underaged, be obedient. Today is a gathering for us adults, kids should go out and play.”

Feeling dissatisfied…

The young ones’ expression became worse, so Lin Mu added, “If you are obedient, I will make toys for you.”

“Really?!” The three heard the word ‘toy’ before during Lin Mu’s storytelling. They were very curious about what it is actually. All cubs like toys, and there seem to be many kinds of toys.

Finally, the three were coaxed away at the price of one toy per person. Meanwhile, Lais got pulled into his room by Phil, with Sasha following behind. Lin Mu placed the chessboard made of wooden boards in the middle of the bed and poured the chess pieces made of stones in a wooden bowl. Next, the snack tray is placed on the bed. Sasha looked at the long, horizontal, and vertical lines drawn on the wooden board. The lines were colored in a cyan color tree sap, so it was easy to distinguish.

“Lin Mu, how should we play with this chessboard?” As he said, Sasha held up the polished stone without edges and corners. “With this?”

Although Lais is not in a high mood, he curiously looked at the board and the stones as well. Lin Mu smiled and held the stones, “This is chess pieces, and this board is a chessboard. Back at my place, we play a game called ‘Gobang‘. Although it looked simple, It’s actually quite fun.” After all, it takes some brainstorming to win. After all, it takes some brainstorming to win.

Lin Mu prefers Chinese chess, but it is not suitable to play with them now. Chinese chess is not that simple to learn. There are more rules to remember, and one has to remember the meaning of the chess pieces – elephant (bishop), horse (knight), cannon (catapult), and other pieces. At the moment, only Patrik can play with him for a while, but he still has to work hard to explain the meaning of each piece to him(P). After a brief introduction on the rules of Gobang, Sasha is vying to be the first to play with Lin Mu while Lais and Phil observe them.

On the other hand, Lin Mu watched as Sasha hugged the wooden bowl that holds the chess pieces while playing with him. Sasha, actually those chess pieces are kind of heavy, and they are not food. There is no need to hold that way, right? But he didn’t say anything when he saw him hugging the bowl with much feeling. Rookie Sasha naturally lost in a short time and hollered that he will beat Lin Mu in the next round, and… Ah yes, ‘to take revenge and beat his opponent to the ground’3.

Lin Mu felt that he shouldn’t have thought Sasha idioms, because now he(S) knows ‘to beat him to the ground’. Of course, Sasha’s next game was delayed because Phil leaned forward and swept Sasha’s pawn into the bowl. Then he held the bowl and announced, “This time, I will play with Lin Mu.” Then he hugged the bowl while playing. This behavior of hugging the bowl of chess pieces continued because the first person did that, so the rest thought they had to do the same. It was a beautiful misunderstanding. But Lin Mu was wickedly decided not to point it out. In his heart, he is wondering who could liberate these people from wasting their energy unnecessarily. After all, a game of chess is very time-consuming and laborious. But then this is something for consideration later, as Lin Mu is focusing on playing against Phil right now.

Things like Gobang, even if the opponent is not very good at playing, are very time-consuming, not to mention that Phil seems to understand some tricks to play. At least he didn’t hand the game to him like Sasha. Of course, the winner is Lin Mu. Otherwise, losing to someone who played chess for the first time, Lin Mu would kill himself but ‘hitting his head against a piece of tofu’4, although there is no such thing as tofu yet.

In the next game, Lin Mu had to put full concentration when playing with Lais, and in the end, it was just a barely win. Wiping his forehead from nonexistent sweat, Lin Mu announced, “After this, Sasha will play with Phil.”

Lin Mu stretched his arms comfortably against the stack of animal skins and saw Lais lying down beside him and handing him the fruit in his hand. He took the fruit, but they didn’t start eating it. They were watching the two other people playing chess, when Lin Mu suddenly asked, “What happened to you with Jason?”

Still playing chess, Phil heard Lin Mu’s question and turned his head to give him a puzzled look, as if saying ‘Didn’t you want to attack the subject by the side? Why are you being so direct now?’

Lin Mu raised an eyebrow at him to express his answer ‘we don’t have to do that anymore as it must be related to Jason for sure.’

Lais didn’t notice the eyebrows communication between Lin Mu and Phil. When Lin Mu asked that question, Lais bit the fruit and replied after a pause, “It’s nothing.”

Lin Mu didn’t look at him and added, “I don’t think it’s nothing.” He turned to look at Lais, “We can see that you are unhappy. Of course, it is the male’s fault if the female is unhappy, so it is definitely Jason’s fault. (This is what every male thinks)”


Lais didn’t know what was going on between him and Jason. He could feel that Jason cared about him, but why didn’t he propose to him like Patrik did to Lin Mu? This sometimes caused Lais to think, does Jason dislike him?

Seeing Lais hesitating, Lin Mu coaxed, “Tell me, the more we know, the better we can help you to figure out a solution, right?”

Sasha and Phil couldn’t play chess with peace of mind with the two talking, so they sat together, “Yeah, yeah. Tell us about it, we can help you think of ideas.”

Lais hesitated to express his thoughts.

Sasha: “Lais, don’t worry. You’re a very good person, Jason definitely likes you.”

Phil also nodded, “We can all tell that Jason likes you. Lais, don’t worry. Maybe Jason will propose to you soon.” Phil quickly helped to comfort Lais.

Lin Mu raised his chin in a moment of thought. He also wondered why Jason didn’t propose to Lais. Jason doesn’t like Lais? Lin Mu won’t believe that. Didn’t Jason give Lais flowers not long ago? Although the flower is a sunflower. Could it be that Jason is shy? Lin Mu got scared by his own thoughts. But he won’t rule out the possibility that Jason is ‘mensao’ (闷骚), someone who is outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside. Maybe he can ask Patrik to help find out what Jason is thinking.

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Table of Content

Note : When I googled the name of the chess game, two different names popped up. One is Gobang, the other is Gomoku. Though they looked similar, they have one distinct difference which the chess pieces are consumed or not. See here for more explanation –

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