Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 39

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Chapter 39 I promise you

Now that the rainy season is over, everyone gathered together to discuss what should they do next.

Patrik wouldn’t make decisions like a dictator, he decided that he should respect everyone’s opinions. Moreover, from the discussion he had with Lin Mu last night, Lin Mu said they should have something called a ‘meeting’. Then, after Lin Mu explained what a meeting is and why they need it, Patrik understood that a meeting is when everyone gathered to discuss things. Patrik doesn’t understand what Lin Mu means by being people-oriented and maintaining harmony, but since it doesn’t change anything whether he understood those terms or not, he stopped struggling with it. This made Lin Mu, who struggled to show his modern thinking, felt quite depressed.

Back to meeting now.

Everyone carried a bench and sat down at the open space in front of the house. They felt that the term ‘meeting’ their tribe leader mentioned is quite curious.

When Lin Mu and Patrik came out, they saw Lais and the gang sitting together. The gang saw Lin Mu as well, they immediately waved their hands and greeted him. Lin Mu smiled and walked over.

Patrik saw that everyone is seated, so he waved his hands to get the crowd to quiet down.

“The main purpose of our meeting is to decide and arrange what we should do next, now that the rainy season is over.” Patrik did not have any stage fright even when everyone is looking at him seriously.

“First of all, let’s discuss about building houses.”

As soon as Patrik’s words were heard, the people started discussing.

“Building houses?”

“Didn’t we already have one? Why do we still need to build more?”

“What is our tribe leader thinking…”

Locke voiced out the question everyone was thinking, “Tribe leader, don’t we already have a house? Why do we still need to build more?”

Patrik knew that they will have doubts, after all, they are used to living together. “Our current house was built just for the rainy season. Although we don’t have many people in our tribe now, it’s still not very convenient for everyone to live together. The rooms we have are limited, if someone joins in the future, it will feel very crowded. Our tribe will definitely grow and become stronger, so we still need to build more houses. This valley is quite big, you can build a house wherever you like. Of course, if you don’t want to build a new one, you can continue to live in this house. And this house will not be empty, as we can still use the empty rooms to store things.”

Everyone nodded, it’s just like when Ba-Ao joined their tribe, it lets them see the trouble of not having enough space. Yes, Ba-Ao has decided to join their tribe after spending days with the people of the drifter beastman tribe. He can see that the people in this tribe is kind, and they lived happily. Ba-Ao feels that he will definitely be regretful if he missed this chance. However, after hearing that Ba-Ao will join them, Howth was very unhappy. When Ba-Ao first appeared, he(BO) already disturbed him and his brother, naturally he is unwilling to let Ba-Ao stay longer. Ba-Ao looked simple-minded, but he also knew that Howth didn’t like him, so he moved to the room next to Patrik, although there were also 4 beastmen staying there.

Sasha whispered to Lin Mu, “Why should we live separately? Is it lively for everyone to live together? This way, we can still play together every day.”

Lin Mu said with a smile, “We can still meet up every day even though we are not staying together, we all live in the same valley. Plus, we can build our houses closer if you want.”

Sasha nodded, “Although this is the case, I still find it more interesting for everyone to live together.”

Lais quipped, “That’s because you haven’t had Locke’s smell on you.”

“What does this have to do with that?” Sasha blushed.

“Because if you did, you would think that it’s better to live separately. It’s not like you don’t know how possessive are the beastmen towards their female. They would rather no other beastman can look at their female. What’s more, when everyone lives together, many single beastman can wander around in front of their females; naturally, they won’t feel at ease.”

“Alright, staying separately might be good, but Locke doesn’t seem to think so ba. Didn’t you see him asking our tribe leader just now? He doesn’t have that kind of thinking. I still think it’s better for everyone to live together.”

Phil laughed and tugged at Sasha’s sleeve. “Look at Locke.”

Sasha turned to look at Locke and saw him smiling himself silly, not sure what good thing he was thinking.

“Perhaps Locke is thinking about the benefits of living separately.” Phil quipped.

“Hmmph, you only know to laugh at me. Don’t think you’ll be fine if you lived separately as well.”

Thinking of that, Phil blushed and stopped talking.

Lin Mu’s puzzled gaze swept around the three, what happened? “Don’t tell me, you three haven’t? En~”

The three nodded.

Lin Mu looked up to the sky at 45 angles, elegant and sad. There were ‘thousands of mud horses running’1 in his heart, why am I the one who got eaten?!

The three looked at Lin Mu’s extremely depressed expression and snickered. They always thought that Lin Mu is most interesting when he’s like that.

When Lin Mu came back to his senses, Patrik and the rest were already discussing about the distribution of manpower.

“Not only we have to build our houses, but we also need to collect food. There has to be someone to go hunting, someone to take care of the females’ safety when they go up the mountain, and someone to build the houses. Our manpower is limited, so we need to make arrangements. Apart from that, it’s almost time for the God Offering day, we have to prepare something for the beast god. On that day, I will arrange for some hunters to hunt for the gift to our god…”

“God Offering day ah.” Lin Mu suddenly thought of what Patrik said to him.

“Mu Mu, let’s hold the ceremony after the God Offering day…”

Lin Mu pondered with his chin on his hand. “It’s time to be partners with Patrik. Why do I feel like time flies so fast? I feel a little nervous… But Patrik is so good to me, and I like him too, is it okay to be partners? … Ah, so annoying, so annoying. Is this what they called a pre-marital phobia?”

Lin Mu was embarrassed by his thoughts. He rubbed his face and thought, “Anyway, Patrik has not formally proposed marriage, nor did I say yes. Nothing to worry.”

“Mu Mu, what are you thinking?”

Patrik saw Lin Mu’s complicated expression when he sat down next to Lin Mu as if he was worried about something, but then his expression relaxed again like everything is fine.

“Ah?” Lin Mu saw Patrik next to him, and that everyone was gone, “When did the meeting end?”

“Just now, you were distracted. Things have been arranged, and those who want to build their house have already reported their name. However, because of the limited manpower, we will have to build the houses one by one. They think since I am the tribe leader, my house should be built first. Of course, it’s up to you how you want the house to be done.”

Lin Mu ’s interest perked up when he heard about building their own house. “This is a big deal. I have to think about it. En, I want a big yard. Then I can grow some vegetables in the yard. Probably grow some fruit trees as well. For now, we probably can line three rooms first; a bedroom, a kitchen, and a storage room. What do you think?”

Patrik smiled and said, “I’ll listen to you.”

Lin Mu was dissatisfied, “What do you mean by listening to me? That is our house, you have to give your opinion. At least don’t be so perfunctory.”

“Then I should say, Mu Mu, your plan is perfect.”

“Heh, that’s better. However, you’ll have to make stuff for me. We must have a shelf for tableware in the kitchen, and a shelf for clothes in the bedroom. Also, our stovetop. I want the kind with a chimney. And we have to build a toilet. Somehow there are many things to do, but I feel excited to see it when my home is done.”

Patrik watched Lin Mu getting excited in picturing their home. Home, what a great place it is. He stepped forward and hugged Lin Mu, “Whatever you want me to do.”

“Of course.” Lin Mu hugged him back and said with a smile.

Patrik whispered, “Mu Mu.”


“The God Offering day is coming.”


“Remember what you promised me?”

“What?” Lin Mu pretended to be silly.

How could Patrik give Lin Mu a chance to be silly? He took Lin Mu’s face and made him look at himself, and said to him very seriously, “Mu Mu, promise me to be my partner. I swear in the name of the beast god, I will love you forever, and will never leave you alone.”

Lin Mu was touched by the forever he promised, and he believed in Patrik’s lifetime promise. He believed that Patrik loved himself very much because Patrik had been telling him with all his actions, that he(P) loved him. Lifelong companionship has an irresistible temptation for Lin Mu. He nodded with red eyes and agreed, “I promise you. I believe that you will love me for life, I do.”

Sasha gnawed on a piece of dried meat, “So, you agreed just like this?”

Lin Mu sighed while munching on a piece of dried meat himself, “I was touched.”

Phil: “I think our tribe leader is lucky to be able to catch you in his hand so soon.”

Lais said with a smile, “That’s because Lin Mu has no experience of being courted by other people. He was captured the moment he met our tribe leader.”

Lin Mu disagreed, “Can anyone not be moved by a confession like that?”

“When you heard confessions like that several time, you won’t feel anything anymore,” Lais said with a tone of an experienced person.

Sasha nodded, “Many beastman in my old tribe used to pursue me. But I didn’t take it.”

Phil smiled embarrassedly, “I don’t have any beastman chasing me in my old tribe.” He was too short, and beastman prefers taller ones. He might be saddened in the past, but it’s alright now that he has Lloyd.

“Lin Mu, let me tell you one more thing. The females in my tribe used to drag the courting for a few years, even if they liked the beastman.” Sasha continued to aggravate Lin Mu with a smile.

“Why?” Lin Mu was puzzled.

“Oh, this is a tradition. Females are so precious, how can it be so easy for the beastman to get them?”

Lin Mu palmed his forehead, “You can continue on to aggravate me. Who ask me to come from the age of flash marriage. We have a generation gap here.”

“Flash marriage? Generation gap?” This time Sasha was puzzled.

Phil smiled and said to him, “This must be new terms from Lin Mu’s hometown.”

Lin Mu chewed and swallowed the dried meat, “Alright, stop diverting from the topic, I asked you guys to come to discuss something, not to laugh at me. Quickly and tell me, how do you people hold the ceremonies here?”

“Our ceremonies are all carried out under the blessing of the oracle. He will inform the god about the couples who want to hold the (marriage) ceremony so that they can get the blessings from the beast god. But our tribe doesn’t have an oracle so I’m not sure what we can do.” Lais said with some concern, an oracle is fundamental to the tribe.

Lin Mu didn’t think being the oracle would be anything special, he said, “It’s like the priest at my place. It’s good enough to have someone reads the marriage words, although most people still think getting the priest to do it will be more sacred.”

“How did the people in Lin Mu’s place hold the ceremony?” Phil asked curiously.

Sasha and Lais were curious too, they felt that Lin Mu’s place has many unusual things there.

Lin Mu thought about how to describe a wedding ceremony in words that they could understand. In the end, all he could say was wearing beautiful clothes, and many people having a meal together.

Sasha sighed, “It’s nothing new, just like us.”

Phil nodded his support for Sasha’s words.

Lin Mu: Feels like a divine wedding ceremony has become a random dinner.

Lais: “Anyway, congratulations to you, Lin Mu. We can all tell that our tribe leader loves you very much.”

Sasha also sent his sincere blessings, “Although Lin Mu always said that he is a male, I still wish you a baby as soon as possible. I have never believed that you are a male, really, hee hee.”

Lin Mu thinks that have a baby whatnot can be thrown aside, really.

Phil smiled and said, “Congratulations, Lin Mu, you will be very happy.” No doubt about this, after all, beastman loves his partner so much.

Lin Mu smiled and said, “Thank you for your blessings. You will also be very happy. I believe that everyone will be very happy.”

The three nodded, “We believe it. Lin Mu’s words are powerful.”

“I’m not powerful? Everyone is amazing on their own. I can only talk about things, and I still need everyone to work together. Many things about myself are worse than you guys. Alas, I still don’t know how to make clothes. ”

Seeing Lin Mu deliberately made that kind of funny expression, everyone laughed.

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Table of Content

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