Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 18.2

One beastman return from his hunting trip. Lin Mu didn’t expect that he will bring back a few people with him.

“Father!” Misha, who was chatting with Lin Mu, was the first one to see that tall silver figure before rushing towards that person.

Matt instantly turned into his human form and hugged his baby Misha tightly. Their father and son reunion was quite touching. Then Locke and Jason’s side gave the people a little bit of a surprise.

Lin Mu looked at Patrik and expressed his doubts with his eyes – ‘Why did they bring back two females?’

That’s right, Jason and Locke were both followed by a female. One of the females was tall, and the other one was short. The female next to Jason is taller, has blonde hair. He looked gentle, and his aura gave people a very warm feeling.

The one behind Locke has flax color hair and a baby face. His big eyes were looking at him(LM), it was very cute.

Lin Mu was worried that these two people will be scared by their identity1.

“Let’s go into the woods,” Patrik said as he turned and walked toward the woods.

There was a place in the woods where they had lunch breaks, and the area was cleaned up nicely. After all the people sat down, Lin Mu gave them some water and fruit for two females. When everything is ready, Lin Mu signaled to Patrik with his eyes that he(P) can start asking them now. Lin Mu was curious about the two people who were brought back.

Patrik simply handed him a fruit and didn’t show that he understood Lin Mu’s eye signal.

Noticing that Patrik doesn’t understand, Lin Mu could only ask the people himself. He noticed that both females were looking at him with curious eyes. “Jason, Locke, why don’t you introduce them to us?”

“Hehe, the one I brought back is called Sasha.” He said to other beastmen, “He is mine, you can’t fight with me. Plus it’s useless to fight me for him.” Saying that Locke gave a proud ‘Hehe’. Sasha blushed and gave him a hidden punch.

Black lines2 appeared on Lin Mu’s face. Locke is still off-line3 as always.

When it is Jason’s turn to introduce, he was very consistent with his own character. “Lais.” After saying that word, Jason didn’t say anything else.

Lin Mu has always felt that Jason is the type who would definitely die if he didn’t act cool for a moment.

With a gentle smile, Lais introduced himself. “My name is Lais, I am very happy to meet you.” Lais’s voice is as refreshing as his appearance/aura.

Since the other party showed good intention, Lin Mu naturally said his hello politely, “Hello, my name is Lin Mu, and I am very happy to meet you too.”

“I heard Jason mention you before, you are amazing. I didn’t think that a female would know so much.” Lais expressed his admiration for Lin Mu without hesitation and made Lin Mu very embarrassed.

“Me too, I know you too. Locke said that you could cook a lot of delicious food, so I can eat delicious food too if I go to your tribe.” Sasha’s voice is crisp and sweet, and with a pair of blue eyes, he looked very chirpy.

Lin Mu couldn’t help but be shocked by Sasha’s words. Sasha wouldn’t be kidnapped by Locke, right? For Locke to be able to kidnap him, how simple is this child actually? Although they have exchanged names, the thing that Lin Mu wanted to know the most has not been said. Just when Lin Mu didn’t know how to continue to gossip, Patrik’s voice sounded, “What happened?”

Patrik’s questioning made Lin Mu feel relieved. Knowing that the story he wanted to hear would start soon, Lin Mu happily chewed his fruit and waited. Lin Mu was not a gossiper, but the entertainment here was too insufficient, plus there’s a story to be heard, so how Lin Mu can let go?

The story was very simple.

In general: Sasha was picked up by Locke, and Lais was rescued by Jason from another drifter beastman. Simply put, Jason succeeded in playing the ‘hero saving the beauty’. And by the way, taking the beauty with him. Of course, Jason was not that barbaric. In fact, Lais’s tribe was taken over by a drifter beastman. He(L) had nowhere to go, so he followed Jason.

Patrik was obviously happy about the addition of two new people in the tribe, not to mention they are both females, so he decided to celebrate the group’s return in the evening. However, since evening has yet to arrive, the males naturally have to help out with the work. One could say that leader Patrik is a person who will make the most of his resources. And so Jason and Matt, who had just returned, went to help Lin Mu make beds, and Locke joined the construction army in building the house. The new two females will be taken care of by Phil, and Phil will familiarize them with everything here.

Lal was really late when they came back, and as Lin Mu expected, Lal was spiritless. But when he heard that his work was stolen by Jason, he still expressed his dissatisfaction, though considering Jason and Matt’s strength, Lal chose to curse4 them in his heart. After that, he still happily welcome them back like everyone else.

The evening celebration is naturally led by Lin Mu, and Lin Mu asked Patrik to let everyone get off work earlier today and have a good time. After arranging the people to hunt prey and pick fruit, Lin Mu and Phil plus the newly added Lais and Sasha prepared the ingredients for the evening celebration. Originally, Lin Mu didn’t want Lais and Sasha to help them. After all, they must be very tired along the journey. But they saw that Phil and Lin Mu as a female also has things to do, they didn’t want to wait around for food to be prepared as they used to do.

“Lin Mu, let us help as well ba, we have done this before during our journey.”

Lais explained to Lin Mu that Jason told him about him(LM), and as someone who was rescued, Lais naturally requested to help with cooking during their journey. Although at first, Jason was quite firm, saying that he would not let Lais do it, but he(L) insisted even more. Hence, Lais felt that he is quite familiar with what Lin Mu do. Sasha also said that he wants to help. “I have to learn to cook well, so I can cook for myself in the future.” Lin Mu thinks that Sasha is definitely a foodie, and is a foodie who would follow someone back home just to eat. Seeing that they insisted, Lin Mu wouldn’t refuse. “Alright, you can wash the vegetables with Phil and prepare the spicy balls5. En, just do those first.”

The beastmen who went out to hunt for food soon came back, and Lin Mu went through the items they brought back. There were the usual wild vegetables that they eat, then a handful of bird/chicken eggs. Ever since they drank the egg drop soup made by Lin Mu, the beastmen took a liking to it. Every day, they would bring back some eggs, various colors and sizes. For the sake of ecological balance, Lin Mu told them that they mustn’t take all and need to leave some eggs for the birds in the nest.

The seasonings that Lin Mu currently has are salt, onion, ginger and ‘vinegar’. Lin Mu saw that he has enough stock of the ingredients and decided to make scrambled eggs, egg drop soup, chicken soup, and stir-fry a pot of wild vegetables with meat. The quantity of these foods is definitely not enough for all of them, but it doesn’t matter as the beastmen are good at stir fry meat.

When making the ginger juice, Lais ate one spicy ball and felt that he could tolerate the taste, but it was definitely not good. He didn’t understand why Lin Mu would treat the ingredient to cure illness as food.

Lin Mu saw their doubts and explained, “Actually, many foods have more than one value. For example, some of the wild vegetables we eat have the effect of clearing body heat, detoxification, reducing swelling, and relieving pain. Remember, the use of plants is not just one only.” As he said that, he passed the ginger juice to a beastman and let him take away to the others.

“Phil, shift the foam out and cover the pot, then we can just let it stew.” Lin Mu said that he took out the oil stored in the bamboo tube and prepared it for cooking.

Lais and Sasha carried the wooden bucket that contains the washed vegetables, “Lin Mu, what else are we going to do next?”

Both Sasha and Lais are very happy; being able to participate in preparing the food is indeed a joyful thing.

Lin Mu laughed at them getting addicted to the preparations and looked at the eggs in the barrel. The wooden barrel was made of a tree trunk. It is cut into sections, then the middle was hollowed out. Although it is a waste of wood, but nothing can be done about it.

“You can beat the eggs. After breaking them, put them in the bowl. Mix them around with chopsticks and stir them evenly. If you do well, there will be rewards.”

With a ‘Hehe’ smile, Lin Mu went to busy with his own work. He has to monitor the stir fry. Although physical work can be done by the beastman, many things were still done by Lin Mu as he is more familiar with it.

Both Lais and Sasha beat the eggs and watched as Lin Mu start to stir fry, watching him use a wooden spoon to dig out a white paste. “Lin Mu, what is this? Why do you want to add this to the cooking?”

“This is animal oil, I made out of white meat6. The cooking has a special fragrance. You will understand when you eat it.”

Actually, eating animal oil in modern times is very unhealthy, but Lin Mu feels that since the huge beastmen have high energy consumption, this is nothing for them. And even for females, they are used to eating meat regularly, so it should be fine for them too.

Not far from them, the beastmen have started the barbecue. Their movements were very fast. It didn’t take long for the creek to filled with the smell of food. When the food was ready, everyone sat together, ate barbecue, chatted while waiting for Lin Mu’s soup to be ready, leisurely and happily.

Sasha joyfully sat down next to Locke with a wooden bowl and showed him the contents of the bowl, like presenting a treasure. “Locke, look. This is the reward that Lin Mu gave me, fried egg. Hehe, you never eat this before ba.”

“Oh, Lin Mu gave you a reward? En, very fragrant, Sasha is amazing.”

“Hehe, of course.” While speaking, he used his chopsticks to split half to Locke, “You also taste it.”

Instantly, Locke was immersed in happy bubbles.

Lais looked at the happy Sasha and said to Jason, who was always keeping a cold face. “Your tribe surprised me. I can’t believe they are drifter beastmen, and you all are very happy.”

“After Lin Mu came.”

“Lin Mu?” Lais looked at Lin Mu, who was making a steak with Patrik on the opposite side.

Jason turned over the roasted meat. “We had been desperate before he came.”

“You are very lucky.”

“I hope this luck is given by the beast god.”

Lais smiled. “It must be.” Then he raised his bowl and said, “I can also give you half.”

Jason glanced at him, took a bite out of the egg from the chopsticks, and placed the rest back to the bowl. Lais blushed. Should he(L) eat from it like this? Or should he eat it? Or should he eat it?7

Lin Mu bites onto Patrik’s grilled kebabs; the addition of ginger gave a different flavor. Of course, it is even better if they have honey.

Looking at pairs of people sweetly eating together, and the children livelily playing together, while the single ones are also very happy, Lin Mu asked, “Patrik, isn’t it nice right now?”

“En.” Patrik handed him the small bowl that was specially used by Lin Mu. “Drink some soup.”

Lin Mu took a sip from Patrik’s hand and said, “Then help me make some tables tomorrow.” After they finished the house, they couldn’t sit on the ground anymore like this.

“En.” Anything Lin Mu wants to do is fine, he believed that Jason and Matt will be able to handle it.

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Scrambled eggs
Stir Fry vege with meat
Homemade lard

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