Original Novel : The Yin Emperor or The Yang Empress

Hey guys, I recently posted a short synopsis of an original story based on the art I come upon while browsing Google Image. People seemed to like it so I decided to expand the synopsis into a novel. Hope you will like it? XD

[Supposed image of the reference art, will upload back later]

Title : The Yin Emperor or The Yang Empress
Author : Me, Banana a.k.a Solus (OwO)/
Synopsis :

The Emperor has turned into a woman!
Goodness gracious, Amitābha! What happened?!
Oh oh oh, he turned back!

All the high-ranked minister were rooted on their spot in the Court, chaotic thoughts ran through their mind. After several investigations and interrogations, turns out that the Emperor has been cursed. The ministers were not sure at this point what kind of curse was placed and how it happened but from their observations in several days, the Emperor will start turning to his woman form whenever he gets angry. And seeing how short-tempered a person their Emperor is, they probably will see Her more than Him.

“Do we start calling him the Empress now?”

Genre : Comedy, Genderbend

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