(ON)The Yin Emperor or The Yang Empress Chapter 1 : The Dragon Turned into Phoenix?!

Silence, a complete silence.

When something unusual happened all of a sudden, general reactions would range from screams and shouts to fearful babbles and sound of people running away (if it’s scary). But in this Imperial Court, seasoned attendees of the Court have been trained by experience not to make sudden moves. Though if you were a mind-reader, the level of chaotic thoughts will blow you away.

“Is that a … woman?!”

“Did my eyes deceive me?! The Emperor has turned into a woman!”

“Goodness gracious, Amitābha! What happened?!”

“What happened?!”

“So beautiful”

“Heavens! What do we do now?!”

“Oh my God, his(?) clothes are slipping down!”

The Emperor suddenly felt weaker and somewhat shorter. His ministers were acting weird, some of them were trembling and looking down at the floor. The rest stared at him, bewildered. He stared at his(?) hands and looked down at his body. Soft and tender looking, this swelling chest … a body of a woman?! In a blink of an eye, the swelling chest flattened back to his normal chiselled chest. The Emperor felt a slight unbalance as the centre of his gravity shifted. Patting his chest and touching his face, he was back again! Albeit a bit disheveled.

What happened? Is this a dream? An illusion? But the ministers saw it too.

“My ministers[1],” he started “What happened to Zhen just now?”

Is that a trick question?

Flabbergasted, the ministers stood still, rooted to their position. Then, one minister stepped out, the Minister of Rites – Minister Shu bowed to the Emperor.

“Your Majesty, please forgive this servant’s rudeness. A moment ago, Your Majesty seemed to turn into a woman form right in front of us.”

The Minister of Revenue and Minister of Works, Minister Lou and Minister Xi stepped out and bowed.

“Your Majesty, what Minister Shu said is correct. This servant saw it too.”

“Your Majesty, this servant too.”

Minister Shu continued, “Please pardon this servant for being straight-forward, this concerns your imperial body but this servant think someone has placed a curse on Your Majesty.”

An uproar erupted in the Court as the people in the Court voiced their indignation at the suggestion. It soon died off when the Emperor opened his mouth to speak.

“Minister Shu think Zhen is cursed?”

Silence, that deathly silence again! The officials looked at each other and the Emperor, wondering if the Emperor would fly into rage and punish Minister Shu for making such outrageous claim.

Bowing again, Minister Shu added, “Your Majesty, we need to investigate this thoroughly! We don’t know what will happen to your imperial body in the future. The culprit must be captured and interrogated.”

Raising his hand, the Emperor stopped Minister Shu from continuing.

“Zhen felt the same. Minister Shang!”

A minister from Steward Department stepped out.

“This servant is here.[2]

“Conduct an investigation on this matter, Zhen give you three days. Check all the people who have come in contact with the Inner Palace and also the servants who served Zhen.”

[1] 众卿家 : What I thought when he said that

[2] In Chinese, it would be 臣在.

If Imperial Court has a chatbox 1

Stew-Shang : Kao! I’m doomed…
Rites-Shu : There there, if you need any help, I will try my best?
Works-Xi : It’s all because of you, Minister Lou! If not for you arguing with me about the repairs…
Rev-Lou : Hold it right there, Xi! What do you mean by that huh? Are you looking for a fight?!
Works-Xi : You should have just agree with me regarding the repairs…
Rev-Lou : I object, why do I need to agree with you. What you proposed was out of the budget! You…
Rites-Shu : ….
Stew-Shang: ….
Rites-Shu : Just tell me if you need help.
Stew-Shang: Many thanks, Minister Shu

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      1. It is not i am not pro… but as long as it is not shounen ai or yaoi~~
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  1. Oooo! This looks interesting! (And if you do include romance, I’m down for whatever, just my 2 cents as a reader – do whatever you think is best for the story and makes you happy as the writer!!)
    The chat box at the end made me giggle. *pats minister shang’s head* It’ll be okay! at least you’re not the one suffering from a sudden gender change in a *public* setting! LoL

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