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Not sure what to say about this but human’s instinct for survival is quite strong. When Zhu WuXin thought her life in this world will be forfeited under this man’s hand pinching her throat, her leg shot up with force and strongly kicked him at his crotch.
At that moment his grip loosened up, she quickly rushed out of the compound. But then, the curtain-like cloth which is casually draped on her body was caught by the red-haired man.
[Translator note : Hey, you gotta give it to this dude. Having suffered a blow to his family jewel and not affected at all :v]

When this little life is at stake, heads cannot roll, blood cannot drop.[1] Zhu WuXin mimicked ballet dancers’ turning posture and turned a few big rounds, discarding her draping. Even the makeshift underwear was left behind. She bolted out, streaking all the way. Then, as she was running away, she keep screaming for help. However, what greeted her was a scene of dead bodies littering everywhere.

Zhu WuXin glanced around and realized everyone died the same way as the young lady just now. High chances that everyone here were killed by the crazy red-haired guy inside the compound. Zhu WuXin cried in her heart, it’s such a waste for him to be such good-looking. Goddammit that he’s actually a manic killer.

The red-haired dude followed her from behind, gave a loud insolent laugh as if he is in no hurry to kill her.

Feeling her mind is empty, WuXin desperately trying to look for place hide or escape. She was so scared that her legs are shivering uncontrollably. It’s not like she don’t watch much crime movies, but when you are facing a murderous madman personally, to say that the heart is not trembling it is certainly a lie. That red-haired man, when he laughed he gave off an evil yet seductive charming appearance. If it isn’t a situation of life and death, with just a smile, not sure how many maidens will be charmed to kneel under his pomegranate-coloured pants. Zhu WuXin raised her hand and gave herself a hard slap, “What’s the time now, still have spare to think nonsense!”

But she soon no longer have the energy to think. Because in this ancient-looking inn, it looked practically the same no matter which corner she turned. She have been running half the day but yet, couldn’t find her way out. The crazy red-haired dude is just like a ghost, she can’t shake him off. Your mom’s v*gina! Other people when they transmigrated, they get to wake up from the bed. Get to eat and drink good stuff, plus they get a chance to understand the situation they were at. As for her, she failed spectacularly. The moment she transmigrated, she had to put all her efforts and run for her life.

What kind of bad luck did she fell in!

“Aiya” Zhu WuXin suddenly stumbled down to the ground. The injury caused by this fall was not light, she wouldn’t be able to stand up within half of the day. She looked at the red-haired man as he is getting closer and closer, his evil smile became deeper.

[1] : 小命當前,頭不可斷,血不可留 – I asked around and also googled it. It pretty much means “When your life is at stake, you gotta do what you gotta do to save yourself”

Translator note : Ah, turns out he was affected after all :v The author didn’t mention this in the novel. The difference between manga and novel *sighed* :v
Oh, that’s right. 王爺你好賤 have manga, rejoice \(0w0)/
But it’s still in chinese orz

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  1. Looking at the rating at Novel Updates’ page, I’m a little bit discouraged by the figure.
    Just barely two short chapters released, 8 people already marked it as bad story… orz
    How can you know by just two chapters? T^T
    Or is it these 8 people are Chinese-literated and they finished the story already so they put down their rating?
    Good God, I really wished one of them would comment so I know what’s wrong with the story … orz

    1. Haha ur comment reminded me to go n rank the novel n I think the book hasn’t finished yet.. so how can they judge just by reading 2 chaps! Never mind who cares.. we are still here waiting for ur translation! Hwating💪

    2. Some dudes rate 1 star when they see a female protagonist tag, additionally the cover pretty much shows it’s a reverse harem, and that got more dudes hating on it. Bigots I tell ya. In any case, the female lead easily falls victim to others’ schemes, and needs the guys to save her, so that’s against my personal preference (I’m into brutal heroines). But I’m still not far ahead in the story enough to actually rate it. As you progress with the chapters, you’ll get more people rating and reviewing and the results will get more decent. Keep persevering! Girls also need their dose of reverse harem novels~

      1. Thank you so much for your kind support T^T)/
        If the manga follows the novel plot, I can see WuXin is not someone who let other people to look down on her, at least not when she can help it.

  2. Bad rating… Maybe they just don’t like story with female protagonist?
    Well, he loosened his grip… Maybe there will be story for his side, tell us that he searching for a revenge for his lost of family jewel..not lol
    Ballerina dancing, i can imagined it on my head X”D. So the girl naked at this time?? Well, better safe than sorry
    Thanks for this chapter 😀

  3. Maybe his family jewel is made of true jewel haha. I get what kind of situation she’s in but I can’t help not to take it seriously cause the heroine’s so hilarious xD And thank you for adding pictures from the manga. I like them they’re so cute. Maybe those guys just don’t like reverse harem? but but there are many good reverse harems too and it’s not like only male protags have the right to have a harem haha

    1. Thanks for the comment ya.
      I guessed they have too much free time in their hand. Hey, I don’t like harem genre that much, but you don’t see me hating (publicly) :v

  4. Hahaha.. Her brain thinks funny thoughts during a life and death situation. Don’t worry too much about those 1 star rating. Some people hate reverse-harem just because it’s a girl surrounded by tons of men setting. A weak and whiny girl worshiped by a group of men. Major ego breaker (if they are men) ? If they can have harem stories why can’t we have reverse-harem stories? Though there are girls who are not a fan of reverse harem too, so we can’t really judge. Akatsuki no Yona, Hakuoki, Fushigi Yuugi, Hanasekura Seishonen, Ouran High School and Yamato Nadeshiko are pretty good reverse-harem anime so I don’t get why some people think reverse-harem are all about whiny weak bitches. I’m not a fan of harem stories too but u don’t see me giving it a poor rating
    Anyways, the best course is just to ignore those haters. U can’t satisfy everyone all the time, right? Oh, thanks for the translation <3
    P.S- Are ypu by any chance from Malaysia or Singapore?

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