[BL] 魔教卧底每天都在露馅 Evil Cult Undercover Gets Exposed Everyday

Title : 魔教卧底每天都在露馅 / Evil Cult Undercover Gets Exposed Everyday
Author : 吕天逸 / Lu Tianyi

Summary :
When Lin Ran woke up, he found out that he has unfortunately transmigrated into the body of the Evil Cult Founder’s 18th little concubine. Even more unfortunate was his true identity is actually a guard (名捕/míng bǔ). He married the Founder in order to spy on him.

Idiotic protagonist could only ‘bite the bullet’ and be an undercover. All sorts of bad luck, all sorts of ‘getting exposed’, however he found out that this Founder’s attitude is very very strange…

Number of chapters : 12

Raw : http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=2548968

Chapter 1 : I was ‘rubbed’ by the Founder of the Evil Cult
Chapter 2 : Did you get ‘done’ silly last night?
Chapter 3 : You are the First sword of Liushan Sect ah
Chapter 4 : Letting you steal the BOSS but where did you go
Chapter 5 : Shixiong cried pitifully and nodded
Chapter 6 : A traitor is born from our Liushan Sect
Chapter 7 : I’m bad
Chapter 8 : An undercover like you is no better than a salted fish
Chapter 9 : His name was Wang Dayan
Chapter 10 : You devil!

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  1. May I translating this novel to Thai? I find this ridiculously cute and funny so I want to share it. Waiting for your answer. 🙂

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